Sun enters Pisces 2021 — Magnanimity and Love Inscribed in the Heavens

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The light is back. The warmth of the sun on the face announces that we are slowly getting out of winter. The sky becomes more and more unstable as we approach March. And as we wait for its spring rains, the seed of the new year is being prepared under the sign of Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. While for us the new year starts in January, it is with the arrival of spring that the new astrological year begins. For this reason, Pisces is a sign full of nostalgia. And its unstable energies carry us from one season to the other.

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A lot of things are happening. Mercury retrograde, a stellium in Aquarius, and the Saturn Uranus Square perfecting. Let’s take a break from all of this, focusing on the spiritual virtue of this month: Magnanimity becomes Love.

As you may know, for some months now I’ve been accompanying the entry of the Sun in the signs, talking about the corresponding zodiacal virtue indicated by Rudolf Steiner. This allows us to connect Astrology to a more intimate and spiritual level, trying to transcend the astral sphere in favor of a more spiritual approach.

In this post we are also going to talk about the way this month the sky is reflecting these virtues, focusing in particular on a specific conjunction taking place in Pisces on March 13th.

Magnanimity becomes Love

Love is not necessarily romantic, neither concerns eroticism at all costs. Making this distinction is very important, and Astrology can help us in this regard. In astrological terms in fact we say that the Sun is not Venus, being the type of love they express very different.

The love brought by Venus is love as we usually mean it. It is romantic love, where long lasting relationships thrive on a balanced ratio between giving and receiving. Once the relationship has formed we reach a point of satisfaction, from which we don’t necessarily get any drive for evolution or change.

The love brought by the Sun is very different. The Sun is the star, the “winner planet” of this system. It’s an endless resource of light, warmth and life for all the other planets. The fact that it’s constantly giving itself to the cosmos makes it the indisputable living reflection of the Godhead itself.

When we relate to the Sun, we cannot build an equal relationship, because we connect to something higher than us. The forces of the Sun are given to the human beings expecting nothing in return. It’s a form of unconditioned love.

This love is based on the fact that the Sun has more forces than necessary. This overflowing energy is dispensed with magnanimity towards humanity, giving us an opportunity to grow, mature and expand. Ultimately, to evolve and change, becoming better and better.

In this sense, Magnanimity becomes Love.

Magnanimity and Love Inscribed in the Heavens

Interestingly enough, the new Moon in Pisces is going to occur on a peculiar conjunction. On March 13th the Moon is going to join not only the Sun (new moon) but also Venus and Neptune. All together in Pisces, these planets are going to form an inscription in the heavens of the virtue we’ve just talked about. Let’s see how.

Venus in exaltation in Pisces represents Universal Love. It’s love for the weak, the humble, the innocent, the marginalized, the different. It is about compassion, especially when Venus meets the Moon and Neptune. Neptune is the Archetype of Unconscious Feelings, dwelling in the Anima Mundi or Soul World. Whereas the Moon is the planet of emotions, which open us to this subtle realm.

The Sun, Venus, Neptune and the Moon in conjunction on March 13th 2021
The Sun, Venus, Neptune and the Moon
March 13th 2021

The new Moon is the moment when the Sun and the Moon meet, the moment when a new monthly impulse is given. On the archetypal level, the Moon is impregnated with the solar seed and distribute its forces through the Zodiac during all the following lunar month.

We can then fairly say that during March, and especially on the new moon, the virtue of Magnanimity—as an expression of the solar forces which become Love—is going to be inscribed in the Heavens.

The Little Stellium in your Natal Chart

If you want to check when and how this beautiful configuration is going to take place in your Natal Chart you can check from 19 to 23 degrees Pisces. Specifically, you want to be looking for the astrological house into which this “little stellium” falls.

As always the astrological house is going to provide information about the areas of life influenced by the planets. Especially if one or more planets falls there, or make any aspect in that range of degrees.

Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune conjunctions on March 2021
4 degrees orb

As you can see in the picture above the conjunctions enter in a narrower 2 degrees orb roughly from March 6th to March 16th. During these 10 days we are going to have a peak together with the new moon on March 13th.

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