The Jupiter-Uranus Sextile 2022 — Final Stage of a 14-year Cycle

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In a previous post we’ve introduced Jupiter’s journey through Pisces and Aries. In the first part of the year, until May 2022, Jupiter is going to make harmonizing aspects with all three generational planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In this article we are going to focus on one of them.

On February 18th 2022 Jupiter in Pisces is going to make a sextile with Uranus at 11° 13′ Taurus. In order to understand this aspect, we need to put it into context by looking at the whole Jupiter-Uranus cycle.

LIghtwaves by By Anneleven

We’ve already discussed about it in this post, when Jupiter was making a square with Uranus back in January 2021. So let’s first and foremost look at the current cycle of the two planets in order to understand the general meaning of this aspect.

The Jupiter-Uranus Cycle

In the picture below you can see a representation of the Jupiter-Uranus cycle. You can imagine the two planets as the clock hands. The slower planet, Uranus, moves around the Zodiac (our clock) like the hour hand. The faster planet, Jupiter, moves around it like the minute hand.

In the picture we can imagine Uranus standing still, with Jupiter moving counterclockwise around the Zodiac and making aspects with it. Please note that from 2010 to 2022 Uranus has changed sign just once, moving from Aries to Taurus in 2018.

Current Jupiter Uranus Cycle

Each aspect has a specific meaning in the economy of the whole cycle. As you can see in the picture above, we’ve reached the second sextile. The first sextile occurred in the 2012, and even though they are similar, they represent two opposite moments in the cycle.

The first sextile is the fist aspect of the cycle, and represents a moment when it receives its first push, providing momentum. The second sextile instead is the opposite! It’s the last aspect of the cycle and it’s a moment when we prepare the new cycle to come.

The Jupiter-Uranus cycle projected in Time

In the picture above you can see the projection of the cycle in time, from 2010 to 2024. In the last row you can find in blue this aspects, which is going to last for the entire month (considering a wide 4° orb).

Let’s now take a look at the meaning of the sextile.

The Preparation of the New Seed

As always, in order to understand the possible meanings of an aspect, we need to combine the planet significations (see the two lists below).


  • Wisdom
  • Experience
  • Traveling
  • Higher Knowledge
  • Teaching
  • Faith and Trust
  • Community
  • Sense of belonging
  • Going beyond
  • Mysticism
  • Spirituality
  • The Legal System


  • New impulses
  • Sudden changes
  • Progressives
  • Revolution
  • Freedom
  • Destruction
  • Social Equality
  • The People
  • Rebels
  • Transparency
  • Lightning and Electricity
  • Technology

In the article about the Square, we’ve discussed more about technology (Uranus) in regard to community and sense of belonging (Jupiter), focusing on the role of social media.

This because the aspect was taking place during the assault on the Congress, and the introduction by Apple of new privacy restrictions to the iPhone. Please note that these restrictions are slowly crumbling down Facebook’s business model based on user profiling and targeted marketing.

As we mentioned in the Jupiter in Pisces article, their response was the announcement of a “social network revolution” through the release of the Meta platform. This new platform can be seen as the new seed prepared by the sextile, a bridge between the old cycle and the new (which is going to start in 2024).

Social Media aside, we can get other possibile meanings of the Jupiter-Uranus square by combining their significations differently.

Boost in Scientific Research

These days in fact another piece of news is stealing our attention:

“European scientists say they have made a major breakthrough in their quest to develop practical nuclear fusion – the energy process that powers the stars.” — Jonathan Amos, BCC

Astrologically, this innovation respond to several planetary contributions. If we look back at 2020, we had the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction in Aquarius, which took place on Winter Solstice. And of course, we still have Saturn transiting in that sign.

But what is the common denominator between these past events and the current one? As you may know, Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius. This means that—symbolically—they are closely related.

It is very interesting to note that Aquarius represents the starry sky (the Stars), while the opposite sign, Leo, is the sign of the Sun (THE Star). And considering that Uranus is in Taurus, the sign of Nature, we can now put everything together.

Progress (Uranus) in scientific knowledge (Jupiter-Uranus) has been achieved in regard to the laws of the forces of Nature (Uranus in Taurus). Humanity is now learning (Jupiter) how to ignite little stars (Aquarius) on Earth, and to use that energy (Uranus-electricity) for the benefit of the environment (Uranus in Taurus).

Yes, apparently:

“Fusion is among the most environmentally friendly sources of energy.” — International Atomic Energy Agency

What do you think? Is this massive amount of energy going to benefit all humanity or is it going to be misused for the profit of a few?

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