Sun Enters Aquarius 2021 — Purification, Discretion and Chaos

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Today the Sun enters Aquarius. In silence, the ice becomes transparent and welcomes the rays of the new sun in all its purity. The light returns and the ascent begins again. Gathered in the heart of winter, we guard the seed of our resolutions for the new year.

A few more days and it will be February. The name of this month has a double meaning. On one hand it means “fever”, on the other “purification”. It’s ironic finding the anniversary of one year of covid-19 falling under this month.

Dawn in the ice as a symbol for Sun Enters Aquarius 2021
Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

Yet, a purification of sort did happen in 2020. The earth deeply regenerated itself and even the ozone hole has closed. Mother Earth showed us that she can make it by herself, that she doesn’t really need us to do her thing. She just expect us to not bother her work too much.

But what about the fever meaning related to this month? Fever was also seen as a form of purification, even if not one of the most pleasant. In fact all the sulphuric forces accumulated through out the year find here a sort of threshold. In the opposite sign of Leo, they burst in a sudden fever and disappear.

chalice symbol

Discretion becomes Meditative Power

In our annual journey through the zodiacal virtues given to us by Rudolf Steiner, we find for the Aquarius the virtue of Discretion. There is something elegant in avoiding to reveal too much about ourselves or other people. And as you can see here, we are again asked to step back for a moment in order to live an inner life.

The forces of sulphur we’ve described in summer have the opposite effect. They tend to manifest as instinctual impulses which take us outward, yearning for life to consume. This is especially true under Leo. But now, in the heart of Winter, we are invited to do the opposite. We can gather in silence starting a purification process.

Aquarius Symbol

Discretion is not something that has only to do with chatting or gossiping. It prevents us from wasting energies. An immense amount of inner strength is wasted through small talk. In particular, the strength to hold a thought in us. Which is precisely the strength we need during meditation.

Whether you meditate or not, Discretion requires us to hold inside of us a thought we would have spoken out loud otherwise. How many times we do that? How many times we say things we later regret?

Yes, this might turn into a kind of closure towards people. But Discretion is after all something polite which doesn’t require us to not be sociable. Plus, we are free to decide what to do with the strength or power that this virtue develops. Of course meditation is a good way to use it, but it can also be the opportunity to expand our “inner space”, so to speak.

A Chaotic February

We have to say that the cosmic forces at play for February are not going to be easy. But for this reason our inner work becomes even more important. We’ve been discussing about the Jupiter Uranus Square in the previous article. But the main event for this year is going to be the Saturn Uranus Square, which will start right in February (you can find here an overall view of 2021).

This square is going to last for more than one year. For this reason we are going to address the matter in a future article. Nevertheless, we can get an idea about what expects us for the next month.

In general we can say that Uranus represents the population that demands social justice, while Saturn is the ancient planet of the Law, which rules through fear and control. When they form a square we can’t expect things to go easy in this regard.

We also mentioned that we are going to have soon the first retrograde period of Mercury in Aquarius. This is going to happen during a stellium (a cumulus of planets) in this zodiac sign. Meaning that the forces of progress, revolution and even riots are going to be strongly stressed.

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  1. Thanks Rob, your last newsletter on Mercury retrograde was also amazing, so clear. You are the first person that makes astrology very simple for me !!!

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    My job here is trying to build a bridge between the Cosmos and people, the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, these comments really help me to understand I’m on the right track :)

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