Astronomicon Fonts

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Hello everyone, I’m proud to announce the release of the Astronomicon Fonts!

I’ve been working on this side project for a while, and now they are ready and free to download. The spirit of this project is to contribute to the spiritual community out there, providing a set of astrological glyphs as complete as possible. As you can see below, the style is minimal allowing the fonts to adapt and blend nicely regardless of the context.

Download Now (v 1.1)

The Project

I had designed my version of the basic astrological symbols for quite some time now. And I’ve been using my planets and zodiac signs glyphs in this website since. But for more than a year now I have also been making extensive use of Astrolog, a fantastic free and open source astrology software created by Walter Pullen.

Since I wanted to use my glyphs in Astrolog, I reached out to him offering them as a possible design for the program. An interesting exchange of ideas and requests began, and starting from the planets and signs I ended up adding more and more glyphs.

This way all the objects supported by Astrolog where slowly added, and now they are all present in the Astronomicon Fonts. This makes them one of the most complete astrology font set around!

I would like to thank Walter Pullen for his support and contribution to the project, especially for his patience in spotting little details and errors to correct.

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