The Saturn Uranus Square 2021 — The Main Astrological Event of the Year

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In this article we are going to introduce the Saturn Uranus Square, a topic that will require future in-depth studies and posts. As we have discussed in the overall view of 2021, this is going to be the main event of the year. And we can’t ignore that this aspect is taking place just one year after the explosion of the still ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

So what can we expect from these two powerful Archetypes? How are they going to interact with each other during this square? And what are the main consequences that are going to manifest during this year? Let’s start by taking into account the main significations expressed by these two strong planets.

Thunders as a symbol for the Saturn Uranus Square 2021
Photo by Max LaRochelle on Unsplash

Saturn vs Uranus: The Archetypes at Play

Saturn and Uranus are two planets that in modern astrology rule together the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This implies that in a sense they know each other very well, and that they can get along easily. But before adding Aquarius into the equation, for now let’s just compare their significations to get an idea of what they represent.

Generally speaking we can say that the Archetypes they are an expression of represent antipodal forces. In the two columns below you can compare both lists of significations. You can look at them as pairs of opposites placed on the same row.

As you can see their energies are very different. So the first thing we need to understand is that when they are forming a square, which is a hard aspect, they tend to express the conflictive sides of these significations.


  • Old structures
  • Tradition
  • Conservatives
  • Fear and Control
  • Boundaries and limits
  • Structure
  • Political Power
  • The Powerful
  • Those in control
  • Machination
  • Darkness


  • New impulses
  • Sudden changes
  • Progressives
  • Revolution
  • Freedom
  • Destruction
  • Social Equality
  • The People
  • Rebels
  • Transparency
  • Lightning

Please note that we refer to the Archetypes not only in a psychological sense, but especially in a spiritual sense. Having an archetypical approach to Astrology means that we look at the Ideas not as something abstract that lives in the head of people. But as real and creative spiritual beings that—emanating from the planets—shapes reality itself.

This being said, let’s now try to put these significations together in a reasonable way, basing our considerations on the current situation.

From the Saturn-Pluto conjunction
to the Saturn-Uranus Square

Astrology doesn’t make predictions on the material level. Astrology make predictions on the Ideas that are going to manifest in the world. The lists above are simply pointing out what kind of ideas are going to manifest in conflict. However, we can’t exactly know the specific material shape that they are going to assume.

For example, with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction Master Astrologers such as André Barbault could predict that most likely the next pandemic would have occurred on 2020-2021. But he couldn’t say exactly what kind of pandemic it would be.

So now we can say something about the Saturn Uranus Square, even if we don’t know exactly how this is going to manifest. On the one hand we know that we are coming from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which took the shape of a world wide pandemic. On the other, we can humbly and reasonably assume that the Saturn-Uranus square is going to manifest as a conflict between governments and people who—after a year now—can’t take it anymore.

Saturn Uranus Square 2021 projections
Saturn Uranus Square projections in 5 years and during 2021
(4 degrees of tolerance)

How long is it going to last?

As you can see in the picture above, this process is going to last for more than one year. In fact it’s going to end only at the end of 2022. However, as you may know this is just a part of the whole Saturn-Uranus cycle, which we are going to tackle in another article.

What we can say for now it’s that the consequences of this pandemic, and especially the measures taken by the powerful (Saturn) are going to upset and stress out people (Uranus). What’s interesting in this, is that news and change are going to be undertaken specifically by governments, and not by people.

This because Saturn is in Aquarius, a zodiac sign that looks at the future and brings change through new ideals. Whereas Uranus is in Taurus, a fixed earth sign which prevent Uranus from expressing its signification of bringer of change. In order to understand this better let’s compare Saturn in Capricorn with Saturn in Aquarius. In fact this shift just occurred in December, together with the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction.

A skull

Saturn in Capricorn vs Saturn in Aquarius

Last year Saturn was in Capricorn. Its conjunction with Pluto took place on January 2020, manifesting all the significations listed above (Saturn column) in an extreme way (Pluto). Saturn in Capricorn is the perfect example of ruling though fear and control. And the restrictions caused by the virus are a perfect manifestation of this archetype.

However, whereas Saturn in Capricorn functions as a force of crystallization, building walls and limits, Saturn in Aquarius brings this process to the obvious consequences: disintegration. Here the structuring forces reach their limit, and by continuing to structure more and more they end up going beyond sclerotization, crumbling down what they have previously built.

Here Saturn is the Reaper, the ancient God of Death which brings the so called “little death”: change. In other words, for the forces of ideals (Uranus as modern ruler of the Aquarius) to break in, you need to destroy what no longer serves life.

So what’s interesting here is that politicians and the powerful themselves are going to be the agents of change. But it also seems that this change is not going to be well received by the population (Uranus).

We also need not to underestimate the role of technology in the whole situation. In fact we recently described the Uranus-Jupiter Square and how we reached an important point of crisis for Social Media in particular. Just think about what happened recently with the GameStop case and the sudden awareness that followed about how Social Media (Reddit) can affect the stock market.

Demonstrations, Protests and Riots

As we mentioned in the previous post, the first Saturn Uranus Square is going to take place as Mercury Retrograde goes through the stellium in Aquarius. In that article we said that a stellium is very difficult for the collective to handle, to the point that people are going to be looking at leaders for a solution (Leo energies).

Joining the dots, we can expect the leaders to fail these expectations causing the aforementioned tensions. We can therefore expect demonstrations, protests and riots to take place. But where exactly?

Saturn Uranus Square Astrocartography

As always, in order to have a narrower spectrum on where in the world these events may take place we can use Astrocartography. Basically we are going to be looking at where Saturn and Uranus are going to be “on the angles” at the very moment of their square.

The angles are the most powerful spots in an astrological chart. And since Astrology is an “Art of the Beginnings”, we can expect to have some insights from the very first moment when the aspect is going to perfect.

Saturn Uranus Square 2021 Astrocartography
Saturn-Uranus Square Astrocartography
Feb 17, 2021 19:07 UTC TIME

Please consider that all the lines involved are sensitive areas. However, where those lines intersect (purple circles) it means that not only one planet, but both are on the angles. In other words the tensions there are even higher. The lines above represent the Ascendant (Asc), Descendant, Medium Coeli (MC) and Imum Coeli.

Saturn Uranus Square Dates

These are the dates when the Saturn Uranus Square is going to perfect. This doesn’t mean that in the meantime the square is not going to be active. Nor that these dates are necessarily going to be a peak in the unfolding of the events.

This because the exact timing for a transit to physically manifest is always something tricky to get, especially if we are dealing with a two-year window. Plus, the material world always has its own inertia. However, we can still be looking at them as reference dates to monitor the unfolding of the events. Here’s the dates:

  • Feb 17, 2021 Saturn at 7° 13′ Aquarius Square Uranus at 7° 13′ Taurus
  • Jun 14, 2021 Saturn at 13° 06′ Aquarius Square Uranus at 13° 06′ Taurus
  • Dec 24, 2021  Saturn at 11° 05′ Aquarius Square Uranus at 11° 05′ Taurus

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