The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in the Natal Chart — A New Social Impulse

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As we have seen previously, the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction is going to start a whole new cycle in the Air Element. This is going to have a great impact in the way mankind relate to this element in the upcoming 200 years. But what about the individual? Is it possible to understand the impulse brought by this important event to the life of a single person?

In this article we are going to see how these two planets are at the very foundation of everybody’s social life. We are also going to explore the way their conjunction affect us, and in particular how this aspect relates with a new impulse for our career and place in society.

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First of all it’s very important to understand the nature of both planets in regard to social life. Jupiter and Saturn are the slowest among the classical seven planets. This means that people born within the same year share the position of Jupiter, having it in the same zodiac sign. And the same applies to Saturn which—changing sign every roughly 3 years—is shared by people born within that period.

For this reason, Astrologers refer to them also as Social Planets. They are the pillars of our social life because they represent two essential aspects of it: sense of belonging to the community and formal role (or position) in the society. Let’s see that into more detail.

Jupiter, Sense of Belonging

Jupiter is the planet of higher, spiritual ideals. It’s also the planet of wisdom, which is something that we can achieve in mainly two ways. Exploring the world, traveling and expanding our life experience, confronting ourselves with foreign cultures and mentalities. Or studying and meditating, expanding our knowledge and awareness through religion, spirituality and philosophy.

Now, every community is founded by people who share the same ideals and way of seeing the world. This is crucial. After all, we know we can trust people of like mind who share similar morals. For this reason not only we prefer them as our neighbors, but we also feel a sense of belonging to the community we live in.

The community itself is then run by the elders, the wise men. They not only share its ideals, they also are—in a sense—an expression of them. Old people should be an example, a living testimony of them. They are supposed to use all the wisdom they developed across the decades to put it at service of others and guiding the entire community.

Saturn, Formal Role and Position in Society

Saturn is the cold planet ruling our formal-self. Saying we are “a father”, “an electrician”, “a doctor” is something which describes our formal position in society. It gives us a function and a role, and all the power and responsibility which comes with them.

In ancient times it was the prestige of the family that determined our role in society. Nowadays all these aspects are mainly represented by our career. Anyhow, playing a role is limiting for the ego (limitation is a Saturnian signification). When we are at work, when we are expressing our role in society, we can’t do what we want. We have to fit in.

That’s why the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is so important. When our sense of belonging meets our role in society a new impulse is given. Let’s see how we can understand it better by looking at our Natal Chart.

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in the Natal Chart

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction is a big social impulse which is going to last for the next 20 years. This impulse is going to affect all of us, slowly working from 1° Aquarius—the exact position of the conjunction. This is going to make us perceive 1° Aquarius as the new core of the social life. But what does this mean, practically?

To answer to this question we need to understand how the Aquarius work on a social level. This Zodiac Sign represents the dawn of the year. It brings the new day, so to speak, and with it news and change. Usually, Aquarius brings change in a revolutionary way, suddenly breaking with the past. From this perspective, the past and the present are both perceived as something limiting our true potential.

This translates to a real urge to change our community, our position in society, our job or even our career in order to fully express our life potential and fulfill a deeply felt life purpose. The first degree of Aquarius is going to become a point of attraction in our chart, stimulating us to make a change in that direction.

The Astrological House Involved

The easiest way to understand how the conjunction is going to affect you consists in looking for 1° Aquarius in your Natal Chart. In which astrological house does it fall? Astrological houses represent the areas of our life. The specific house involved by the conjunction in our chart is the area of life from which this new social impulse is going to be working on us.

Let’s say for example that the fifth house is involved. Being the fifth house the house of children, the conjunction might translate into the desire of becoming a mother or a school teacher. Of course this must be contextualized in the aspirations of the natal chart itself.

Another example would be the ninth house, the house of traveling, experiences and higher education. In this case, a career abroad could suddenly become very attractive. As well as a career as university teacher or—why not—a travel blogger.

Again, this impulse has to be contextualized in the aspirations of the natal chart. This because we are not going to find attracting something that by definition goes against who we really are. In the same way, the conjunction might become a precious stimulus to start undertaking the path that best represents our life purpose.

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