Eclipse Energy released by Mars and Uranus during New Moon in Leo 2022

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Eclipse season one started on April 30th, and lasted for all May lunation, ending with the new moon in Gemini of May 30th. However, as I often report on this blog, eclipses are unpredictable events. This doesn’t mean that as astrologers we can’t predict them, of course. But It does mean that a precise timing is difficult to nail down.

New Moon in Leo 2022, a dragon and a lion fighting

In previous articles (especially on this one about the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio) we said that Mars would have been the activator of eclipse energy. This is because in general Mars is particularly suitable for lighting the fuse and blowing things up. In particular, this time it also rules half of the eclipses of the new cycle, taking place between the Taurus-Scorpio axis.


Mars releasing Eclipse Energy

As reported in that article, Mars was supposed to release eclipse energy:

  • From late May to early June;
  • From mid July to early August;

Since Mars is transiting in Taurus at the moment, the first Solar Eclipse in Taurus is especially involved. The eclipse occurred in conjunction with Uranus. Pay attention to this, since this is particularly important to understand what Mars is about to do in late July.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus in conjunction with Uranus was about:

In general, this placement is about the relationship between technology and Nature, so it definitely addresses environmental issues. And being Taurus the zodiac sign of resources in general, it can also refer to money—the universal resource of our society. For this reason cryptocurrencies could be also affected by the eclipse. After all they are the very expression of the combination of money and technology.

Given the current situation concerning resources in general, my opinion is that the current supply chain crisis is going to reach unsustainable levels due to the effect of the eclipse.

The effects did not take long to manifest. In mid May the New York Times titled an article Cryptocurrencies Melt Down in a ‘Perfect Storm’ of Fear and Panic. Later in mid June the BBC wrote Bitcoin: Why is the largest cryptocurrency crashing?

And of course the supply chain crisis is an ongoing phenomenon strictly connected to the war in Ukraine. We discussed about it in several articles, but we want to focus here specifically on the role on Nato.

The Ukraine War and the Transits of NATO

When we talked about the transits of NATO (click on the link to read all the transits) we said that:

Transiting Jupiter in conjunction with Mercury [from June to September] suggests that NATO is going to raise its voice as it takes these measures. In fact so far its reaction has been pretty mild. Mercury is the lord of the Ascendant, and represents NATO’s identity in the chart. I think Jupiter in Aries is definitely going to boost a warrior mindset, that is going to translate in a tougher communication. This is going to raise the tension internationallywise.

Geopolitics experts tell us that NATO’s identity has completely changed now. Sweden and Finland are rushing into the Alliance and the Baltic Sea is becoming the new hot-zone of the tensions. Basically the “new” NATO line has now shifted towards East, having Poland as its new main outpost.

But how will Mars affect all of this?


New Moon in Leo 2022
The Mars-Uranus-North Node Conjunction

Three days after the New Moon in Leo, on August 1st, Mars is going to conjoin Uranus and the North Nord. Yes—the Mars-Uranus conjunction, one of the most explosive transit, is going to take place exactly on the North Lunar Node.

As you can see in the picture down below, the triple conjunction is going to be present in the chart of the New Moon in Leo (July 28th). This means that in general the triple conjunction is going to reverberate in the sky for the whole lunation. In particular during the first two weeks, since after that the Full Moon chart is going to partially override the effects of the New Moon chart.

New Moon in Leo 2022
Uranus, Mars and North Node conjunction
July 28, 2022
New Moon in Leo 2022
Uranus, Mars and North Node conjunction
July 28, 2022

Anyway, the conjunction is going to perfect between August 1 and 2. This means that we can expect the two weeks between July and August to be extremely important to understand how things are going to develop in the near future.

Eclipse energy is going to be released because Uranus is going to perfect the conjunction it already had with the node on the first eclipse of the season. Mars is going to function as a trigger for its natural significations and for being the ruler of the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.


The Role of Summer Sulphur

The geopolitical balances are radically changing. Finding new ones also means pushing boundaries, at first. And according to transits, this is what we can expect at the end of the month.

On top of that, I’d like to recall that—at least in the northern hemisphere—we are in Summer. And specific cosmic processes are taking place. In particular, according to Rudolf Steiner in Summer we reach the apex of sulphur processes.

These are closely related to the Ahrimanic forces of the dragon, which in the summer approach the human being from below, trying to cloud our consciousness. As we wait for the stellar iron sent by the gods on St. Lawrence Night, it is good to stay vigilant and awake.

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