Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 — Mercury Cazimi and the Blood Moon

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Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, joins the divine banquet. He sits at the table of the solar deity as his guest of honor. The wanderer reveals secrets that had been lurking in the shadows of the world. And as a reward, every wish of him is granted.

In the previous article we’ve discussed about the Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. The event that opened Eclipse Season two. In this article, we are going to talk about the second and last event of the season. It is going to be a Total Lunar Eclipse taking place at 16°00′ Taurus on November 8. And it is going to occur during the Full Moon of the same lunation.

This eclipse is definitely special. Not only because, as we are going to see, it mirrors both the eclipses of the first season. But especially because it is going to feature a Mercury Cazimi, an extremely rare event.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2022

As you can see in the picture below, the Moon is on the North Node. The North Node is the point where the Moon crosses the ecliptic, and rises up in northern latitudes. This is important to note, since the Moon in Taurus is also in exaltation. And it is a full moon, at the peak of her light. We have here three pieces of information pointing to the fact that this Moon is strong, rising up, making her voice heard, full of light and energy.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2022
November 8 at 11:02 UTC

Now, in Mundane Astrology the Moon also represents the people. And as you can see in the chart, we find it in tight conjunction with Uranus at 16° 56′ Taurus. As we know, Uranus is a planet representing the people as well, especially in terms of protests and riots. Again, the sky is suggesting that the people are going to make themselves heard.

On top of that, this eclipse is clearly going to mirror the Solar Eclipse in Taurus which opened the first season back on April 30. That eclipse was happening in conjunction with Uranus as well. What’s interesting here is that, as we mentioned in the last article, this season is going to manifest the mid-term consequences of the crisis, concerning natural resources and supply chain issues.

In addition, the date of the eclipse coincides with the U.S. mid term elections! This means that the geopolitical change that this eclipse is going to bring is definitely going to be tied up with them.

Saturn closing the Eclipse in a T-Square

This eclipse is going to mirror the one of the April 30, due to the conjunction with Uranus. But it is also going to feature the same configuration that we saw on the Lunar Eclipse of May 16. I am talking about the Saturn T-Square which is going to grip the Sun-Moon opposition (full moon).

So what does this mean? Above all, this means that not only Saturn is making a square with the Moon and the Sun—but with Uranus as well.

We know that recently, with the Sun and Venus both entering Scorpio, the Great Trine of Air has dissipated. This configuration was basically counter balancing the Saturn-Uranus Square which started in early October. But with the Great Trine out of the game, and with the eclipses activating the square, tensions between the governments and people will increase again.

An important component of this dynamic refers to financial speculation. We discussed about it when we introduced Mars’ long stay in Gemini. As we know Mars is going to turn retrograde on October 30 so we could expect a domino effect to take place.

But speaking of financial speculation introduces us to the most interesting feature of this eclipse: the Mercury Cazimi. Mercury is in fact at 15°52′ Scorpio, just 8′ away from the Sun in longitude, and at +0°06′ latitude, just 6′ away from the Sun center.

Mercury Cazimi during a Blood Moon
The rarest Aspect of the Eclipse

Cazimi means being “in the heart of the Sun”. Whenever a planet is within 16′ (minutes, not degrees!) from the Sun we say it is in its heart. This is the Sancta Sanctorum, the holiest and most dignified place for a planet to be. Arguably, Cazimi is the most powerful Accidental Dignity.

Traditionally, in order to be in Cazimi a planet needs to be within 16′ from the Sun also in terms of latitude, and not only longitude. In fact 16′ corresponds to the radius of the Sun disc. However, there’s also a weaker form of Cazimi, that many astrologers consider as well, that takes only longitude into account.

Anyways, having Mercury in perfect Cazimi with the Sun during an eclipse is extremely rare. In this case Mercury is behind the Sun disc (superior conjunction). This means that we are having a full occultation of Mercury by the Sun.

This makes it an eclipse within an eclipse! Not only the shadow of the Earth is going to project a cone of shadow on the Moon, turning it into a red Blood Moon. But the Sun disc is going to hide, to eclipse, Mercury as well.

Astrologers used to say that during a Cazimi the planet can be pictured as sitting at the King’s table (the Sun being the king), as a guest of honor. And all their requests are going to be granted by the Sun-King. So the Sun is listening to Mercury, which is influencing it from behind, realizing his wishes.

A Perfectly Purified Mercury
against Financial Speculation in times of war

During the eclipse Mercury is perfectly purified, thrown in the solar furnace to reemerge completely new. This purity is also suggested by the sign of Scorpio, which as we know shows its best precisely though alchemical processes of deep transformation.

Mercury is the ruler of trading and finance. And in Scorpio he also represents secret knowledge. Now, as we know Lunar Eclipses bring sudden change through unveiling things. The full moon in fact represents the peak of light during night time, when things become more visible.

So in my opinion this Mercury Cazimi is going to reveal information that so far has been hidden to us. It is going to unmask hidden traffickings and financial speculation. In my opinion people will raise and protest against them, and the governments will be forced to take countermeasures.

It’s worth noticing that speculation is expected in times of war. But if we continue to deny that we are at war, governments are never going to take the proper countermeasures to prevent them. Hopefully this Cazimi will help us in this regard.

The Benefics,
Jupiter back to Pisces and Venus Combust in Scorpio

On October 28 Jupiter retrograde is going to enter back to Pisces for a couple of months. It’s going to enter Aries again on December 20. This is important to understand another component brought by the second season.

Before May 11, Jupiter in Pisces was playing a very important role as Great Harmonizer in the cosmos. During the first half of the year, with the war in Ukraine, Jupiter basically contributed to prevent War World III.

A massive social movement of support and generosity raised during this spring. Together with a huge emotional wave. With Jupiter back to Pisces we can expect this emotional component to resurface. In particular this may be related to the role of Venus, the feminine archetype.

In the last article we discussed how, in one way or another, the female aspect would play an important role. We said:

This is not easy to translate into words. It could refer to a powerful woman, or a female victim. It could also allude to what’s now emerging in regard to the murder of Daria Dugina. However, it’s still early to say whether this is going to be related to the eclipse. Another possible track might refer to what’s happening in Iran, with woman fighting for leading change in the country.

With Venus, ruler of the Eclipse, combust by the Sun in Scorpio, sign of her detriment, this is confirmed. In fact Venus, in the chart of last eclipse, was making a square with Pluto in Capricorn but she was at least in her sign. Here instead we find her even more debilitated.

Most Affected Locations

As you may know, I usually use Astrocartography and the eclipse path to determine where the eclipse is going to be stronger. Astrocartography can show us where in the world the event is going to take place on one of the angles: Ascendant (red line), Descendant (yellow line), Midheaven (green line) and Imum Coeli (light blue line). In an astrological chart these spots are the most powerful.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 - Astrocartography

I usually combine these information with the actual path of the eclipse, that is where the event is going to be visible. Here’s the path as provided by

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 - Eclipse Path

U.S. West Coast, Alaska, West Canada, New Zealand and Japan are the areas most involved.

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  1. Exciting! I like when you write “in my opinion…”
    16′ from the Sun in terms of latitude is a parallel, isn’t it? Precious information.
    My husband has the Neptune Casimi in his natal chart. Big heart.

    • I am very cautious when it comes to predictive astrology.. you can never tell! So it’s always my way of looking at things..

      Parallels are based on “latitude” but they refer to the celestial equator, not the ecliptic. In this case the term “declination” is used instead. Cazimi is measured using latitude, so according to the distance from the ecliptic, since the Sun is always sitting on it..

  2. Thank you for this clarification, Roberto. I know, astrology is the language of symbols. I will receive an eclipse on my Moon on 8 of november. Good time:)

  3. My moon is in Scorpio, my sun sign and rising sign is Pisces. Today is 6 November and the past few days I have been feeling so deeply emotional about my life

    • Hey Linda, with a lot of water in the chart is definitely easier feeling what’s going on in the sky. And with a Scorpio Moon and the eclipse coming I think you’re tuning in to the event!

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