Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 2020 — The Dragon’s Quicksilver

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This year we all feel the desire of bringing Christmas forward. We look at the lights and decorations with a certain advance, because we feel surrounded by darkness more than usual. These lights filling the streets are like fairies watching over us in our sleep. We want to have them around.

But in addition to these lights, others are getting closer. Creeping reflections of silver scales are slowly approaching the waxing moon, in the attempt to swallow it. It’s the head of the dragon, Caput Draconis, the North lunar node in Gemini.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we are going to have a couple of eclipses before the end of the year. On November 30 a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is going to take place at 8°45’ Gemini, the first eclipse in this sign since 2012.

The second eclipse is going to be way more important, since it’s going to be a Total Solar Eclipse occurring on December 14th at 23°06’ Sagittarius.

Full Moon in Gemini

As we know, a lunar eclipse happens during a full moon. This because the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are properly aligned in this order.

A full moon always counter balances the forces coming from the Sun. The masculine energy of the Sun in Sagittarius finds his counter part in the feminine forces of a full moon in Gemini.

This means that the deep spiritual forces of the Sagittarius are complemented by more superficial yet dynamic energies. Gemini is about hanging out with people, having fun, grabbing a drink together even if just for a little chat.

Together, Sagittarius and Gemini are the two pillars supporting the Advent Period. On one hand, Community life and sense of belonging; on the other, connecting to others.

As we have seen this year this is going to be way more difficult to do. This eclipse goes exactly in this direction, describing the forces of Gemini symbolically swallowed by the head of the dragon. However, the function of eclipses don’t have negatives only. Let us try to understand it more deeply with the help of Anthroposophy.

Eclipses according to Anthroposophy

As we know, eclipses are generally a bad omen. This because they are by definition phenomena that overshadow the light of the so called luminaries.

The Sun and the Moon are the two living sources of light, which also represent what’s good in this world. So it is perfectly plausible thinking that when their light fails nothing good is going to happen, right? But what specifically happens during an eclipse?

Rudolf Steiner gave us a spiritual scientific perspective on this. He showed us that during an eclipse we have a release of harmful soul substances dwelling on earth out in the cosmos.

As you may know, Anthroposophy says that the human soul has three members: willing, feeling and thinking. During a Solar Eclipse dreadful earthly will forces are released out in the cosmos, as through a relief valve. In a similar fashion, Lunar Eclipses release noxious thought forms.

From an hermetic perspective, we can easily understand why a new moon (solar eclipse) relates to willing and a full moon (lunar eclipse) to thinking. In fact a new moon is the beginning of a new cycle, which always starts with an act of will. Only at a later time we can stop to see what we have done so far. That moment of clarity and awareness, that we can grasp through our thinking, comes with the full moon.

It’s very important to keep in mind that this release takes place only in the regions of the earth where the eclipse is visible. So, on the negative, we have an accumulation of bad influences gathering up during an eclipse in that spot. But on the positive, this accumulation will soon be released out into the cosmos, leaving us for good.

Let’s see now more in detail where this eclipse specifically is going to have the greatest effects.

U.S.A. Uranus hit by the Eclipse

Even though the United States are not in the eclipse path (see next paragraph) we can’t ignore that this eclipse is happening at 8° Gemini, exactly on Uranus in their chart.

U.S.A. Chart — Uranus hit by the .Eclipse of november 30th

This Uranus is right on the descendant which in Mundane Astrology represents the relationship with foreign countries, or generally speaking the position of a Nation in regards of international agreements.

This means that we can expect an activation of Uranian significations in this specific context. Uranus usually brings sudden changes and breaks, and as we’ve seen the Lunar Eclipse—which is a full moon—is about awareness and revelations.

TRANSITS ON U.S.A. Uranus for 2021 — 4 degrees of TOLERANCE

This eclipse is going to affect the U.S.A. for at least six months, leaving a hot spot ready to be triggered by transits. Specifically, in 2021 we are going to have both Jupiter and Saturn making a trine aspect to the U.S. Uranus. Respectively, between January and February, and between February and March. So we can say that from late January to late March the effects of the eclipse should show up.

Most Affected Locations

Using Astrocartography and the eclipse path we can determine where the eclipse is strongest. Astrocartography can show us where in the world the event is going to occur on one of the angles: Ascendant (red line), Descendant (yellow line), Midheaven (green line) and Imum Coeli (light blue line). In an astrological chart these spots are the most powerful.


We can combine these information with the actual path of the eclipse, that is where the event is going to be visible. Here’s the path as provided by


As you can see the most intense effect concerns mainly the islands in the Pacific Ocean sitting on the MC line (in green):  Hawaii and Samoa in particular, not Fiji. Followed by South America on the Descendant line (in yellow), specifically Cayenne, French Guiana and Cordoba, Argentina.

Looking at the other sensitive lines in the Astrocartography chart we have on the Ascendant line (in red) Hong Kong, and both Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia. Lastly, on the IC line (in light blue) we find Moscow, Russia, Jerusalem, Israel as well as all the other cities roughly sitting on the same meridian such as Nairobi, Kenya or Ankara, Turkey.

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