Solar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 in Conjunction with Uranus

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So far, 2022 has been a very eventful year. It started with the appearance of a comet, which is always a sign of upcoming challenges for humanity. In addition, the first months of the year were marked by two stelliums in Capricorn. They brought both a feeling of heaviness and a prolonged cold season.

Yes, the balancing forces of Jupiter in Pisces have been inspiring us with the spiritual virtue of compassion. But that has mainly focused on the terrible war in Ukraine.

And now eclipse season is coming, a time of the year when karmic forces of change are released. Season one starts with a Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus, which is a new moon. Immediately followed by a Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, the full Moon of the same lunation.

This means that May is going to be an extremely dense month. Not only the two main phases of the lunation, new moon and full moon, are going to be eclipses. But we’re also going to have Jupiter’s ingress in Aries on May 11th, and Mercury Retrograde between Gemini and Taurus.

As we’ve said in the Astrology of 2022, this year focuses mainly on both the Air and Earth Elements. And all this emphasis on Taurus is now going to inevitably involve Uranus.

A North Node Eclipse
in conjunction with Uranus

The first eclipse of the season is going to be a Partial Solar Eclipse. It’s taking place at 10° 28′ Taurus on April 30th, 2022. As you can see from the chart below, the event is going to occur at just 4° from Uranus, which is at 14° 32′ Taurus. At 23° 11′ Taurus we can also spot the North Node.

This is a very interesting chart. It is going to be a North Node eclipse in conjunction with Uranus. So let’s first see what this means.

solar eclipse in taurus 2022
Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus

In general terms, eclipses bring unpredictable or sudden changes in the world. And this is especially true with Uranus. This is because Uranus is the planet of lightning, revolution, and quick changes that rush towards the future.

The North Node indicates the modality of change. The North Node is constructive rather than destructive, and it tends to expand or grow things as a “little Jupiter”.

So the eclipse is definitely highlighting the meanings of Uranus in Taurus. In general, this placement is about the relationship between technology and Nature, so it definitely addresses environmental issues. And being Taurus the zodiac sign of resources in general, it can also refer to money—the universal resource of our society. For this reason cryptocurrencies could be also affected by the eclipse. After all they are the very expression of the combination of money and technology.

Given the current situation concerning resources in general, my opinion is that the current supply chain crisis is going to reach unsustainable levels due to the effect of the eclipse.

Venus, Ruler of the Eclipse

The general tone of the event is also set by the ruler of the eclipse. Venus, lady of Taurus, is at 27° 55′ Pisces. And it is in applying, partile conjunction with Jupiter at 27° 57′ Pisces! This means that the overall flavor of the change is going to have a strong idealistic component.

Venus in Pisces is the force of Universal Love, and Jupiter in Pisces brings compassion and spiritual impulses that aim to reunite humanity with the divine. Usually, the eclipse is capable of twisting these noble intensions towards a (Anthroposophically understood) Luciferic impulse. So we can expect fanaticism to have an important role in the propaganda that will accompany the change.

This means that the supply issues that we are going through could be clothed with an idealistic or humanitarian guise. It is very easy at this point to think to the war propaganda. Especially because it is the cause of the energy crisis of the Russian gas.

Mars, activator of the Eclipse

In the chart of the eclipse, Mars at 11° 53′ Pisces is making a sextile with both the new moon and Uranus. This makes Mars a significant activator of eclipse related events, and we can use it to determine more precisely when they are going to manifest.

Mars is going to be at roughly 6° Taurus on July 15th, and it is going to reach 10° Taurus (the degree of the eclipse) on July 20th. It is going to stay in orb until July 27th, and from early August it’s going to conjoin Uranus and the North Node.

On August 2nd, we are going to witness to the triple conjunction featuring Mars, Uranus and the North Node at 18° Taurus. So in general we can say that from mid July to early August Mars is going to trigger the energy of the eclipse, affecting its very same components.

This transit is basically triggering very similar energies (Uranus and the North Node), resonating with the eclipse and releasing its potential. This happens because as always the effect of eclipses can show up even six months after the event. And we always need to monitor its degree in order to see when and how it may activate.

This new moon eclipse is closely related to the following one, taking place on May 16th during the full moon of the same lunation. As we are going to see, the second eclipse of the season is going to bring more destructive energies, but we are going to talk about it in a future article.

The Eclipse in the Natal Chart

What’s the effect of the eclipse on a more personal level? In order to answer to this question we need to check 10° Taurus in our Natal Chart, in order to see in which astrological house they fall. Also you want to check whether a natal planet is sitting on that degree. In fact that would also mean that transiting Uranus is in conjunction with it.

The effect of the eclipse depends on both the planet and the house involved. Solar eclipses bring sudden events concerning their specific significations. And since from this year they are taking place on the Taurus-Scorpio axis you want to check Scorpio as well.

In fact, for the next year and a half this axis is going to be the main stage for processes of transformation and change, concerning the lunar nodes and karma.

Most Affected Locations

As you may know, I usually use Astrocartography and the eclipse path to determine where the eclipse is going to be stronger. Astrocartography can show us where in the world the event is going to take place on one of the angles. Ascendant (red line), Descendant (yellow line), Midheaven (green line) and Imum Coeli (light blue line). In an astrological chart these spots are the most powerful.

Astrocartography of the eclipse

We are going to combine these information with the actual path of the eclipse, that is where the event is going to be visible. Here’s the path as provided by

Eclipse Path

As you can see the eclipse is going to be barely visible from South America, which is going to have the eclipse happening on the descendant in eastern Brazil. Part of Japan, Papua New Guinea and Australia are going to feature the eclipse on the ascendant.

On the Imum Coeli line (in light blue) we find Tehran, the capital of Iran. So this is another country that this summer might bring important changes concerning the topics we’ve discussed.

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