Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 in T-Square with Saturn

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On May 16th we are going to have the second and last eclipse of the first season of the year. This is going to be a Total Lunar Eclipse, taking place at 25° 17′ Scorpio. The first was a Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus, and it was the new moon of the current lunation. This lunar eclipse instead is its full moon.

In general a solar eclipse affects the human willing. This is because the beginning of the lunation, the new moon, is dark and unconscious as the forces of our will. As we know from Anthroposophy human beings “are sleeping in their willing”.

A lunar eclipse instead affects mainly the human thinking. Thoughts are the result of the reflection in the brain of the imaginative etheric thinking. This reflecting activity belongs to the lunar forces, especially when the Moon is full. Simply put, the etheric thinking of the heart-Sun is reflected by the brain-Moon.

Since lunar eclipses occur during a full moon, they mainly affect our thinking. Steiner said that the cone of shadow that the Earth cast on the Moon during the eclipse allows nasty astral influences to pour into the earth. You can think of it as an upside down funnel, creating an opening for harmful entities. Hence, we want to take particular care of our thinking during a moon eclipse.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 Meaning

So, the last new moon was an eclipse. And the upcoming full moon is going to be an eclipse as well. What does this mean? In general we know that eclipse season is a very intense period because a lot of astral forces are released through the lunar nodes. When a lunation starts and culminate with an eclipse we can expect those 28 days to be very intense.

The previous eclipse took place on the North Lunar Node. The ruler of the event was a super dignified Venus, and we’ve been talking about her in idealistic terms. We pointed out the dangers of possible luciferic impulses capable of taking over the masses through fanaticism and propaganda.

In particular, Uranus in Taurus issues were unleashed. Lack of natural resources (such as the russian gas), environmental issues, supply chain slowdowns and cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, this eclipse is going to happen on the South Lunar Node, Cauda Draconis—the tail of the dragon. This is going to release more destructive forces, “inspired” by a darkened thoughts. Imaginatively, the dragon’s tail comes with a poisonous sting. And being in Scorpio, the image is very appropriate.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 chart
TOTAL Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022

Saturn T-Square

The destructive forces of the eclipse don’t come from the South Node only. As you can see in the picture above, Saturn at 24°56′ Aquarius is in a T-Square configuration (red lines) with the luminaries. This means that it is making two squares with both the Sun and the Moon. It’s also very interesting noticing that the T-Square cuts in half a Cradle configuration (green and light blue lines). Usually a Cradle creates a field of harmony and cooperation, but Saturn is going to break it.

Saturn in Aquarius works by cutting the dead branches of the past. It favors new impulses (Aquarius) getting rid of the old (Saturn) and making room for the new. The combined effect of the South Lunar Node and Saturn makes this eclipse the destructive pole of the lunation.

Again, we don’t have to think that its effects are necessarily going to be immediately visible. We need to monitor 25° 17′ Scorpio in order to see when exactly these degrees are going to be triggered by future aspects.

Mars, ruler of the Eclipse

The ruler of a Scorpio eclipse is Mars. And both the eclipses have him in good aspect with the Moon. In the previous one it was making a sextile; here instead, he’s making a trine. In addition, Mars is going to be at 23°25′ Pisces in close conjunction with Neptune.

In my opinion the forces of a Piscean will (Mars), further confused by Neptune, can only lead to chaos. It’s interesting noticing that the rulers of both the eclipses (Venus and Mars) occupy in the respective charts the last degrees of Pisces.

Traditionally the last degrees of a sign are unfavorable. This is because the Ptolemaic Term there belong to the malefics. In this case, they are ruled by Saturn. The third Decan of Pisces instead, belongs to Mars. Again, not a good sign.

In my opinion the luciferic impulse of the first eclipse brings “deceit disguised as ideals”. And the effect of this deception could manifest as a more ahrimanic impulse, resulting into chaos and destruction. But destruction of what?

Plutonian forces at Work

Scorpio is also the sign of natural resources, but specifically of underground resources. In particular it rules oil (Pluto) and the Middle East. It is also the zodiac sign of elite powers, such as banks and large financial groups. In this regard, the sextile in the chart between Mars and Pluto reinforce plutonian significations, such as death.

In this regard I’d like to point out a recent news about the Val Broeksmit‘s death, adopted son of the late Deutsche Bank executive William Broeksmit. He was a reputed whistleblower who was reported to have turned over secret files about Deutsche Bank.

Investigative reporter Scott Stedman of the Forensic News website recalled that he had provided him and other reporters with Deutsche Bank documents that highlighted the bank’s deep connections with Russia. But he said he did not suspect it was a murder, recalling that the man had problems with drugs.

In my opinion, things are starting to move in the eclipse direction. And the mid-term financial consequences of all war-related issues, including hidden agreements with European banks, are going to emerge soon.

Mars and Jupiter in Mutual Reception

In the eclipse chart Mars is in Pisces, domicile of Jupiter. And Jupiter is in Aries, domicile of Mars. When two planets are in each other’s domicile, we say they are in Mutual Reception. Mars receives Jupiter at his home, and vice versa.

This is a mitigating factor that is going to last until Mars leaves Pisces on May 25th. We’ve already pointed out two significant time windows when Mars is going to trigger the first eclipse:

  • From late May to early June;
  • From mid July to early August;

In my opinion the same dates can be used for this eclipse. This is because they belong to the same lunation and the Taurus eclipse represents its beginning. On top of that, we need to wait until November to have planets triggering 25°17′ Scorpio. But by then we will have entered eclipse season two.

This fall we are also going to experience an echo of last year Saturn-Uranus Square. So I think the effects of this Scorpio eclipse are going to resurface this fall.

The Eclipse in Your Natal Chart

As always, in order to see if and how the eclipse is going to affect you please check 25°17′ Scorpio in your Natal Chart.

The Lunar Eclipse brings sudden news and revelations concerning the areas of life involved. The areas of life are represented by both the astrological house into which the eclipse falls, and any planet in tight conjunction with 25°17′ Scorpio (I use a two degrees orb).

For the planet, we need to consider both its natural meanings and the astrological houses that it rules.

Most Affected Locations

As you may know, I usually use Astrocartography and the eclipse path to determine where the eclipse is going to be stronger. Astrocartography can show us where in the world the event is going to take place on one of the angles: Ascendant (red line), Descendant (yellow line), Midheaven (green line) and Imum Coeli (light blue line). In an astrological chart these spots are the most powerful.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 astrocartography
Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 Astrocartography Map

We are going to combine these information with the actual path of the eclipse, that is where the event is going to be visible. Here’s the path as provided by

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 Path

The total phase of this Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible from across North and South America, plus parts of Europe and Africa. The most sensitive areas in my opinion are those were the Saturn line and the Moon line intersects.

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