Mercury Retrograde in Libra 2021 – Closing the Elemental Triangle of Air

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Mercury is about to turn retrograde, reaching the final step of the Elemental Triangle of Air. As we’ve been describing in several articles, this year Mercury stations in all three air signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. On September 27th, Mercury is going to complete this process in Libra, challenging us especially in the relationship field.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra 2021: Stone Balancing

As we know, Mercury is at home in air signs, especially because it rules this elemental triplicity with Saturn (Saturn by day, Mercury by night). As the god of the mind and intellect, Mercury in Libra turns his mental sharpness to the understanding of relational dynamics.

This means that when it turns retrograde we can expect challenges in this regard. Which concerns not only our significant other, but other people in general. Especially if a formal bond or relation exists between you and them. In other words, Mercury retrograde not only affects marriage (or long term relationships) but contracts and agreements as well.

The way Mercury retrograde challenges us is always the same. Misunderstandings and delays are the weapons the planet uses to force the mind to turn inwardly.

Frustration makes us question ourselves, in order to understand what’s wrong in us or others. But above all, in us. This transit in fact is always an opportunity for self knowledge and awareness.

Mercury Retrograde in LIBRA 2021
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Beyond Lies and Omissions, towards Justice

We said that Mercury is going to challenge our relationships, but how? To be more specific, let’s take a look at Mercury’s journey during its retrograde period (see the list of dates below).

First of all, we are going to have a square with Pluto which introduces the topic of lies or omissions. This because Pluto is a planet focused on occult power, and when it comes to communication (especially if a square is involved) the result consists in “avoiding the truth”.

However, the truth is going to prevail since the following trine with Jupiter talks about openness and honesty. So from the initial square we are likely going to receive (or give) mixed signals, hiding the truth. The trine with Jupiter instead will bring clarity to the situation. It is also an opportunity to meditate on the way we behaved.

  • September 27, 2021  : Mercury at 25° 28′ Libra turns Retrograde
  • October  1, 2021 : Mercury at 24° 19′ Libra Square Pluto at 24° 19′ Capricorn
  • October  4, 2021 : Mercury at 22° 20′ Libra Trine Jupiter at 22° 40′ Aquarius
  • October 9, 2021 : Mercury in Conjunction with the Sun at 16° 35′ Libra and with Mars at 16° 16′ Libra
  • October  17, 2021 : Mercury at 10° 21′ Libra Sextile Venus at 10° 21′ Sagittarius
  • October 22, 2021 : Mercury turning direct at 10° 07′ Libra

Next, the conjunction with Mars in Libra is all about bringing justice to the table. This means that for some reason the situation, brought under the sun, will have to be rebalanced. So we can expect October 9th to be the date around which most of the tensions are going to show up.

Around October 17th the sextile with Venus is going to ease these tensions, allowing them to settle down and get ready for a fresh start. Officially, Mercury retrograde is going to end on October 22nd.

Mercury Retrograde in Your Natal Chart

Please remember that Mercury retrograde is always an opportunity to work on yourself. During these three weeks, happening three times a year, we are invited to turn the attention within us. This because the retrograde motion of the planet is attuned with the mind focusing inwardly rather than outwardly. So if we accompany this process we can definitely be present and aware when our mind will try to trick us. This way we might even be able to recognize our projections, illusions and subtle expectations leading us astray.

As always, in order to understand how the transit is going to affect you, you need to check your Natal Chart. Specifically, you want to look at 25° and 10° Libra: in which house do they fall? Knowing the astrological house affected is extremely important to understand where this transit is going to manifest.

It is not enough to say that we are going to have communication issues, on relationships, contracts and agreements. We also want to know the area of life where this process is going to manifest. The Fourth House for example would involve our family life. The Eleventh House instead would affect our friendships, and so on.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra 2021 Phases, divided in colors
Different Phases of Mercury Retrograde
from a Geocentric Perspective

You also want to pay special attention to any Natal Planet in aspect with Mercury retrograde. Especially if the planet is sitting on a degree in aspect with 25° and 10° Libra. The stationing points (ST1 and ST2) are very sensitive spots since Mercury is going to prolong his stay, stopping on them.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra 2021 dates

  • Direct [Pre-Shadow] : September 7, 2021 reaching 10° 07′ Libra
  • Retrograde : September 27, 2021 first station at 25° 28′ Libra
  • Direct [Post-Shadow] : October 18, 2021 second station at 10° 07′ Libra
  • Direct : Jul 8, 2021 leaving behind 25° 28′ Libra

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