Video // The Neanderthal Comet 2023

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In this video we are going to talk about the Neanderthal Comet in the light of the Anthroposophical understanding of these celestial bodies. We are going to give both an Astrological and Astrosophical perspective on the matter.

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Astrological Insights on the Leonard Comet — The Green Lion of Alchemy

Reading Time : 5 minutes

In times of need, the gods help the human beings through cosmic processes. One of them is the appearance of comets, that from a spiritual scientific standpoint lead a purification process of the astral sphere surrounding the Earth.

In this article we are going to talk about the Leonard Comet, the brightest of 2021. What’s the meaning of the appearance of this comet? And why is it getting more visible now, right in December? Let’s try to figure it out by looking at its color, direction and zodiac sign, also taking into account the current astrological phenomena.

Photo by Chris Zurita, Tucson, Arizona, USA
The Leonard Comet appears in a greenish light

The Meaning of Comets

According to Anthroposophy, comets are celestial bodies guided by the highest spiritual beings of the First Hierarchy. They have the task of cleansing the atmosphere from the astral impurities released by human beings in the cosmos. A process that usually takes place during Solar Eclipses, as we’ve seen in the recent Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius article.

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