Mercury Retrograde in Gemini 2022 and the Eclipses

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As we discussed in the previous post Eclipse season one is going to start on April 30th. And we’ve seen how its main challenges are going to mainly focus on resources. However, we’ve also been talking about a more interior, psychological component. I’m referring to the planets in Pisces, that are going to give the eclipse a strong idealistic component.

In Anthroposophical terms, we are going to be dealing with the Luciferic forces. These forces seduce the human being with strong, one-sided, spiritual impulses. All spiritual communities should be very aware that “too much light” is as dangerous as “too much darkness”. And the social damages of a one-sided spiritual attitude are there for all to see.

In order not to get blinded by the mirages of the mind, we can prepare for these events. We can use Mercury retrograde as an opportunity to process the issues of the eclipses. In fact, when Mercury is retrograde the cosmic Mind turns within. Similarly, we can distance ourselves from the world to see things more clearly.

And as we are going to see, this Mercury retrograde is especially tied up with the second eclipse of May 16th.

Mercury retrograde phases

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini 2022 Effects

On April 27th Mercury is going to step into the pre-shadow zone (see image above, in orange). As you can see in the image below, Mercury is going to make several sextiles with the planets in Pisces. In particular, a very long lasting sextile with Venus catches our attention (second row). All sextiles that Mercury makes with the planets in Pisces are in light blue.

APril 2022 – Mercury Aspects

Venus is the ruler of the solar eclipse in Taurus, taking place on April 30th. This connection between Mercury and Venus suggests that our mind should start working on these luciferic tendencies way before the event. The general idea here is to develop a feeling of co-responsibility in us.

In order to do so, we can ask ourselves:

  • How am I escaping reality right now?
  • How am I avoiding to deal with what’s going on around me?
  • Who am I blaming for what is happening in the world (for example, the war)?
  • How am I co-responsible for what is happening to Nature and the environment?
  • How can I actively help to reduce the environmental impact in a period of lack of resources?

We’re all on the same boat. And we can’t allow our idealistic tendencies to become a weak spot from which being manipulated. We shouldn’t turn against each other.

Mercury retrograde is about misunderstandings and quarrels. And to be honest, I really wouldn’t like to see another polarized public debate. We have all had enough of the “pro-vax” versus “anti-vax” propaganda. Do we really want to go through another one related to the war? Where is the balancing impulse of the Christ in all of this?

May 2022

On April 29th Mercury is going to enter Gemini. Then, on May 10th it is going to turn retrograde at 4°51′. As you can see below, the sextiles continue. We should take advantage of these harmonizing aspects as an opportunity.

In fact, if the first stationary point is not so bad we can’t say the same about the second. In fact in late May Mercury is going to make a trine with pluto (in green) and a square with Saturn (in red).

May 2022 – Mercury Aspects

On the positive, Mercury trine Pluto is about processing our personal shadow, our double. On the negative, it is about power that comes from manipulation and deception. This is why I am talking about propaganda.

No politician cares about the processes of the soul and spirit. For this reason, I tend to interpret this transit on the negative on a social level.

June 2022

Mercury is going to slow down, turning direct again on June 3rd at 26°05′ Taurus. This is going to intensify the square with Saturn (in red down below). This is because Mercury is going to stay on those degrees for an unusually long time.

Now, the second stationary point is at 26°05′ Taurus. In addition, the degree of the lunar eclipse of May 16th is at 25°17′—extremely close! This means that Mercury retrograde is going to be an activator of the second eclipse of the season.

June 2022 – Mercury Aspects

We are going to talk about it in a dedicated article. In general, we can say that this strengthens the relationship between Mercury retrograde and the eclipses.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini 2022 Dates

In the list below you can find all the most significant dates of Mercury retrograde in Gemini:

  • Wednesday April 27: Mercury enters the pre-shadow zone
  • Friday April 29: Mercury enters Gemini
  • Friday May  6: Mercury ( 4Gem05) Sextile ( 4Ari05) Venus
  • Tuesday May 10: Mercury turns Retrograde at 4Gem51
  • Friday May 20: Mercury [ 1Gem42] Sextile ( 1Ari42) Jupiter
  • Saturday May 21: the Sun ( 0Gem43) Conjoins [ 0Gem43] Mercury
  • Monday May 23: Mercury enters Taurus
  • Tuesday May 24: Mercury [29Tau22] Sextile (29Pis22) Mars
  • Wednesday May 25: Mercury [28Tau26] Trine [28Cap26] Pluto
  • Friday June 3: Mercury turns direct at 26Tau05
  • Friday June 10: Mercury (28Tau12) Trine [28Cap12] Pluto
  • Monday June 13: Mercury enters Gemini
  • Monday June 20: Mercury leaves the post-shadow zone

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  1. I think venus jupiter kiss is interesting, Goddess of Love kissing the King. Could be a healing, a recognition, an appeal for compassion.

    • The eclipses and Mercury retrograde taking place during such a benefic conjunction can be seen both ways: a mitigation of the bad, and the frustration of a missed opportunity

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