The Return of Jupiter with Two Full Moons in Aquarius 2021

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The sky is perfectly clear again. The air becomes transparent like crystal, and the purest light extends through it. The higher mind strays from the moist quality of mysticism. And its clarity can return to address the contingent problems of existence.
Philosophy ceases to be speculation. The world is asking for attention to find a solution to the challenges of the moment. A time when social issues are heating up again.

Seagull flying free in a blue sky
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

On July 28th Jupiter retrograde got back into Aquarius. The Great Benefic left its nocturnal domicile in Pisces to fuel up again ideals of freedom and Social Justice.

And not only Jupiter’s presence is going to shape the astral world into Aquarian thought-forms. But we are also going to have an extra Full Moon in Aquarius during the upcoming lunation.

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