Mars in Aries 2022 and a Special Week in June

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May 2022 has been a very eventful month. Eclipse season one is still ongoing, and it will end only with the next new moon in Gemini on May 30th. Mercury is still retrograde, and it’s going to turn direct only on June 3rd. And we still need to check on Mars, since his ingress in Aries is definitely going to be a game changer. Especially because he is going to stay in his sign until early July.

Illustration from a medieval Spanish language astrology textbook
attributed to Alfonso X the Wise

We’re definitely going to monitor Mars’ transits during the following months, since we’ve been talking about him as the activator of the recent eclipses. However, in this article I’d like also to focus on a more pleasant configuration that is going to last for a whole week in June.

A Sky Full of Dignity

Sometimes the sky has to offer an unexpected scenario: from 14 to 22 June, half of the planets are going be in one of their domiciles:

  • Neptune in Pisces: it’s in his sign since early 2012;
  • Saturn in Aquarius: as we know Saturn is in this sign since December 2020;
  • Mars in Aries: Mars is going to enter Aries on May 25, breaking the mutual reception with Jupiter (they are in each other’s domicile at the moment) and starting ruling the Great Benefic;
  • Venus in Taurus: Venus is going to enter Taurus on May 29, and this is definitely a placement capable of counterbalancing the energy of Mars in Aries in the overall economy of the zodiac;
  • Mercury in Gemini: Mercury is going to enter back in Gemini on June 14, completing the sequence of dignified planets in their domicile.

On top of that, June 14 coincides with the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Here’s the chart of the event, where you can see all the planets listed above in their respective domiciles.

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2022
Full Moon in Sagittarius
June 14, 2022

In general, this doesn’t mean that during that week good things are going to happen. But it’s definitely a good moment to start something new. In fact everything starting in a given moment holds the potential expressed by its sky. And from 14 to 22 June the sky is going to be full of dignified planets.

The planets are slowly going to leave their signs one after the other:

  • On June 23 Venus is going to enter Gemini;
  • On July 5 Mars is going to enter Taurus;
  • And the same day Mercury is going to enter Cancer;
Mars in Aries 2022

Mars in Aries 2022

Mars in Aries is about willpower, strength, competition, fighting, courage, impetus, heat, explosions, war, survival, speed, vital energy, and everything concerning the archetype of the Warrior in its simplest and pure form.

Among the planetary ingresses we have mentioned above, Mars in Aries is definitely the most important. Indeed Mars is going to break the mutual reception with Jupiter, and this represents a major shift.

When two planets are in each other’s domicile, they create a strong bond. Mars in Pisces tends to become more like the peaceful Jupiter. Whereas Jupiter in Aries tends to embrace a more martial mindset. They balance each other, and the sky can benefit from it.

Leaving Pisces, Mars is going to become Jupiter’s undisputed ruler. And this is going to create an imbalance, especially until May 29—when Venus is going to enter Taurus.

I know that the time window between 25 and 29 May is short. However, ingresses are always important events when a planet walks into its domicile. And in this case in particular, Mars is going to have Jupiter at his disposal, amplifying his astral forces. The last week of May is going to be very interesting in this regard.

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  1. Excellent article, I needed to be reminded of this Dignity stage; that’s important indeed for the whole year. I’m looking for a new house & garden of Dignity (to rent as I can not afford to buy) and that could be the time. I trust thanks to powerful Mars in Aries burning my natal 8th House/9th House. Also, the Full Moon will take place in the natal 4th House. Thank you Roberto!

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