Uranus Retrograde 2020 — Rise of the Digital Dollar?

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In the myth, Prometheus was the hero who stole the fire from the gods and gave it to men. Through the powers of the sacred flame mankind evolved. From an animal state to the dignity of civilization.

Prometheus is in particular an Uranian hero, at least from the astrological perspective. In fact the forces carried on by this planet concern science, progress and the development of new tools—all Uranian significations.

So what does it mean when Uranus turns retrograde? And how is it going to affect the current situation worldwide?

Uranus Retrograde 2020: money and bitcoin as a symbol of progress
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Uranus Retrograde 2020 Meaning

As we know when a planet turns retrograde it goes against the natural flow of things. From within to without, this is how usually Nature goes. On the contrary, the retrograde motion is always a moment for the Spirit to manifest, hence a moment of potential challenge.

We have the opportunity to go towards the within, opening in meditation. But if we don’t facilitate the process we may run into some resistance.

Focusing on the inside, the revolutionary forces dwelling in the sphere of Uranus awaits. And in their withdraw they get ready to be unleashed again in the world. The collective thoughts start processing manifested reality to find new ways and solutions. It is a time of planning and organization.

In one word, Uranus is about design. A design coming from the world of the stars. A precision and efficiency way more superior than the clumsy earthly engineering. Uranus is the bearer of technology, that’s true.

But this force was named after the greek word for Heaven for a reason. It’s not only about materialistic matters. It’s the practical answer coming from the spiritual world to earthly issues.

Astrology tries to describe this perfection through stammering yet appreciable efforts. In fact we are dealing here with a world of pure crystal-clear living ideas. And as we know, Astrology is an attempt of looking at the shadows these ideas project to better understand what’s going on.

Eventually, when these new ideas reach down to earth a revolution begins.

Uranus in Taurus

Taurus is the energy of Nature. It concerns the environment, agriculture, and natural resources. Resources that in the context of human social life become money—the purest form of Earth Energy.

We all witnessed how the exploitation of natural resources led to the COVID-19 crisis. If we hadn’t recklessly invaded virgin lands we wouldn’t got in touch with a plethora of new viruses (such as HIV, SARS, and COVID).

And now another Taurus signification is clearly involved in this chaotic scenario—money. It’s almost like since mankind refused to reform its relationship with resources (Earth and money) now they are turning against us.

So what can we expect from this retrograde cycle?

No Hard Aspects on the Way

Here’s the thing. No hard aspect is going to take place by Uranus with other slow planets. During its retrograde motion only aspects with very quick planets are going to occur. And the positive aspects counterbalance the negatives.

Sat 08-15-2020 15:26 Uranus  <Tau> Stationary / Retrograde
Tue 08-18-2020 20:27 Venus   (Can) Sex [Tau] Uranus
Tue 08-25-2020 16:17 Mercury (Vir) Tri [Tau] Uranus
Wed 09-02-2020 15:08 Sun     (Vir) Tri [Tau] Uranus
Tue 09-15-2020 16:29 Venus   (Leo) Squ [Tau] Uranus
Wed 10-07-2020 21:56 Mercury (Sco) Opp [Tau] Uranus
Sun 10-11-2020 00:08 Venus   (Vir) Tri [Tau] Uranus
Tue 10-20-2020 03:52 Mercury [Sco] Opp [Tau] Uranus
Sat 10-31-2020 16:53 Sun     (Sco) Opp [Tau] Uranus
Tue 11-17-2020 09:07 Mercury (Sco) Opp [Tau] Uranus
Fri 11-27-2020 18:10 Venus   (Sco) Opp [Tau] Uranus
Fri 12-25-2020 08:04 Mercury (Cap) Tri [Tau] Uranus
Mon 12-28-2020 04:25 Sun     (Cap) Tri [Tau] Uranus
Tue 01-12-2021 15:59 Mercury (Aqu) Squ [Tau] Uranus
Thu 01-14-2021 01:22 Venus   (Cap) Tri [Tau] Uranus
Thu 01-14-2021 09:35 Uranus  <Tau> Stationary / Direct

Many astrologers discussed about the last full moon in Aquarius and how the T-square between Uranus, the Sun and the Moon would have brought more problems and tensions. This because it was happening during a square between Mars and Jupiter, worsening the situation.

Don’t get me wrong, this was technically speaking on point. However that Uranus aspect was made during “just” a lunation. And my take on this is that a hard aspect made during a full moon can’t affect the energies at play for long. At least no longer than two weeks, the remaining days of the lunation. Aspects by the Sun also don’t last much longer.

So far, I don’t see this retrograde cycle to be so critical per se. Honestly, I find the aspects of a retrograde Mars with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter way more challenging (see my article on Mars in Aries for further details).

I don’t want to sugarcoat it. This fall is going to be challenging for sure, but Uranus retrograde might come in handy. I interpret it more as a time to rethink and reorganize the global economy, confronting Mars’ squares with more awareness and cold blood.

A coin

Digital Dollar and Cryptocurrencies

Progress, technology and revolution meeting money. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly discussed, to the point that this year the digital dollar project seems to be a real possibility. This article by Forbes says:

The pressures to create a digital USD are mounting as China recently began testing its own digital currency — the DCEP, which will be included in popular applications like WeChat and AliPay. Of particular concern is widespread adoption of a digital yuan in emerging markets and in international trade.

U.S. Moves Closer To Digital Dollar — Tatiana Koffman

This change would be epic, a real paradigm shift. The reason behind this new solutions are of course related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As you can read from this other article by coindesk:

“The COVID-19 crisis is a dramatic reminder of the importance of a resilient and trusted payments infrastructure that is accessible to all Americans,” she said [Lael Brainard, Federal Reserve Board Governor]. “It was notable that after a sharp reduction in spending early in the COVID-19 crisis, many households increased their spending starting on the day they received emergency relief payments.”

The idea of a digital dollar as a tool to distribute emergency stimulus funds is not new. Congress has been kicking the idea around since at least March. However, no concrete public efforts have been made to create a blockchain-based central bank digital currency in the U.S.

The Federal Reserve Is Experimenting With a Digital Dollar — Nikhilesh De

The all-seeing light

As you can imagine this topic is very delicate. A digital currency is basically the end of privacy as we know it. Yes, there might going to be even more strict privacy laws, but data are data. Who knows what the government is capable of doing having control over billions of daily transactions?

We are massively tracked already. Social Networks are after all a sort of freely assumed demographic profiling system. But when they are capable of tracking the way you are spending money, they basically know everything about you.

This is already done through credit cards, you might think. But at least cash still grants us a way out. If cash are going to be forever gone—and this might be just a matter of time—our life is going to be completely tracked. Even that candy you bought in 2007 at the lake nearby. Creepy, isn’t it?

Uranus brings lightnings, flashing lights shedding darkness. Is this all-seeing light going to be at our service? Or is it going to become something that will go against our freedom?

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