Astrological Insights on the Leonard Comet — The Green Lion of Alchemy

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In times of need, the gods help the human beings through cosmic processes. One of them is the appearance of comets, that from a spiritual scientific standpoint lead a purification process of the astral sphere surrounding the Earth.

In this article we are going to talk about the Leonard Comet, the brightest of 2021. What’s the meaning of the appearance of this comet? And why is it getting more visible now, right in December? Let’s try to figure it out by looking at its color, direction and zodiac sign, also taking into account the current astrological phenomena.

Photo by Chris Zurita, Tucson, Arizona, USA
The Leonard Comet appears in a greenish light

The Meaning of Comets

According to Anthroposophy, comets are celestial bodies guided by the highest spiritual beings of the First Hierarchy. They have the task of cleansing the atmosphere from the astral impurities released by human beings in the cosmos. A process that usually takes place during Solar Eclipses, as we’ve seen in the recent Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius article.

Comets appear in times of difficulty as an intervention of the gods. So we can ask ourselves—why was this intervention necessary? We discussed about the upcoming astrological events in this article about Venus Retrograde. The hard energies of Capricorn are going to be activated not only by the transit of Venus, but also by two stelliums (cluster of planets).

And the most interesting aspect of the Leonard comet is that it’s crossing the ecliptic right on the Capricorn region, very close to Venus as you can see in the picture below.

Stellarium simulation
December 15th 2021 at sunset

The Leonard Comet Request to Humanity

The comet was first discovered in January 2021 by astronomer Greg Leonard, a senior research specialist at the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

The comet bears his name, so let’s take a look at its meaning. The name Leonard comes from the Old High German Leonhard, a combination of the words “lion” and “hardy”. So it means “lion strength”, “lion-strong”, or “lion-hearted”. Being the lion a symbol of strength by itself, this meaning is reinforced.

In this sense, the comet appearence urges us to tap into our own strength. But what kind of strength? The name of the comet refers to the forces of the lion dwelling inside of us, that is, the forces of the heart region—the Heart Chakra.

This because as you may know, the etheric forces of the lion are related to the human heart and chest. And the invincible forces of the Christ—also called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah—are kept in the very heart of every human being.

In this regard, being an Anthroposopher, I warmly invite you to deepen Rudolf Steiner’s Six Exercises for the development of the Heart Chakra.

Color, Direction and Zodiac Sign
of the Leonard Comet

Even though this comet was discovered in January 2021, we are talking about it only now. As a matter of facts, comets are very unpredictable beings that could dissolve any minute. So, why now?

Comet Leonard made it closest approach to Earth on December 12th, becoming visible in the skies of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. It could be seen with binoculars shortly after sunset.

In astrology, the moment when a celestial body becomes visible is particularly important. This is why we are talking about it now. And as we are going to see its appearance right now is anything but accidental.

The trajectory of the comet (purple line in the image below) clearly alludes to the descent of spiritual forces of purification coming from above. And as we mentioned before, the comet is entering the Capricorn region—lighting up with a greenish color.

Chart Provided by The Sky Live

Green is an ambivalent color. On the one hand it’s the color of the Ahrimanic powers, the hue of the dark regions of the lower Astral World. On the other hand, it is the color of the heart, the color of the Christ—balanced between the Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces.

Let’s put it all together now. Forces of the Lion, forces of the Heart, descends from the heights of the Spiritual World towards the Earth, to penetrate the lower regions of the Astral World, to transform them and purify them. In particular, the regions of Capricorn are purified, since humanity is going to confront them soon.

The gods are helping us by providing a cleansed space right where we are going to need it most. This way we will be able to face the Capricorn trials with greater strength.

The Green Lion devouring the Sun

The Green Lion

The lion and the green color of the comet takes us immediately to the symbolism of the Green Lion in alchemy.

Operationally, it refers to the Aqua Regia: a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. The name Royal Water comes from its property of dissolving gold, the metal of the Sun and Kings. Interestingly enough, neither constituent acid will do so alone.

As a solvent, Aqua Regia allows you to start a purification process. Once raw gold has been dissolved into it, it turns to a greenish liquid (our Green Lion) that can be easily filtered. By adding an agent to precipitate the gold, we can get the purified metal back. Solve et coagula.

But what is this gold for us? Gold is the physical trace of the Spiritual Sun on Earth. And the lower manifestation of the Sun, is our Ego. The Green Lion acts like a solvent for our lower ego, that usually feeds on the greenish miasmas of the lower astral, allowing our higher self to dawn in our Soul (“not me, but the Christ in me”, Saint Paul).

For this reason I consider the coming of this comet to be a real alchemical operation performed by the gods on the astral sphere that surrounds the earth.

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