The Celestial Lovers of 2022 — The Long Conjunction of Venus and Mars

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Male and female, hot and cold, war and love. Among the planets, no couple represents complementary forces better than Venus and Mars. Not only because together they describe the Archetype at the very foundation of will and desire. But especially because we all experience in life the struggle that inevitably derives from their union.

Frans Wouters (Rubens School) — venus and mars

I don’t usually talk about Venus and Mars, and for a very simple reason. Their aspects are usually very quick, and it doesn’t make much sense to talk about their influence. But this is not always the case.

Sometimes Venus, which is usually quicker than mars, slows down. To the point that Mars is capable of accompany her in the sky for an unusually long period of time. In this article we are going to talk about their long conjunction through Capricorn and Aquarius.

The Venus-Mars Conjunction

So why is Venus so slow? In a previous article we’ve been talking about Venus Retrograde in Capricorn. At the end of the article we mentioned the Venus-Mars conjunction, which is going to take place throughout February and March.

Here’s Venus and Mars aspects for 2022:

Venus-Mars aspects for 2022

As you can see their conjunction is going to last a lot, compared to the other aspects they’re going to make later on. But what does their conjunction mean?

In general, Venus represents pleasure, fulfillment, contentment, satisfaction, beauty and love. Mars instead represents will, passion, struggle, self-affirmation, discipline and challenges. Venus attracts magnetically, Mars conquers energetically.

Venus-Mars Long Conjunction

With no surprise, their union represents passionate love, as well as all relational dynamics based on attraction (Venus) and desire (Mars). The conjunction is also the starting point of their yearly cycle, which is usually marked by Venus, being the faster planet.

Let’s now take a look at the ephemeris and to the aspects the conjunction is going to make during these two months. This is going to allow us not only to understand what the Celestial Lovers are doing, but also to give their conjunction a context.

In particular, we can’t forget that we are coming from the challenging Venus Retrograde period which, by definition, makes us re-evaluate or second guess our relationships.

The Venus-Mars Conjunction
Aspects and Ephemeris

As you can see in the graphs below, from early February Venus and Mars are getting closer and closer to perfect their conjunction on February 16th. Personally, I consider them in applying conjunction since February 5th.

Please note that in the aspects chart I put only Venus, as the representative of the conjunction. I didn’t want to double the aspects rows, and after all she’s the representative of the conjunction being the goddess of Love.

February 2022

The conjunction is taking place in Capricorn. This means that their union inherits the challenge of Venus retrograde that recently took place in that sign. If you want to learn more about it, you can read the whole description of this process reading the article at this link.

Venus and Mars Ephemeris – February 2022
Venus-Mars Conjunction — Aspects of February 2022
  • February 16 :   Venus (16Cap53) in Conjunction with (16Cap53) Mars
  • February 23 :   Mars (22Cap12) Sextile (22Pis12) Neptune
  • February 24 :   Venus (22Cap14) Sextile (22Pis14) Neptune

Venus in Capricorn gets serious. She is willing to carry on relationships only if they sit on solid foundations. The retrograde period helped us to understand whether this was really the case, and if not what we could do to make things work.

The sextile with Neptune at this point, taking place from February 21st to the 28th, can have a two-fold effect:

  • If we’ve been processing the retrograde transit consciously, taking the responsibility of our relationships, Neptune in Pisces is going to influence Venus positively, contributing with a romantic momentum.
  • Otherwise, Neptune is going to mainly act on Mars, creating doubts, illusions, confusion, and in the worst case scenario leading to cheating. As always, it depends on us.

Please note that a sextile is not necessarily a good aspect. Mars in Capricorn is quite incompatible with Neptune in Pisces. Whereas Venus, goddess of Arts and Beauty, can always benefit from the piscean chaotic world of images.

March 2022

Moving on to March, the cosmic couple is going to confront the real challenge here: the conjunction with Pluto. In the previous article we referred to this conjunction as the “big finale” of the whole Venus Retrograde process.

Venus and Mars Ephemeris – March 2022
Venus-Mars Conjunction — Aspects of March 2022
  • March  3 :   Venus and Mars (27Cap50) in Conjunction with (27Cap50) Pluto
  • March  6 :   Venus and Mars enter Aquarius
  • March  6 :   Venus ( 0Aqu01) in Conjunction with ( 0Aqu01) Mars
  • March 19 :  Venus (12Aqu17) Square (12Tau17) Uranus
  • March 22 : Mars (12Aqu26) Square (12Tau26) Uranus

Again, we can interpret this conjunction, taking place from February 27th to March 8th, in two ways:

  • On the positive, the relationship reaches a new level of depth, as the shadows have been perceived, understood and processed. This deep transformation ends, leaving the relationship even stronger.
  • On the negative, time is over. The re-evaluating process started with Venus Retrograde has reached a point where we don’t feel like trying anymore. The shadows emerge and challenge the relationship, which at this point risks a break up.

In conclusion, the turning point of the conjunction from a zodiac point of view is March 6th, with the entrance of Venus and Mars in Aquarius.

The Venus-Mars Conjunction
in Aquarius

Aquarius is the zodiac sign of freedom. Venus is now leaving behind all the challenges she’s been through, gaining speed and a renewed lightness of heart. She is now free from the plutonic shadows, and a new dawn announces her liberation.

Whether, along with the shadows, she is going to leave behind some people as well (in terms of relationships or friendships) will depend on the way we’ll have processed these first months of 2022.

But when it comes to relationships it’s not always up to us. Sometimes, despite all the effort and awareness we’ve put into it, things do not work. Everyone has to do their part.

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    • Hey Soren, thanks for your comment.
      In my opinion the relationship between Venus and Demeter can be understood by looking at Taurus, understood as the Zodiac sign of Nature (Fixed Earth, the inertia or manifestation of the Spirit).
      This sign is the domicile of Venus, and the exaltation of the Moon (our Mother Earth).
      In the opposite sign of Scorpio, Venus is in the Underworld together with Pluto-Hades. There, she becomes Persephone/Proserpina.

  1. Sorry for repeating my link
    The traditional view of Mars-Venus in astrology is changing via the Hermetic philosophy as seen on Tarot card no. 3 The Empress,
    But through anthroposophy, we believe that the male etheric body is feminine and the female etheric body is masculine.
    Thus the woman has her etheric drive as a masculine impulse
    (Mars) and man has his etheric drive through that of his feminine etheric body. (Venus)

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