Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 — The Woman Clothed with the Sun

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“And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed in the sun,with the moon under
her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.”
— Revelation 12:1

As the days grow shorter, the dragon’s shadow gets closer and closer. For now, a great triangle of light in the sky is managing to hold him back. But its strength is fading more and more. The divine feminine stands out strongly in the sky, ready to repel its influences. What are the challenges that this fall is bringing to us? What is the cosmos asking us to process? The second eclipse season is about to start.

This spring, eclipse season one featured a Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus and a Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Their combined effect caused the worsening of the global supply chain crisis and in general resource related issues. With wheat and gas being the most affected by the war in Ukraine.

In this article we are going to talk about eclipse season two. We are going to focus on the social and economical consequences of this second step. And we are also going to delve into a deeper understanding of these fenomena from an Astrosophical perspective.

Mars Retrograde and the Saturn-Uranus Square

The second season is going to start with a Partial Solar Eclipse at 2°00′ Scorpio. It’s going to take place on the South Node, meaning that it will unleash forces of change and release. The ruler of the eclipse is Mars, which as we know it’s now getting slower and slower. Mars is going to reach his first station at 25°36′ Gemini on October 30. Then, he’s going to stop and turn retrograde.

As you can see this eclipse is clearly tight to the Mars retrograde process. This transit is going to be about aggressive propaganda, scandals, market wars and financial speculation. All this happening while the last phase of the Saturn-Uranus Square is still taking place.

The Square represents the conflict between governments bringing change (Saturn in Aquarius) and the people opposing it (Uranus in Taurus). This configuration is reaching now its peak. However, we can still count on the Great Trine of Air to mitigate it until the Sun and Venus change sign.

On October 22 they are going to enter Scorpio, and the Great Trine of Air will completely dissipate. This is going to open the door to the first eclipse of October 25.

Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022
Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022

The Eclipse and the Divine Feminine

The eclipse is definitely ruled by Mars. Still, it is going to involve Venus as well. As you can see in the picture above, Venus is going to be in tight (partile) conjunction with the Sun and the Moon at 2°39′ Scorpio.

What’s interesting about this placement, is that technically both the feminine planets are debilitated in Scorpio. The Moon is in her fall, and Venus in her exile. The sky is clearly suggesting that the overall process is going to address women, or in general feminine forces.

This is not easy to translate into words. It could refer to a powerful woman, or a female victim. It could also allude to what’s now emerging in regard to the murder of Daria Dugina. However, it’s still early to say whether this is going to be related to the eclipse. Another possible track might refer to what’s happening in Iran, with woman fighting for leading change in the country.

In one way or another, women are going to be an important part of the process. Especially because not only Venus is conjoining the eclipse, and she is in detriment. But also because the whole event is making a (dissociated) square with Pluto in Capricorn. This reinforces the signification of “women against power”.

Astrosphy, Star Wisdom
The Woman Clothed with the Sun

We are now going to delve on a deeper level. We are going to use Astrosophy principles to better understand what this eclipse may represent from a higher spiritual perspective. To do so, we are going to be looking at the constellations beyond the zodiac signs, which are a reflection of the powers of the First Spiritual Hierarchy.

In the picture below you can see the constellation of the Virgin. This constellation can be understood on an imaginative consciousness level in many ways. One (if not the) most important way for todays consciousness is looking at this constellation as a physical reflection of the imagination of the woman clothed with the Sun described in the Apocalypse (see the picture at the top of this article).

The Virgin and the Tropical Signs

Down below you can see the Virgin pictured horizontally in the sky. This constellation is so wide to occupy three zodiac signs. From right to left, we find:

  • Virgo, the upper part of the head;
  • Libra, the middle part, with the Sun of the imagination in the center and the Virgin holding the ear of wheat in her left hand (the star Spica) and the grapes in her right hand (the star Vindemiatrix, the grape harvester). They represent respectively the bread and wine of the Sun-Christ mysteries;
  • Scorpio, the lower part, where the seven-headed dragon lies.
Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022, the Virgin Constellation
The Eclipse taking place in the lower region of
the Virgin constellation, where the Scorpio-dragon lies

The way we have described Mars retrograde in Gemini clearly refers to the Ahrimanic forces. The Dragon here is all about market wars, financial speculation, and so on. Wheras the South Node, the so called Tail of the Dragon, is where sunlight is going to be devoured.

According to Anthroposophy during a solar eclipse forces of evil are expelled out in the cosmos. You can think of it as a sort of release valve. This means that these forces are definitely going to nurture the dragon aspect of this living imagination. Whereas the debilitated feminine planets, the Moon and Venus, alludes to the fact that the divine feminine, the Virgin, is going to be diminished by this event.

In Anthroposophy we call the divine feminine Isis-Sophia. She is the manifestation in the Astral Body of the Holy Spirit principle, that is going to purify the human soul so that we’re one day going to able to give birth to Christ within us. On the other hand, the seven-headed dragon can rightfully be understood as the shadow aspect (if not the demonic aspect) of the seven planets joined together.

The Shadow Aspects of the Feminine Planets

Here, we are particularly concerned with the shadow of the feminine planets: the Moon and Venus. This means that on a deeper level we are called to process and let go our emotions (Moon) tempted by our sexual instincts (Venus). According to the seven capital vices, we should work on sloth and lust.

Please note that these vices are requests for our “I”, our spirit, to intervene. We don’t have to look at them as “sins” in the sense of the Greco-Roman Cultural Epoch!

Sloth is a request for the “I” that we need to rest and take good care of our etheric body. We’ve been consuming our energies in meaningless actions. On the other hand, Lust occurs every time we lack a sense of intimacy and love. It is a request to establish a deep connection with another human being, our partner. And it has to do with our self-esteem, the value we give ourselves.

The Eclipse in Your Natal Chart

As always, in order to see how the eclipse is going to affect you please check 2°00′ Scorpio in your Natal Chart. The astrological house in which the eclipse fall is going to tell you the area of life in which sudden change is going to manifest.

If a planet is hit by the eclipse, you want to take into account the natural significations of the planet as well as the astrological houses it rules.

In these areas of life you are called to let things go (south node), and to accompany a deep transformation process. Usually this process lasts for all the duration of the lunar nodes transiting through the house (roughly 1 year and a half). Please note that they move in a retrograde direction.

Most Affected Locations

As you may know, I usually use Astrocartography and the eclipse path to determine where the eclipse is going to be stronger. Astrocartography can show us where in the world the event is going to take place on one of the angles: Ascendant (red line), Descendant (yellow line), Midheaven (green line) and Imum Coeli (light blue line). In an astrological chart these spots are the most powerful.

Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022, Astrocartography

We are going to combine these information with the actual path of the eclipse, that is where the event is going to be visible. Here’s the path as provided by

Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 eclipse path

It’s quite interesting to note that the event is going to be visible from both Russia and Iran!

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