Sun enters Scorpio 2021 — The Spirit Stands Still in the Midst of Chaos

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The golden colors of fall begin to turn into blood red tints. The senses get blurry as the first fogs of the season cloak us in their hug. Nature lets itself go, melancholy surrendering as it enters the heart of autumn.

The Soul of the World—Persephone—is about to cross the threshold of the Hades. All life around is inviting us to turn on a little flame inside of us, a lantern with which confronting the upcoming night of the year.

Stepping into Scorpio, the Sun shines with a supernatural light. Sol luce supernaturali refulget. It’s the spiritual light of the Ancient Sun, the stage of development of the solar system when—according to Anthroposophy—life itself was born.

We can clearly feel the Sun crossing the threshold of the spiritual world. As they say, the veil gets thinner as we approach Samhain, or Halloween—all saints’ eve. And we can get in touch more easily with our beloved departed.

The lantern, the inner light we are invited to turn on inside, can also be the light of thoughts we can offer them through prayer. Dead and alive, we are all connected, and helping them also helps us back in return.

The Zodiac Virtue of Scorpio
Patience becomes Understanding

When we find ourselves beyond the threshold, we see without being seen. In a negative sense, we can hide in the shadows and take advantage of it. But on the positive, we are able to access knowledge that normally remains inaccessible to others, and we can use it to help.

Mainly, we are talking about spiritual or occult knowledge here. However, the same is true for any kind of knowledge. There are many types of “thresholds” that make us in a sense “initiated” into a specific knowledge. For some, computers are a mystery; others may look at cooking as a sort of magical art.

What’s important is recognizing that in order to achieve real understanding of anything—it takes time. Hence, patience.

Patience by itself is already useful. However, if we put it at service of real knowledge, we are going to have what it takes to develop a real scientific attitude towards the object of our inquiry.

Real knowledge only comes from real understanding. And to understand something we have to patiently observe it until it will reveal itself to us with its mysteries.

Astrological Events of November 2021

As we mentioned in previous articles this fall the Saturn-Uranus Square is going to perfect again. This process has already started with Mercury Retrograde in Libra.

In Italy, this transit has clearly manifested in the protests of Trieste, Genoa and Ancona dockers against the Green Pass (the covid certificate you need to have in order to continue working). The general signification of Mercury Retrograde as “transport and communication issues” was literal (specifically, we also discussed about it in terms of “bringing justice”).

This occurred also during the Sun-Mars conjunction, as you can see below:

October 2021 – Mars and the Sun as Activators of the
Uranus-Saturn Square

Things doesn’t seem to get better in November. If we look at Mars and the Sun as activators (being both hot and dry planets, they are full of fire energy) of the Saturn-Uranus square, we can see the tension growing at least for the first half of the month. All this as we witness the Saturn-Uranus square (row at the bottom) getting tighter and tighter.

November 2021 – Mars and the Sun as Activators of the
Uranus-Saturn Square

We also want to remember that Eclipse Season 2 is about to start on November 19th with a Lunar Eclipse taking place at 27° 14′ Taurus. As we know eclipses are challenging events that wants us to confront the forces of the Dragon.

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