The Russian-Ukraine Crisis — The Transits of NATO

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This article is part of a series about the Russian-Ukraine crisis. In previous posts we’ve been talking about Ukraine, Putin, Russia and the United States. Now it is the turn of NATO, the North Atlantic Alliance. What role is it going to play in this conflict?

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NATO Natal Chart

Let’s take a look at the picture down below. The Sun of NATO is in Aries, the zodiac sign of the warrior. This comes with no surprise, being NATO a military alliance. The Moon in Gemini culminates at the midheaven, in conjunction with Uranus—planet of freedom. Meaning that the alliance is there to ensure the freedom of their people.

NATO Natal Chart

Virgo rising suggests that the alliance is putting itself at service of other countries. This is especially true because Mercury, ruler of the ascendant, is in the seventh house.

But what strikes our attention most is the stellium in Aries, featuring Mercury, Venus and above all Mars—the god of war. Being in conjunction with Venus, the aggressiveness of Mars is partially mitigated. And being combust by the Sun, Mars is put at service of life rather than death.

Some hellenistic astrologers might point out that in the chart Mars is the malefic out of sect, meaning that it brings bad things. But being the planet dignified in its domicile, and partially mitigated, I wouldn’t say that this Mars is problematic.

Pluto in Leo in the eleventh house represents powerful allies and benefactors. In my opinion this Pluto describes the power and influence of the US, that was without a doubt beneficial for the countries belonging to the alliance. The ruler of the eleventh is the Moon, and being in the tenth, house of leaders, this planet can rightfully represents the US themselves.

In this regard, I don’t consider the US as strictly speaking part of the NATO. This is because it is the leading country, and it has first and final say on all important decisions regarding military strategy. Simply put, this translates as: powerful (Pluto in Leo) allies (Moon at the Midheaven) affecting the direction and the decisions (tenth house) of the whole alliance.

NATO Transits

As we’ve done in the previous articles, we are going to look at seventh house related transits. We are going to take as receiving points the planets in the seventh: Mercury, Mars and Venus. And of course Jupiter, the ruler of the house (it falls in Pisces).

In my opinion the Sun is virtually in the eighth house, so I’m not going to take it into account. On the contrary, we want to pay particular attention to Mars. Being the planet of war, possible transits on Mars are going to be very problematic in this scenario.

As always let’s take the slowest planets first. As you can see in the picture below, from 2022 to 2024 transiting Pluto conjoins natal Jupiter. This is the most meaningful slow transit that activates seventh house issues for the alliance throughout a three-year window.

Uranus Neptune and Pluto Transits

NATO Transits — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

So what can we expect? Pluto brings a death and rebirth process to the planets it touches. This means that in three years things are going to radically change in regards to the actual relationships NATO has with other countries.

We can also expect a process through which NATO members are going to confront the shadow aspect of their enemies. We discussed about the shadow of the Russian government in a previous article. And after all the former Soviet Union was the historical enemy of the US, hence of the alliance itself.

After all Lord Hastings Lionel Ismay, NATO’s first Secretary General, famously said that the purpose of NATO was “to keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down”.

Transiting Uranus square natal Pluto suggests that these intentions are going to become more evident. This is because Uranus brings clarity and transparency, whereas Pluto needs the shadows to exercise power.

We also want to highlight transiting Neptune making a square with the Moon. Even though the Moon is not a seventh house receiving point, it’s nevertheless going through a very important transit.

This transit has to do with confusion (Neptune) in regard to allies (the Moon). Also the peoples under this alliance (the Moon always represents the masses) are confused. This confusion is also attributed to Neptune on the Descendant, a transit that started back in 2020 and that is basically continuing—albeit with another flavor—affecting the Moon.

Jupiter and Saturn Transits

NATO Transits — Jupiter and Saturn

Finally, let’s take a look at the transits of Jupiter and Saturn. We saw that Saturn is the common trigger of the war in the charts of both Russia and Ukraine. So we are going to take it as the main activator.

On the other hand, Jupiter expands everything it touches. And since it’s going to enter Aries, the sign of the warrior, together with Mars in late May, we can expect it to have a worsening effect on the overall situation.

Transiting Saturn trine natal Moon. The Moon, triggered by the Neptune square, is going to receive a further trine by Saturn from mid April to early August. Saturn is going to be in the sixth, house of obstacles. My interpretation is that the US is going to request to the European allies to align to harsh measures that will lead to greater austerity. This will affect the Moon, understood as the population, in a negative way (hopefully just in economic terms).

Transiting Jupiter in conjunction with Mercury suggests that NATO is going to raise its voice as it takes these measures. In fact so far its reaction has been pretty mild. Mercury is the lord of the Ascendant, and represents NATO’s identity in the chart. I think Jupiter in Aries is definitely going to boost a warrior mindset, that is going to translate in a tougher communication. This is going to raise the tension internationallywise.

Jupiter’s conjunction with both Venus and Mars is going to take place later on, in early 2023. I really hope for the conflict to be over by then, since we can expect Jupiter to expand the military action of the alliance between February and March.

Mars Transits

NATO Transits — Mars

As we said in the Astrology of 2022, Mars is going to be retrograde in Gemini this year. This is going to trigger the Moon-Uranus conjunction in NATO’s chart between October and November. As we said, as ruler of the eleventh, and planet in the tenth, the Moon rightfully represents the US.

For this reason we can highlight these two months as critical, creating de facto a long activation of seventh house issues, with the tension that will raise from mid April to late November.

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