The Russian-Ukraine Crisis — USA Economic War against Russia

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In the previous post we discussed about the natal chart of Russia. We saw the very interesting relationship existing between Putin’s Pluto, the ascendant and descendant of Russia, and the Moon of Ukraine. We also pointed out the role of Saturn, as the transiting planet activating this set of relations.

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In this article we are going to look at the chart of the United States as well as Biden’s chart. And interestingly enough, we are going to find again Saturn as the planet triggering the major transits that we can find in both charts, in regards to war.

The overall situation of the United States

Let’s take a look at the chart of the USA. As you can see, the chart has a very crowded seventh house. As we mentioned in previous articles, the Seventh is the house of relationship with other countries. And in this chart two planets immediately caught our attention: Uranus, being virtually on the DS, and Mars.

As you may know, these planets are not easy. Uranus tend to create sudden events, breaking situations unpredictably. And of course having Mars, the God of War, in the seventh house is a placements that talks by its own.

USA Natal Chart

USA Chart

This being said, the United States are not going through easy times. Astrologers have been talking for a while now about their Pluto Return, to which we also add the Neptune opposition.

Simply put, Pluto has gone through a whole zodiac cycle and it is now sitting on the degree it had at the moment of birth of the country. Similarly, Neptune has reached half of its cycle, transiting on the opposite position.

USA Transits – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

The Pluto return represents a deep transformation in regards to the cycle of power of the country. United States are an empire. There’s no other way to put it. They rule directly or indirectly most of the world, having especially control over the seas.

The former cycle, which led them to be the most powerful nation of the world, is over. Of course this doesn’t mean they are going to immediately become something else. But an era has ended, and they know it.

The cycle of Neptune has to do with the spiritual task of the country. The opposition is a moment that recall the full moon, a time for recapitulation when we question our life choices, asking ourselves whether we still want to go that way. Is the direction we’ve taken fulfilling our higher task?

Simply put, the United States has to decide whether they still want to pay the price required to be at the top of the world. Which always comes with suffering and war.

USA Transits

Again, transits about war has to do with the seventh house. The US have so many planets in the seventh that there is plenty of choice. But for war, we are not going to look at the benefics. We want to mainly focus on Uranus and Mars, adding Mercury as the lord of the seventh.

The confusion we mentioned about the internal situation of the country extends to foreign relations. As you can see in the table above, Neptune is making a square with Mars. And on top of that, it is also making a trine with Mercury.

In my opinion this trine doesn’t have a good effect, because the intellect, the mind, or in this case “the intelligence” (Mercury) is clouded by chaos, imagination and illusions (Neptune). Hence those neptunian energies are going to affect the relationship with other countries (seventh house).

On the positive, Neptune brings spirit inspired questions and creativity. But in practical matters, it tends to express itself on the negative, bringing chaos and deception. And since the transit is clouding the intellect (Mercury) and confusing the will (square with Mars), we can expect the US to have an ambiguous behavior in this war.

Let’s now take a look at the faster transits of Saturn and Jupiter, where we can clearly see Mars also triggered by a long trine with Saturn.

USA Saturn and Jupiter Transits

USA Transits – Jupiter and Saturn

Transiting Saturn is making a trine with natal Mars from the second, the house of money. This perfectly translates to the tariff war that the USA are coordinating worldwide to bring Russia to its knees. In other words, the USA are already at war with Russia, but for now “just” in economic terms.

What I don’t like about 2022 US transits is the loose Saturn conjunction with the Moon, taking place between May and July (gold yellow, in the table). I don’t like May transits in general, because at the end of the month we are going to have Jupiter entering Aries in conjunction with Mars. This is an explosive combination, that is going to take place during the first Eclipse Season, which is going to start on April 30th.

A possibile interpretation could refer to the repercussions of the tariff war on the wallets of the American people (the Moon is the ruler of the eighth, house of finance). This of course would be the most positive outcome. On the negative instead, that could lead to a greater, strategic disposition of American troops on European soil. The worst interpretation is of course the direct military intervention of US.

What is Biden going to do?

We don’t have to think that the POTUS is the only voice in the matter, but no doubt the final decision to go to war is his. There are many clues in his chart that talk about the exercise of occult power:

  • Stellium in Scorpio in the twelfth, house of hidden enemies
  • Jupiter, lord of the Ascendant, in the eight, house of hidden things, power and finance
  • Pluto in Leo between the eighth and the ninth house

Biden’s Chart

Biden Natal Chart

In general, he is a person that is used to pull the strings from behind, and not being seen. This kind of people don’t like to expose themselves, showing their real intentions. They are part of an intricate web of alliances that are based on implied and unspoken blackmailing.

In my opinion an open war with Russia, that would lead to World War III, would require a very strong transit on his natal Uranus. This is because, interestingly enough, he shares this placement with the chart of the US itself. In fact they have both Uranus in Gemini in conjunction with the descendant, roughly 6° apart from each other (Biden: 2° 46′ – USA: 8° 55′).

Biden’s Uranus is not going to be triggered until 2024, when Pluto is going to make a trine with it. Until then, the presence of Saturn in the seventh house could also prevent any rush move. This placement makes the native very cautious in general, because it instills a fear for/on others.

However, this situation is still very well highlighted by his quicker transits. If we look at Mercury as the lord of his seventh house, we can clearly see Saturn stimulating it with a square:

Bidens’s Transits — Saturn and Jupiter

Mercury is in Scorpio and in the twelfth house, meaning that his intervention resonates with the modality of an invisible, but still effective war. As we said above, the tariff war is definitely part of this strategy. But we can also add other invisible wars such as cyber warfare led by hackers.

In Conclusion

In conclusion we can say that there is a massive alignment of transits that involve Ukraine, Russia, the US, Putin, and Biden. All transits tend to end in early 2023, and for this reason in general we can say that this conflict is going to last till then.

Here’s the list of the transits:

  • Transiting Saturn on the Moon of Ukraine;
  • Transiting Saturn in opposition to Putin’s Pluto;
  • Transiting Saturn on the descendent of Russia;
  • Transiting Saturn making a trine on USA Mars;
  • Transiting Saturn making a square on Biden’s Mercury.

At this point we can reasonably identify in Saturn the main planet holding the astral forces that are causing this war. The final outcome of this influence though is always in the hands of human beings, that are called by the spiritual world to process their karma.

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  1. Great insightful article, thank-you. Don’t you think that wars have evolved from one of weapons, to one of economic sanctions? Especially in light of the nuclear danger? In the US, we are currently in a war of ideologies. I like very much that your answer to this problem seems to lie in a spiritual key. I’ve always thought that the US could be a leader in such a way since they have always tried to support freedom of religion. Although there are groups that want to destroy that constitutional protection.

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