Sun enters Leo 2021 — A Moment for Retrospective and Compassion

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We are entering the very heart of Summer. Leo, the golden sign, bearer of the forces of the Sun. The human hearts open up to the heat, recognizing in it the trace of an ancient form of life. The golden age, the lost childhood of humanity, when the mind hadn’t started to lie to us yet.

But in the crucible of summer heat, new sulphurous instincts are cultivated in us, which rekindle the flame of struggle. Whereas our Soul patiently wait for the cosmic iron of St. Lorence’s night, to cool them down.

Leone di San Marco, Basilica di San Marco, Venezia
Leone di San Marco
Basilica di San Marco, VENICE

In this article we are going to summarize the last astrological months. We are going to look at the direction we’ve been taking so far, in order to better understand where we are going and what to expect in the near future.

As always, we are also going to take into the account the Zodiacal Virtue of the Month.

Saturn Uranus Square, icon

A Retrospective 

It’s been six months. How did it go, so far? Let’s take a look at the scheme for 2021 we introduced last year as a reference point for the current year (see picture below). As we mentioned in this article, the Major Configuration expected for 2021 was the Saturn Uranus Square.

This square is supposed to bring tensions and conflicts between the archetype of people (Uranus) and governments (Saturn). We also talked about the way this tension would have caused by the fact that governments (Saturn) would have been the promoters of change (Aquarius). But that this change would have found in people (Uranus) a strong resistance (Taurus).

The pandemic is the perfect scenario for the unfolding of these events. In fact this is exactly what’s happening. The restrictions brought by the governments highly focus on one solution only—mass vaccination. And in the states where vaccination is basically becoming mandatory, with the introduction of the so called Green Pass, new tensions are rising.

A year and a half have passed, and people are tired of passively accept restrictions.

Overall View 2021

Mercury Retrograde in Air Signs

Air is the predominant element of the year. Not only due to the Jupiter Saturn Great Conjunction which occurred in Aquarius on Winter Solstice. But also due to the three retrograde stations of Mercury (the three petals in white in the pictures) which are taking place in Air signs.

Air is the element of freedom, social interactions and relationships. With no surprise this year is putting them to the test, especially if we consider what’s happening on a social level.

People in fact are turning against each other. On one hand we have the no vax movement, or people who are simply undecided and who prefer to wait. On the other the pro vax movement of people who, in the name of science and health measures, want to limit the freedom of choice of others.

Especially in Europe the Green Pass is quickly becoming the controversial symbol itself of the Saturn Uranus Square. But how will this situation evolve from an astrological point of view?

Jupiter in Acquarius, icon

Jupiter coming back to Acquarius

On July 29th, Jupiter is going to enter back into Aquarius. This is a very important phenomenon since it’s permanence in Pisces since May 14th definitely contributed to easing down the tension brought by the Saturn Uranus Square.

This tension recently came back in early July because of Mars. During the first week of the month, Mars closed the Saturn Uranus Square in a so called T-Squared, fueling the issue with new questions that didn’t wait long to reveal themselves.

Square, T-Square, Grand Cross
The Square in the first circle (on the left) is closed in a t-Square,
represented in the second circle (in the middle)

This fight is now expected to increase. Jupiter getting back to Aquarius is going to give it an extra oomph, in the name of freedom, to social justice and universal rights. But on top of that, the T-Square closed by Mars is going to be closed again by the Sun and Mercury, in conjunction during the first week of August.

With this perspective in mind, that I’m sure the majority of people had already guessed, let’s see what we can do to get ready to all this. And to counter balance this astral atmosphere with a spiritual practice, focusing on the Virtue of Leo.

Compassion becomes Freedom

Compassion is the Virtue of Leo. We can with no doubt say that this virtue is a challenge for this Zodiac Sign. After all we have to admit that Leo is one of the most self-centered signs of the Zodiac. Indeed, compassion comes natural to Water Signs, not Fire signs.

We are not questioning the good intentions of Leo, though. This sign in fact can be extremely generous. In fact compassion here relates to the symbology of the Heart we mentioned in the opening paragraph.

The Heart is the organ of the Sun, and it’s also the seat of the I—the human spirit. In general, true Compassion is the virtue that opens our heart to others. Through compassion, we put ourselves in their shoes and we try to understand a perspective which is different than ours.

In the upcoming social tensions this is exactly what we need. In moments of crisis our animal part grows stronger. Especially in summer, with the Dragon’s sulphuric impulse growing by the day. Survival, anger and the will of bring other people down thrive. But it’s in this context that our humanity is put to the test.

Are we humans or are we beasts? If we allow Compassion to bring us out of our limited perspective, what we get is Freedom. In the sense that we are freed from our smallness, from our limited point of view, from our inner prison called Egoism.

Instead of indulging in a narcissistic perspective, from which we think we have it all figured it out, we open in Compassion to the perspective of others. This is crucial if we don’t want to transform an inner tension into a social conflict.

This way, Compassion becomes Freedom.

Astrological Events for the Second Half of the Year

In addition to the Jupiter’s return in Aquarius, the main events that still await us until the end of the year are the following.

First of all we are going to complete the Elemental Triangle of Air with the third Mercury Retrograde period, taking place on September 27th. The first station is going to be at 25° 28′ Libra. The sign of Libra has to do with Justice, balance, harmony, agreements and contracts. So we can expect September to be a month where the contraction of individual freedoms is going to be brought to the table of the Juridicial Power.

Next, we are going to open Eclipse Season 2 on November 19th, with a partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (the first in a long time). Followed by a Total Solar Eclipse that’s going to take place on December 4th, that’s going to be the last eclipse in Sagittarius.

Finally, we are going to talk about Venus Retrograde in Capricorn, expected for December 19th. This very important event is going to take place between the this and the following year, so we are going to talk about it in the bigger context of 2022.

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