Jupiter in Pisces 2022 — Harmony of Cosmic Thinking, Feeling and Willing

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During these Holy Nights Jupiter, the Great Benefic, crosses again the threshold of his nocturnal domicile. Through Pisces, the Sign of the Father, the doors of the Spirit open wide. And in dark times, new possibilities are given to humanity.

On December 29, Jupiter enters back to Pisces. We have already explored its significations when it entered the sign for the first time in May 2021. Here are some.

Spiritual impulses, faith in the future, trusting others. Improved sense of belonging to humanity, blossoming in Universal Love and Compassion. Wisdom springing from life experience, by processing and understanding what happened in the past.

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Abundance coming from a full life. Unveiling of spiritual realities that fills our hearts through mystical experiences, a leap of faith towards higher realities. Romantic impulses thriving in inspired forms of creativity through Art. Moral values of a real, renewed, universal form of Christianity. Please check my previous article to learn more about it.

But Pisces is not the only zodiac sign that Jupiter is going to visit this year. In fact, the planet will also enter Aries for a good five months.

In this article we are going to take a look at Jupiter’s journey throughout 2022. And we are also going to understand its role as Great Cosmic Harmonizer of the three members of the Soul World—cosmic Thinking, Feeling and Willing.

Jupiter in 2022
Divided between Pisces and Aries

In the picture below, you can see a graphic representation of Jupiter’s ephemeris. After entering Pisces on December 29, Jupiter is going to quickly cross the whole sign, reaching Aries on May 11, 2022.

Jupiter Ephemeris 2022

It’s going to reach 8° 42′ Aries on late July, where it’s going to turn retrograde. Jupiter retrograde is going to enter back to Pisces in late October, and after that it’s going to turn direct again at 28° 47′ Pisces in late November, to definitely leave the sign only a month later, in late December.

Here’s a list of the significant dates of this transit:

  • December 29, 2021 : Jupiter enters Pisces
  • May 11, 2022 : Jupiter enters Aries
  • July 28, 2022 : Jupiter turns retrograde at 8° 42′ Aries
  • October 28, 2022 : Jupiter enters Pisces
  • November 24, 2022 : Jupiter turns direct at 28° 47′ Pisces
  • December 20, 2022 : Jupiter enters Aries

In this article we are mainly going to focus on Jupiter’s journey for the first part of the year. In fact, as we are going to see, Jupiter in Pisces is going to greatly affect the first half of 2022 (until May 11) with beneficial influences that will bring harmony.

Jupiter in Pisces 2022
The Great Cosmic Harmonizer

Jupiter is the Great Benefic, so it comes with no surprise that—from its domicile—it’s going to help humanity. But why do we call it the Great Cosmic Harmonizer?

To answer to this question we can simply take a look at Jupiter’s transit in Pisces until May 11. As you can see in the list below, Jupiter is going to make only conjunction and sextile aspects with other planets. And since Jupiter is a dignified benefic, it’s going to help any planet it comes in touch with.

  • February  4, 2022 : Mars (8Cap02) Sextile (8Pis02) Jupiter
  • February 18, 2022 : Jupiter (11Pis13) Sextile (11Tau13) Uranus
  • March  5, 2022 : Sun (14Pis58) Conjunct (14Pis58) Jupiter
  • March 21, 2022 : Mercury (18Pis45) Conjunct (18Pis45) Jupiter
  • April 12, 2022 : Jupiter (23Pis58) Conjunct (23Pis58) Neptune
  • April 27, 2022 : Mercury (27Tau11) Sextile (27Pis11) Jupiter
  • April 30, 2022 : Venus (27Pis57) Conjunct (27Pis57) Jupiter
  • May 3, 2022 : Jupiter (28Pis35) Sextile [28Cap35] Pluto
  • May 11, 2022 : Jupiter (29Pis59) enters Aries

On top of that, we want to focus our attention on three aspects in particular: the sextile with Uranus; the conjunction with Neptune and the Sextile with Pluto. All three generational planets are going to be involved in this harmonizing process.

This is a graphical representation of the three aspects we just mentioned (highlighted in the list above):

The generational or trans-saturnian planets are very important. This because they greatly affect the collective unconscious or, as we like to call it, the Anima Mundi, the Soul World. In particular:

  • Uranus represents the Cosmic Thinking of the Soul World, ruling over Science and Technology;
  • Neptune represents the Cosmic Feeling of the Soul World, conveying every form of collective imagination;
  • Pluto represents the Cosmic Willing of the Soul World, keeping all collective instincts in the Underworld;

Let’s now take these three events, represented in the picture above, as three reference points to put the transit of Jupiter in Pisces in context with the major astrological events of the first part of the year.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus
Coming out of the Stellium in Capricorn

We saw that the first two months of 2022 are not going to be easy. This because both Venus and Mercury retrograde are going to take part in the second stellium in Capricorn, together with Pluto and Mars (four planets in total). We discussed about it in the Venus Retrograde article so check it out to learn more. We are going to talk about it again in the upcoming Mercury retrograde in-depth study.

In this regard, we said that the second stellium in Capricorn can be seen as the time of the trial. In fact both Venus and Mercury retrograde are transits that requires us to process inner issues.

If we don’t do our homework, the severity of the Capricorn will strike us. And we will have to embrace the sword of Mars (part of the stellium) to fight the clash we were unable to prevent.


From the second half of February, the stellium will start to split. On February 15 Mercury is going to enter Aquarius, leaving behind the long lasting Venus-Mars conjunction. The two cosmic lovers are going to leave Capricorn only on March 6, but here’s where Jupiter comes into play.

On February 18 Jupiter at 11° 13′ Pisces is going to make a sextile with Uranus at 11° 13′ Taurus. This is the first step in this harmonizing process which is going to involve Cosmic Thinking.

This aspect is part of a greater planetary cycle: the Jupiter-Uranus Cycle. We discussed about it this year, introducing it with the Jupiter-Uranus Square.

In the cycle, this is going to be the second sextile, which is the last aspect of the cycle itself. As such, the second sextile is always a moment of synthesis and recapitulation to prepare the seed of the new cycle.

Closing the Jupiter-Uranus Cycle

In that article, we mainly focused on Social Networks. I titled a paragraph “the end of Social Networks as we know them”, referring to the fact that things would soon change, due to the social repercussions of these tools.

Did this prediction come true? The answer is yes, considering the revolution declared by Facebook with the introduction of the metaverse. A product that, theoretically, will change the interaction on social media for the good (personally, I highly doubt it).

Mr. Zuckerberg is staking Facebook’s future on the bet that it will become real, saying that the metaverse will be a “successor to the mobile internet” — The New York Times

But also scientific research is going to benefit from this sextile. Jupiter is going to extend what its conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius has already started—a boost in scientific progress.

In general this aspect is going to give us an extra oomph to step out of the challenging second stellium in Capricorn. We also want to remember that the two stelliums in Capricorn, which started on Winter Solstice 2021, have been eased already by the appearance of Comet Leonard.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune
A New 13-Years Cycle

On April 12 Jupiter is going to reach Neptune, starting a whole new cycle. In fact if the sextile with Uranus represents the ending of a cycle, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is going to start a 13-years cycle, that is going to last until March 2035.

We are going to talk about it in a dedicated article. But in general, we can already say that this is one of the most spiritual cycles that the music of the spheres has to offer.

Being Neptune the planet of Cosmic Feeling, spiritual ideals (Jupiter in Pisces) receive a new impulse that is going to be the base for new forms of collective imagination concerning spirituality.

In other words, Jupiter is going to take from Neptune powerful inspirations to introduce in a new way spirituality into the cultural fabric of humanity. And this process is going to be aided in March by the first stellium in Pisces.

We can divide the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in two phases, which both involve a stellium. These stelliums are very similar to those in Capricorn. This because the first features Mercury and the Sun, together with Jupiter and Neptune. The second, Mars and Venus, joining Jupiter and Neptune. Let’s take a look at the first one (see the picture below).

March 17th, 2022
First Stellium in Pisces

First Stellium in Pisces

The first stellium in Pisces starts on March 10, with Mercury entering the sign, joining the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune. The stellium is going to last until the Spring Equinox (Sun in Aries). On March 27, Mercury will also enter Aries.

This cluster of planets is going to give an extra oomph to Pisces water energies, and it’s going to function as a launching pad for the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, that’s going to perfect on April 12.

Interpreting the conjunction is very simple. All you need to do is taking the Jupiter in Pisces significations we listed in the introduction, and strengthening them. In general they are very positive, however we have to also give a contraindication.

Jupiter tends to expand and exaggerate all things it touches. In normal circumstances, the conjunction is good. However, we might also experience some emotional turbulence due to the nature of Pisces.

We might be feeling good, but emotionally sensitive as well. Nothing bad, per se. But it might get in the way if we need to be focused and get things done. Pisces energy can be really messy.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto
Second Stellium in Pisces

If the first stellium in Pisces introduced us to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, the second walks us out of it. In fact the second half of April will feature Neptune passing the torch to Pluto, giving way to the Jupiter-Pluto sextile. But let’s see the second stellium first.

On April 15, Mars is going to enter Pisces, joining Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. This cluster of planets is extremely benefic. Venus in Pisces is in exaltation, and it’s all about universal love and compassion—very elevated spiritual virtues.

For this reason, the Jupiter-Venus-Neptune triple conjunction is something you don’t want to miss (see picture below).

APril 27th, 2022
Second Stellium in Pisces WITH THE MOON

The last Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Pisces took place in February 2010, but Neptune was still in Aquarius. This triple conjunction is a very rare phenomenon, and we won’t be able to see it again in this life.

The Jupiter-Pluto Cycle

On May 3, the Jupiter-Pluto sextile is going to perfect, with Venus leaving Pisces at the same time. In other words the Jupiter-Pluto sextile is going to reach its peak in the exact moment the stellium starts to split up.

When Jupiter touches Pluto it’s always a delicate moment. Pluto is by definition a creature of extremes.

In fact it rules the Underworld, death and rebirth, deep transformation, and everything concerning the darkest shadows of humanity. It is the planet of Cosmic Willing and for this reason it’s also the deepest component of the Soul World.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction took place in Capricorn throughout 2020. Back then, I preferred not to talk about it because simply put we were having a peak (Jupiter, expansion) of people who were crossing the threshold of death (Pluto). It’s been a dramatic scenario, because the spiritual experiences brought by Jupiter were mainly threshold experiences.

This sextile is the first step of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle started in 2020. And it is an opportunity to develop a new form of relationship with our beloved departed. In other words, the last part of Jupiter’s journey through Pisces can be dedicated to our relationship with the threshold and with those who crossed it.

Their spiritual experiences are now offered to us, processed in a new form. And through the aid of Jupiter we can bring them in our higher mind, in our meditations. In this way, we can process them again, to offer them back in a profitable exchange with the Spiritual World.

In Conclusion

On May 11, 2022 Jupiter is going to leave Pisces. As we’ve seen not only Jupiter is going to harmonize with all the planets, but in particular with the three members of the Cosmic Soul.

  • With Uranus (Thinking), it’s going to bring new opportunities for scientific research;
  • With Neptune (Feeling), it’s going to bring humanity new spiritual inspirations for the renewal of the collective imagination;
  • With Pluto (Willing), it’s going to allow us to renew our experience of the threshold, connecting us to our beloved departed, especially to those who died of covid.

This is not going to be the end of Jupiter in Pisces, though. It’s going to come back from October 28 to December 20, 2022. We are going to to talk about in a dedicated article.

Thank you very much for reading so far. As always if you enjoyed this article please subscribe to the Astronomicon Newsletter with the bar at the top of the website to receive updates and not to miss future posts about the main transits of the year. Thanks again and have a good week.

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