The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction 2022 — Beginning of a New Spiritual Cycle

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Much has been said about Jupiter in Pisces after the war broke out in Ukraine. How is it possible for such horrible things to happen during a benefic transit like that?

Jupiter is the so called Great Benefic, and in Pisces it’s in his domicile. This means that his influence is remarkably strong. So it’s perfectly normal to argue that under his wings humanity should feel safe and not on the edge of World War III.

We spoke favorably about it too, describing it as the Great Cosmic Harmonizer in this post. And we do not intend to take that back—the influence of Jupiter is certainly beneficial. So why is this horrendous scenario taking place?

Neptune chaotic colors
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The first thing that I’d like to highlight is that things could have been much worse. In general we tend to focus on bad things because they always come with drama. They get our attention easily, and media speculate on it.

For the same reason it’s more difficult to perceive Providence at work. Good things bring harmony and balance without drawing our attention. They let us free to recognize them or not. For this reason “Positivity”, the fourth exercise for the development of the Heart Chakra given by Rudolf Steiner, is so important.

On top of that, every planet is doing its job. Among the traditional planets, it’s not Jupiter’s task to bring “bad things”. Yes, it might happen sometimes that Jupiter’s shadow get in the way, exaggerating things. And in this regard we are going to talk about Jupiter’s ingress in Aries.

But in general, it’s Saturn the Great Malefic who brings hard times to humanity. And even though this statement is quite simplistic, this time is pretty accurate considering all that we said in the last article about the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

The Neptune-Jupiter Cycle

Neptune and Jupiter bring new spiritual impulses. Jupiter represents higher knowledge, spirituality and faith, whereas Neptune is the planet of mysticism and gnosis. It’s about the union with God, the transcendent, the sublime, the romantic and altered states of consciousness.

You can read my article about Jupiter in Pisces 2021 (Neptune amplifies all the Piscean significations) to get a sense of the possible meanings of this conjunction. Here’s some examples:

Spiritual impulses, faith in the future, trusting others. Improved sense of belonging to humanity, blossoming in Universal Love and Compassion. Wisdom springing from life experience, by processing and understanding what happened in the past. Abundance coming from a full life. Unveiling of spiritual realities that fills our hearts through mystical experiences, a leap of faith towards higher realities. Romantic impulses thriving in inspired forms of creativity through Art. Moral values of a real, renewed, universal form of Christianity.

Every roughly 13 years these planets conjoin, and a new cycle begins. In particular this conjunction is going to take place on April 12th, and the whole cycle is going to last until march 2035.

The Neptune-Jupiter Cycle

Jupiter-Neptune Cycle

But what are the seeds that this cycle is going to grow and ripen? As we did several times we want to focus on the last aspect the planets made before their conjunction.

I’m referring to the second sextile, that took place back in 2020 (see picture above, in red). Back then we were confronting covid for the first time. And that moment of crisis worked as a great spiritual catalyst for many of us.

Back then Jupiter was in Capricorn, and we were dealing with the results of a one-sided, materialistic worldview that revealed itself in all its frailty when we were forced to stay indoors.

Now is the time to reconnect with those seeds, so that the lockdown madness we have been through is not in vain but allows us to make the most out of it.

Jupiter Aspects with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

First Half of the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction

What’s interesting about this conjunction is that it can be divided in two parts. During the first half (when the aspect is applying) Jupiter and Neptune are coming out of a stellium in Pisces that featured Mercury and the Sun as well.

This stellium started on March 10th, with Mercury’s ingress in Pisces, and it’s going to end on March 27th, with Mercury leaving the sign. In the meantime the Sun of course entered Aries on the Spring Equinox.

MARCH 17TH, 2022
MARCH 17TH, 2022

This first half is very different from the second. As you can see in the picture about Jupiter’s aspects with the generational planets, during the second half of the conjunction (that is when it’s separating) Jupiter is going to make a sextile with Pluto as well.

In my opinion we’re now still in the part of the conjunction when Jupiter and Neptune are able to express their intention on a purely spiritual level. After that, the sextile between Jupiter and Pluto is going to bring these impulses down on the physical world.

This is because not only Pluto is still in Capricorn, a very grounded, down to Earth sign; but also because Pluto is the planet of Cosmic Willing. We are going to talk about it in a dedicated article when we’re also going to tackle the second stellium in Pisces, featuring Venus and Mars.

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