The Return of Jupiter with Two Full Moons in Aquarius 2021

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The sky is perfectly clear again. The air becomes transparent like crystal, and the purest light extends through it. The higher mind strays from the moist quality of mysticism. And its clarity can return to address the contingent problems of existence.
Philosophy ceases to be speculation. The world is asking for attention to find a solution to the challenges of the moment. A time when social issues are heating up again.

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On July 28th Jupiter retrograde got back into Aquarius. The Great Benefic left its nocturnal domicile in Pisces to fuel up again ideals of freedom and Social Justice.

And not only Jupiter’s presence is going to shape the astral world into Aquarian thought-forms. But we are also going to have an extra Full Moon in Aquarius during the upcoming lunation.

Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius 2021

As you may know, a retrograde planet always tends to turn the focus within. And being Jupiter a spiritual planet which represents the Philosopher’s Archetype, things aren’t that bad when it gets retrograde.

Philosophical speculation, meditation, trying to understand the deeper meaning of things or situations. This is what Jupiter retrograde tends to do.

But if Jupiter retrograde in Pisces has been focusing more on spirituality and mysticism, Jupiter in Aquarius will return to deal with politics and social issues.

On top of that, Jupiter in Pisces have been easinening the social situations since mid May. In fact when a benefic planet such as Jupiter is in its domicile, we can expect things to get a little bit better.

But now, leaving that powerful placement, Jupiter is not going to be able to counterbalance the Saturn-Uranus Square anymore. On the contrary, philosophical speculation is going to reignite the flame of social struggle.

Here are the main stages of Jupiter’s journey through the Zodiac for 2021:

  • May 13th — Jupiter entered Pisces
  • June 20th — Jupiter got retrograde at 2° 11′ Pisces
  • July 28th — Jupiter retrograde entered Aquarius
  • October 18th —  Jupiter is going to get direct at 22° 19′ Aquarius
  • December 29th — Jupiter is going to enter Pisces again

As you can see we could almost break down 2021 into three parts. From January to mid May (Aquarius); from mid May to late July (Pisces); from late July to the end of the year (Aquarius). With the central part that we are leaving behind, being the best of the three.

And you? Have you experienced this middle period with Jupiter in Pisces as an overall improvement? Let me know how it went in the comments below.

Two Full Moons in Aquarius

Lunations are definitely important events in astrology. They describe the general quality of the time we are going to experience during the month. The Sun sign, with the new Moon joining it, is the seed—the potential of the whole month. Whereas the full Moon, which is going to take place on the opposite sign, represents the expression and manifestation of that seed.

I don’t talk about new moons and full moons often. Usually, I tend to focus on those events only when an eclipse is involved. This because on a social level they tend to bring change more drastically than regular lunations.

But this time we are going to have two Full Moons in Aquarius in a row. Meaning that both the potential of the new Moon in Cancer (lunar month started on July 10th) and in Leo (August 8th) are going to manifest in Aquarian, revolutionary ways.

  • July 10th — New Moon with Sun at 18° 01′ Cancer
  • July 24th — Full Moon at 1° 26′ Aquarius with Sun at 1° 26′ Leo
  • August 8th — New Moon with Sun at 16° 14′ Leo
  • August 22nd — Full Moon at 29° 37′ Aquarius with Sun at 29° 37′ Leo

As you can see Aquarian forces are definitely the main focus when it comes to understand what’s happening this year. In this regard, we also want to remember the stellium in this sign we had in late January together with Mercury retrograde. That event kicked off the whole process that we are experiencing in these months.

Social Struggle Triggers

We briefly mentioned these triggers in the last article. Here, we want to provide a list of possible dates around which the Saturn-Uranus Square might get worse. This because as we said, the Square is affected by shorter squares or oppositions with medium-fast planets.

  • July 1st — Mars (12Leo20) Opposite [12Aqu20] Saturn
  • July 7th — Mars (13Leo54) Square (13Tau54) Uranus
  • August 2nd — Sun (10Leo11) Opposite [10Aqu11] Saturn
  • August 4th — Mercury (14Leo41) Square (14Tau41) Uranus
  • October 30th — Sun ( 7Sco11) Square ( 7Aqu11) Saturn
  • November 5th — Sun (12Sco47) Opposite [12Tau47] Uranus
  • November 11th ·— Mars ( 7Sco40) Square ( 7Aqu40) Saturn
  • November 17th — Mars (12Sco15) Opposite [12Tau15] Uranus

As you can see, we reported the Sun and Mars as the the two main activators of the Saturn-Uranus Square. This because these planets are very energizing, and most importantly slow enough to stay on the Square long enough to activate it.

We can break down these events in two main periods. From late July to mid August, which due to the lunations in Aquarius can be extended until the end of the month. And from late October to the end of November, when we should witness to another activation.

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  1. Thank you – I always enjoy your articles. I am curious as to any connection your see between the 2 Full Moons @ 1 + 29 Aquarius (July/August) and the 2 New Moons @ 0 + 20 Aquarius in January/February 2015. Thank you in advance for your time and response! ~Robin

  2. Hey Robin,
    thank you very much for this very interesting question.

    In late January 2015 there was a quick stellium (Sun, Moon and inner planets) forming in Aquarius, during a new moon in Aquarius, followed by another one in February. Also Mercury was about to turn retrograde, being in its shadow zone. An amazing correspondence with 2021!

    I think the difference with the current situation can be understood in the light of Major Transits. In 2021 we’re dealing with the Saturn-Uranus Square; whereas in 2015 we had the Uranus-Pluto Square taking place.

    As you can see Uranus was involved, by not against governments bringing change (Saturn in Aquarius) but the occult powers of banks and financial elites (Pluto in Capricorn).

    Also new moons can be looked at as seeds, hence in my opinion they have less power than full moons—that by definition are the moment when the lunar month reaches its peak in terms of power.

    Hope my answer helps :)

  3. Thank you so much Rob! There is such an elegance to how astrology works. I am always mesmerized and quietly giggle to myself as I think – “who says the Universe doesn’t have a sense of humor?” You are so kind for taking the time to answer my question it is appreciated. Blessings! :-)

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