The Astrology of 2022

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It is in the darkest moments
hat the light shines the brightest.

As we did for 2021, in this article we are going to provide an overall view of 2022 Astrology. This year is going to be more rich and complex, in terms of astrological events. For this reason, I want to stress out again the importance of having in front of us the big picture of the year ahead, and taking a moment to contemplate it.

I’ve already talked about information fragmentation, as one of astrology main problems. Simply put, we tend to focus on single astrological events, tackling them one after the other. And by doing so, we loose contact with the essence of the year, which we should star looking at as a real spiritual being.

This article wants to be a contribution to get that connection back. It’s way much difficult to do it as we are going through the Wheel of the Year. In fact when we are inside the astral turbulence, we are too identified with what’s happening to us to be able to do so.

Let’s start by looking at this picture, that summarizes in a single glyph the astrological events of 2022.

We are leaving behind 2021—a year characterized by the Air Element. Mainly, 2022 is going to focus on both the Air and the Earth Elements. This for several reasons that we are going to take into account in this article, breaking down the glyph into its components.

As you can see next year glyph is more complex, because compared to last year, Mars and Venus were added. The circle in black at the center is the wheel of the Zodiac, as you can see from the twelve Zodiac Signs of the same color all around it. Then, we find:

  • In green, the orbit of Venus—which is going to get retrograde in Capricorn soon, on December 19th. This event introduces the Earth Element, since Venus’ stay in Capricorn is going to last until early March 2022.
  • In yellow, the orbit of Mercury doing its three retrogrades stops during the year. Mercury is going to stop in all three air signs, as it did in 2021: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. However, after going retrograde it’s going enter back the three preceding Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. As you can see, the Air-Earth pattern starts to take shape.
  • In purple, we find the positions of the two lunar nodes, the spots where eclipses take place. In late December, the North Node, the so called head of the Dragon, is going to enter Taurus (earth sign). And the South Node, the tail of the Dragon, is going to move to Scorpio (water sign). This means that all 2022 Eclipses are going to take place in those signs.
  • In blue, Jupiter. As we know, Jupiter changes sign once a year, giving it a specific color. On December 29th, Jupiter is going to enter Pisces, as it did in May 2021. This is going to bring beneficial forces of harmonization, thanks to the aspects it’s going to make with all three trans-Saturnian planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
  • In red, we have the orbit of Mars retrograde. Mars is going to stay in Gemini (air sign) for an exceptionally long period of time: from late August 2022 to late march 2023. This is going to boost the air element for this year.
  • Lastly, we have also in red the well known Saturn Uranus Square. We’ve been discussing about it though out all 2021. And even though it’s not going to perfect again in 2022, it’s going to almost doing it, performing a partile aspect in fall 2022.

Let’s see now all these points into more detail. We are going to deepen them in specific articles as the year unfolds. So we’re just going to get here a preview of what’s coming next.

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Eclipses 2021 Season 1 — Super Blood Moon in Sagittarius on Vesak, Purification of Thinking

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“I don’t envision a single thing that, when unguarded, leads to such great harm as the mind.
The mind, when unguarded leads to great harm.”
— Gautama Buddha (Anguttara Nikaya 1.33)

The silver disc of the Full Moon hovers huge in the silent sky. And during a warm spring night its pale light suddenly turns blood red, as it relentlessly crosses Cauda Draconis—the Dragon’s Tail. As the world celebrates the birth and enlightenment of Gautama Buddha, the coils of the Dragon wrap up all around it. And here’s the night of Vesak 2021, starting the first season of this year’s eclipses.

Super Blood Moon in Sagittarius on Vesak
Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

The next Full Moon on May 26 is going to be a Total Lunar Eclipse, taking place at 5° 25′ Sagittarius. And not only the Moon is going to completely tinge with red, turning in a so called Blood Moon. But the event is also going to happen during a Supermoon. Meaning that the luminary is going to appear particularly big due to its proximity to the Earth (perigee).

So what are the implications of this event on Earth? What can Astrosophy tell us in regard to Lunar Eclipses? And what does the figure of Buddha have to do with all this? In this article we are going to answer to these questions, focusing in particular on the recent entrance of Jupiter in Pisces.

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Astronomicon Fonts

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Hello everyone, I’m proud to announce the release of the Astronomicon Fonts!

I’ve been working on this side project for a while, and now they are ready and free to download. The spirit of this project is to contribute to the spiritual community out there, providing a set of astrological glyphs as complete as possible. As you can see below, the style is minimal allowing the fonts to adapt and blend nicely regardless of the context.

Download Now (v 1.1)

The Project

I had designed my version of the basic astrological symbols for quite some time now. And I’ve been using my planets and zodiac signs glyphs in this website since. But for more than a year now I have also been making extensive use of Astrolog, a fantastic free and open source astrology software created by Walter Pullen.

Since I wanted to use my glyphs in Astrolog, I reached out to him offering them as a possible design for the program. An interesting exchange of ideas and requests began, and starting from the planets and signs I ended up adding more and more glyphs.

This way all the objects supported by Astrolog where slowly added, and now they are all present in the Astronomicon Fonts. This makes them one of the most complete astrology font set around!

I would like to thank Walter Pullen for his support and contribution to the project, especially for his patience in spotting little details and errors to correct.

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Sun Enters Aries 2021 — The Chart of the Astrological New Year

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Astrology is the Art of Beginnings. The beginning of our life, the moment we take our first breath, is reflected in our Natal Chart. And in this reflection we can recognize the potential of the life we’ve chosen to live when we came down into this world.

The same happens with the year. The new Astrological Year is born at the very moment when the Sun enters Aries—the first sign. A new cycle starts. And the chart we draw up for that moment represents the potential of the whole year to come.

Sun Enters Aries 2021

As we know it’s difficult, if not even impossible, to read properly a chart without the astrological houses. In fact not only the astrological houses tells us which planet in a chart is stronger than the other. But they also give us more details about the area of life (or existence) in which a planetary force shows up.

This is a crucial piece of information that depends on where we are on Earth at the moment the event takes place. Of course analyzing the entrance of the Sun in Aries in all possible latitudes on Earth wouldn’t be an option. However, we can at least make use of Astrocartography to see where and which planets are going to be stronger on Earth during the event.

Sun Enters Aries 2021

We report below the astrological chart for the entrance of the Sun in Aries for this year. As you can see the chart starts with the ascendant at 0° Aries since we are not going to take houses into account.

The first thing we can notice is that the Planets are more or less divided into small groups. Hence, let’s analyze them separately according to the group to which they belong. We are going to find this division useful looking at Astrocartography later on.

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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius 2021 — A Scale of Notes in the Music of the Spheres

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The winds of change blow from the east. The Mind looks to the future, sensing new possibilities, as the ideals shine like stars before dawn, promising a better world.
What could go wrong? What are the obstacles facing the path? Hesitation delays the moment of change. But all the issues to be addressed are slowly gathering together by the hour.

On January 30th Mercury is going to turn retrograde at 26° Aquarius. This is the first of the three retrograde periods of the year that are going to trace a great Triangle of Air in the sky. In this article we are going to talk about the stellium (cumulus of planets) that is slowing forming in Aquarius, as well as the role of Mercury Retrograde in activating it.

Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash

Stellium in Aquarius

As we know the Sun just entered Aquarius. And as we have discussed about, the Jupiter Saturn conjunction recently took place in that zodiac sign. This means that at the moment we’re not only having the Sun in Aquarius, but also Saturn and Jupiter.

To which we must now add Mercury as well, for a total of 4 planets. And as if that weren’t enough we’re also going to have Venus in Aquarius, joining the party from February 2nd (the day of Candlemas or Imbolc).

This is technically speaking a big stellium in Aquarius made of 5 planets. Basically half of the planets (5 out of 10) will be in Aquarius. But what’s the meaning of a stellium? How are we going to interpret it? And how does it relate to Mercury retrograde?

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An Overall View of 2021

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One of the problems with Astrology is fragmented information. Usually, we focus on a single event during the course of the year. We analyze it, we try to understand it better. But in the end we easily loose the perception of the bigger picture. And with it, the context that would enable us to have an idea of what’s going on.

This article wants to be an answer to this problem. Not only providing next year’s bigger picture well in advance. But also stepping back and looking at it, in order to understand how basically an astrological year is made. In fact a lot of events are going to occur, and it might get confusing. But if we display them together, arranging them into groups they immediately become more understandable.

Let’s start by looking at this picture, that summarizes in a single glimpse what we are going to be talking about during 2021.

An Overall View of 2021

It may seem messy and confusing at first, but bear with me. First of all, I’ve chosen a background image that could immediately communicate the elemental forces at work during the year. Since 2021 is going to be a year centered on the Air Element, the background is a clear golden sky—being yellow the color of Air and Light.

The glyph in the middle is a representation of the main events that are going to occur in 2021. The circle in black at the center is the wheel of the Zodiac, as you can see from the twelve Zodiac Signs of the same color all around it. Then, we find:

  • In white, the orbit of Mercury doing its three retrogrades stops during the year. Isn’t it beautiful? It forms a three petal flower, with Mercury stopping in all three air signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. As you can see we are immediately introduced to the air element.
  • In purple, we find the positions of the two lunar nodes. They are important because they are the spots where eclipses take place. The North Node, the so called head of the Dragon, in Gemini (which again, is an air sign); the South Node, the tail of the Dragon, in Sagittarius. This means that most of 2021 Eclipses are going to occur in those signs.
  • In blue, we have Jupiter. This planet changes sign once a year, giving it a specific color. For this reason looking at Jupiter gives us another clue about the new year. Jupiter’s just entered Aquarius on December 19th. But what’s interesting here is that in 2021 it’s going to move so fast that it’s going to enter Pisces as well, turning retrograde, and going back again into Aquarius. Also note that Saturn also just entered Aquarius—another air sign. Can you see the elemental pattern forming?
  • Lastly, we have in red the main aspect of the year: the Saturn Uranus square. This aspect is particularly important, not only because it’s going to last for a year and a half. But also because it’s going to be the foundation on which several Planetary Configurations are going to form on during this period of time.

Let’s see all these points into more detail. Of course we are going to deepen them in specific articles as the year unfolds. Nevertheless, we can have here a preview of what’s coming next.

Mercury Elemental Triangle of Air

Mercury turns retrograde three times a year. The beauty of this rhythm is that Mercury tends to stop in zodiac signs of the same element (of course, this is not always the case). During 2020 Mercury formed an Elemental Triangle of Water. In 2021 he is going to create an Elemental Triangle of Air.

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Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2020 — The Dragon of Colonialism

Reading Time : 4 minutes

The last eclipse of the year is coming. It’s going to be a Total Solar Eclipse, occurring at 23° Sagittarius on the South Node—the Cauda Draconis. The tail of the Dragon is about destructuring and destroying, and being the Moon in trine with Mars this eclipse is going to be releasing destructive forces coming from the shadow aspect of Sagittarius.

According to Anthroposophy, a solar eclipse releases out in the cosmos the human will that no longer serves our evolution. It is an accumulation and an expulsion of soul substance, instincts that would damage us remaining here on Earth. So on one hand we are called to confront that Shadow (specifically where the eclipse is visible); on the other that substance is going to be expelled.

Being Mars involved, and the eclipse taking place in Sagittarius, the main theme emerging spontaneously is Colonialism. Let’s see why this delicate topic really concerns us all.

Solar Eclipse Art
Image by ipicgr from Pixabay 

The Colonialist Mindset

Colonialism is something that spreads like a disease. It all starts with the mindset of being above. Nature, as well as other cultures, are inferior to those eyes. For this reason, they feel entitled to conquer them, to rule them, and to exploit them. Everything becomes just a useful—or not useful—thing, a part of a bigger project.

The justifications for this attitude are promptly served. “We are bringing them civilization”, “we are exporting democracy”, “we are teaching them the word of God”. They impose their beliefs, their culture, their language.

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