Astrosophy — The First Hierarchy and the Spiritual Origins of the Sidereal Zodiac

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This article is a continuation of the previous post on the Three Zodiacs. There, we provided a bigger picture about the Zodiac Archetype, and the ways it manifests through the three levels of existence: the spiritual, the soul and physical. The understanding of the Three Zodiacs in fact is the foundation for an integrated form of Astrology, able to consider all three points of view.

In this article we are going to develop this impulse further, talking specifically about the Spiritual Origins of the Sidereal Zodiac in the light of Astrosophy. And we are also going to understand the way the Sidereal Zodiac became the manifestation of this high Archetype.

We want to start from the description of the Zodiac Archetype we have given in the previous article, which articulates in three different expressions. The Archetype of the Zodiac manifests itself in the:

  • Spiritual World as the Sidereal Zodiac;
  • Soul World as the Tropical Zodiac;
  • Physical World as the Astrological Houses.

So let’s first of all trying to understand the Zodiac Archetype itself, according to Astrosophy and Spiritual Science. In fact we need to understand it better, before moving on to the Sidereal Zodiac—subject of this article.

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