Synastry Consultation

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances:
if there is any reaction, both are transformed” 
― Carl Gustav Jung

Relationships are the most powerful catalyst for self-knowledge. Until we don’t get out there to confront others, there aren’t many occasions to grow. We stay in our self-centered bubble, a confort zone reminiscent of the motherly womb. In order to grow we need to get out of it.

Meeting a person is like meeting a whole universe. We are all a Microcosm, a reflection of the Macrocosm which imprinted itself in the world at the moment of our birth (see the Natal Consultation page to learn more). And whenever two universes touch, an enormous amount of potential is released. Both positive and negative.

People push our buttons, and the more we love them the more they are able to do so. It’s inevitable—to experience intimacy, we need to let others in. And in doing so, we make ourselves vulnerable. We expose ourselves to their inner world, which doesn’t hold only the love that we seek.

It’s like dancing. On the one hand we feel the need to open up, taking a step forward. On the other, we also need to protect us and to step back. This allows us to get to know ourselves better, by getting to know others in the process.

Synastry is the astrological tool that can help us to undertake this journey. In a Natal Consultation we look at your chart only, deepening the perspective you have on the matter. But in a Synastry Consultation we also look at the chart of your significant other.

By comparing your chart with theirs, we will be able to see how these two worlds touch each other, and what are the main dynamics and challenges that they trigger.

Is this consultation right for me?

This consultation is addressed to all people who are on a path of self-knowledge and think that relationships are a way for personal development, to grow and mature together.

If you are interested in these topics, and you want to expand this knowledge with both you Natal Chart and that of your significant other, this consultation is for you.

Please note that Synastry is not limited to couple relationships. We can use it to better understand any type of relationship, such as that between parent and child (or siblings in general), as well as friendship.

In our session we are going to compare your Natal Chart with that of the other person. We are going to highlight where you are compatible or different, as well as what are the deep needs of both.

By looking at the different perspectives that you bring to the relationship, we are also going to understand what are your strengths and weaknesses.

Please note that this is not a Forecast Consultation (click the link to learn more). It’s not a psychotherapy session nor a mediumship or tarot reading session.

How does the session take place?

The duration of the session ranges from 60 to 90 minutes, and it depends on the charts and the questions that arise during the meeting. There are two modes:

  1. Online meeting by Zoom or
  2. Mp3 recording (no meeting)

After booking a consultation (see below) it will shortly be approved for the selected date, and you’ll receive an email with the Zoom Link for the session. If you want, with your consent the session on Zoom can be recorded so that you can watch it again later. No backup service is provided, so please keep it safe once downloaded.

For the Zoom meeting, I recommend using a computer or tablet as they have a larger screen, and it is easier to see the Natal Charts that I will share on video. Please be sure to have Zoom installed and set up on your computer or smart phone before the meeting.

If you are too busy, or the time difference makes it too difficult to make an appointment, you can choose the mp3 recording option (audio only) when filling out the form (see below). With the mp3 recording option there will be no meeting and the recording will be delivered within the day of the appointment (included).

Technical Astrological Details

No knowledge of Astrology is required, so please feel free to skip this section. However, some clients might be interested in the way I approach Synastry.

First of all I’m going to introduce both Natal Charts by looking at their main structure, represented by the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant. In Synastry give particular importance to the Moon, since it’s about emotions and making yourself vulnerable.

Then, I’m going to deepen the relationship by looking at the communication style that you have (third house), and exploring in particular the planets and astrological houses that correspond to the type of relationship.

For example, if you’re a couple I’m going to look at Venus, the fifth house (passion) and the seventh house (long term relationship). If you’re friends, the eleventh house, and so on.

Then, through house overlapping and/or planetary aspects we are going to see how one chart triggers the other. Of course this is going to activate the main dynamics that both have in the chart by itself, so I recommend to make a Natal Consultation first.

Book a Synastry Consultation

To book a Synastry Consultation you can use the form down below. The booking system is going to ask you for the following information, so keep it at hand:

  • Your Birth Day
  • Your Birth Location
  • Your Birth Time (as accurate as possible!)
  • The same information for the other person (for ethical reasons their consent is required, and they will remain anonymous)
  • Billing Address

Please be sure to have read the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of service. You’ll be asked to accept them in order to complete the booking.

Please insert your availability in the form and press “Next”. It’s going to be crossed with mine, and you will be able to choose a date and time slot from a list. Once you’ve found a schedule that suits you, you can move on, completing all the information required.

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