Sun Enters Aries 2021 — The Chart of the Astrological New Year

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Astrology is the Art of Beginnings. The beginning of our life, the moment we take our first breath, is reflected in our Natal Chart. And in this reflection we can recognize the potential of the life we’ve chosen to live when we came down into this world.

The same happens with the year. The new Astrological Year is born at the very moment when the Sun enters Aries—the first sign. A new cycle starts. And the chart we draw up for that moment represents the potential of the whole year to come.

Sun Enters Aries 2021

As we know it’s difficult, if not even impossible, to read properly a chart without the astrological houses. In fact not only the astrological houses tells us which planet in a chart is stronger than the other. But they also give us more details about the area of life (or existence) in which a planetary force shows up.

This is a crucial piece of information that depends on where we are on Earth at the moment the event takes place. Of course analyzing the entrance of the Sun in Aries in all possible latitudes on Earth wouldn’t be an option. However, we can at least make use of Astrocartography to see where and which planets are going to be stronger on Earth during the event.

Sun Enters Aries 2021

We report below the astrological chart for the entrance of the Sun in Aries for this year. As you can see the chart starts with the ascendant at 0° Aries since we are not going to take houses into account.

The first thing we can notice is that the Planets are more or less divided into small groups. Hence, let’s analyze them separately according to the group to which they belong. We are going to find this division useful looking at Astrocartography later on.

Entranche of the Sun in Aries 2021
Entrance of the Sun in Aries 2021
March 20, 2021 at 9:38 UTC +0 — NO HOUSES

As you can see, mainly the groups are formed by:

  • The Sun, Venus and Neptune;
  • The Moon, Mars and the North Node;
  • Jupiter and Saturn.

Let’s check them out.


The Sun, Venus and Neptune

Venus and the Sun are in a narrow conjunction (1°30′ from each other). What’s interesting here is that Venus is in exhalation in Pisces (28°30′) as well as the Sun. Please note that in this kind of chart the exaltation of the Sun is implied, being always at 0° Aries. So not only we have a strong Sun, but a strong Venus as well.

In general Venus is never more than 48 degrees distant from the Sun. This means that in the charts for the new year she can only be in Aquarius, Pisces, Aries or Taurus. Among these, the strongest placement is Taurus, immediately followed by Pisces.

Technically, it would be better for Venus not being in conjunction at all to the Sun (combustion) or being far enough from it (under the rays). But the fact that she is not in Aries (dissociate conjunction) is enough to say that the influence of Venus for 2021 is going to be moderately strong.

Regarding Neptune at 21° Pisces, it is close enough to take part to the conjunction, even though it’s going to contribute less. If you want to deepen the general meaning of the Venus Neptune conjunction in Pisces take a look at this article. We talked about the beautiful “mini stellium” of March 13th, which is going to involve these two planets during the new moon.

AstroCartography — Spring Equinox 2021 Sun, Venus and Neptune
AstroCartography — Spring Equinox 2021
Sun, Venus and Neptune

In general we can say that Venus and Neptune are going to bring forces of Universal Love, compassion, creativity, Art and beauty throughout the year. In the chart above we can see through Astrocartography where the Sun, Venus and Neptune are going to be particularly strong (on the angles). These energies are going to be fueled by the Sun itself, which at 0° Aries functions as the engine that will set the entire year in motion.


The Moon, Mars and the North Node

This trio is definitely one of the most delicate parts of the chart. This because in general it would be better for the Moon having nothing to do with Mars. Their conjunction is challenging, because on one hand Mars brings conflicts in the world. On the other, the Moon represents the people. As you can imagine, their combo is not desirable.

This conjunctions confirms what we’ve been saying about the Saturn-Uranus Square. The theme of social conflicts seems to show up again. In fact the North Lunar Node is there, too. The North Node is about sudden changes, and its general meaning is to expand and built-up things as a “little Jupiter”.

AstroCartography — Spring Equinox 2021 The Moon, Mars and the North Node
AstroCartography — Spring Equinox 2021
The Moon, Mars and the North Node

This means that popular (and emotional) waves will give rise to conflicts and protests (Mars) based on mass communication (Gemini). And they are going to happen suddenly and unexpectedly (North Node). You can see where in the chart above.

Being the Moon, Mars and the Node in Gemini they are ruled by Mercury. Mercury forms a square with Mars, and by extension with the other two as well. This means that Mercury will try to stop them somehow (an aspect with the ruler is always a mitigating factor) but since it’s weak I don’t think it’s going to work. This also because Mars, making a trine with Saturn, can count on a structured organization.


Jupiter, Saturn and the Square with Uranus

We have extensively talked about the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. And we can still find a faint trace of this event in the chart for the new year. Here, Jupiter and Saturn are roughly at 10° from each another.

AstroCartography — Spring Equinox 2021 Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn
Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus

Their conjunction has set the new elemental cycle that is going to affect us for the next 200 years. However, as we have seen in the overall view for 2021 the main event of this year is the current Saturn Uranus Square.

There isn’t much else to say about it, so if you want to deepen their meaning check out those articles for more information. In the Astrocartography chart above, we can see where the influence of these three planets is going to be stronger.

In Conclusion

The entrance of the Sun in Aries sets the general flavor for the year. Even though we definitely have a good amount of forces of compassion and healing at work (Venus and Neptune), forces of conflict are definitely going to be stronger.

The effect of Mars on the Moon, combined with the tension between Uranus and Saturn, are part of this pattern. With the arrival of spring and summer our attention and energy are going to be focusing more on the outside. And with this process, also conflicts are more likely to manifest. As always, only time will tell.

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PS: I recently discovered that the Iranian New Year is aligned with the Astrological New Year :)

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