Jupiter in Pisces 2021 — The Relief from Tensions brought by the Great Benefic

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Nature is in full bloom. An explosion of green has quickly covered back the earth, allowing the morning dew on the leaves to open up to the Taurus Sun and to the mysteries of the ethers. The expanding warmth and light of the season witness to the unfolding of life, as the Goddess crosses her garden. Venus makes the land fertile through her touch, as Jupiter is about to bless the heavens from above.

On May 13th the Good Father of the Skies announces his temporary return in Pisces, his nocturnal celestial domicile. A place from which vivid images full of life stream down to the Earth—source of inspiration for the Arts since ancient times.

So what does Jupiter in Pisces mean? Why is this transit just momentary? Let’s tackle this topic now, trying to get a bigger picture of the fundamental spiritual impulse it brings.

Jupiter enters Pisces 2021, Nature in bloom
Original Photo by Jake Fagan on Unsplash

Jupiter and Pisces Archetypes

If we want to understand the game of the Archetypes, the living thought-forces emanated by the planets, we need to grasp how their significations combine. In fact each Hermetic Art, such as Astrology, reveals itself as a form of Combinatorial Art. So if we want to deepen the meanings of Jupiter in Pisces, we need to look at the living ideas emanated by both.


  • Expansion
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Confidence
  • Higher Knowledge
  • Life Experience
  • Wisdom
  • Community
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Abundance


  • Universal Love
  • Compassion
  • Leap of Faith
  • Seeds for the Future
  • Christianity & Sacrifice
  • Mysticism
  • Clairvoyance
  • Escapism
  • Creative Chaos
  • Romanticism

Above we have two lists of significations. But please don’t look at them as simple, schematic lists of meanings. Try instead to grasp the invisible links between the concepts. Take for example the Jupiter list. How does Wisdom relate to Confidence? How does Faith relate to Higher Knowledge? The essence of the Archetypes dwells in the space between thoughts.

And if you pause with your mind between two concepts, that are apparently distant from each other, you can experience an intuition, a subtle force that unites them. You’ll then have the inner experience of the Archetype of Jupiter, manifesting through a quick and subtle intuition of the mind.

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Jupiter in Pisces Meaning

By combining the significations above, we can answer to the question: what does Jupiter in Pisces mean? The possible combinations of the significations are potentially endless. They flow easily like in a stream of inspiration, giving birth to a plethora of ideas. Let’s see some of them to better understand what we mean here.

Spiritual impulses, faith in the future, trusting others. Improved sense of belonging to humanity, blossoming in Universal Love and Compassion. Wisdom springing from life experience, by processing and understanding what happened in the past. Abundance coming from a full life. Unveiling of spiritual realities that fills our hearts through mystical experiences, a leap of faith towards higher realities. Romantic impulses thriving in inspired forms of creativity through Art. Moral values of a real, renewed, universal form of Christianity.

Give it a try. Try to look at the two lists, to see what happens in your mind. New ideas are going to show up. The creative power of the Archetypes can manifest in anybody. Does anything come to your mind? Write it down in the comments below.

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Jupiter in Pisces 2021 Aspects

What is Jupiter in Pisces going to bring? In general all the significations that we derived above represent the ideas that are going to manifest in the world during the two months stay of Jupiter in Pisces. However we also want to look at the aspects Jupiter is going to make with other planets. In fact this is going to tell us whether the event is going to fit nicely with the overall cosmic environment.

We can see that only right after the entrance, and just before the exit of Jupiter from the sign, we are going to find dissonant aspects with other planets. I am referring to the square with the Sun on May 21st and the opposition with Venus on July 22nd. The rest of the aspects are harmonious and all very good. Mercury, Venus and the Sun will make trines with Jupiter from Cancer, supporting him.

  • May 13th, 2021: Jupiter enters Pisces
  • May 21st, 2021: Sun at 0° 46′ Gemini Square Jupiter at 0° 46′ Pisces
  • June 4th, 2021: Venus at 1° 44′ Cancer Trine Jupiter at 1° 44′ Pisces
  • June 23rd, 2021: Sun at 2° 10′ Cancer Trine Jupiter at 2° 10′ Pisces
  • July 12th, 2021: Mercury at 1° 24′ Cancer Trine Jupiter at 1° 24′ Pisces
  • July 22nd, 2021: Venus at 0° 36′ Virgo Opposition Jupiter at 0° 36′ Pisces
  • July 28th, 2021: Jupiter enters back Aquarius

What’s interesting here is that immediately after Jupiter leaving Pisces, we are going to have on July 31st a very bad configuration. The Sun in conjunction with Mercury is going to close in a T-Square the Saturn Uranus Square. At the same time, Mars is going to be in opposition to Jupiter.

This is very important to point out since it seems that Jupiter in Pisces is going to ease down all the tensions that have been building up during these months. But immediately after its stay in Pisces, they are going to receive a push. On one hand from Mercury and the Sun, closing the T-Square; on the other by Mars in opposition to Jupiter.

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Jupiter in Pisces 2021 Retrograde Motion

Below you can find some dates relative to the the Jupiter’s retrograde motion.

  • When will Jupiter enter Pisces? Jupiter is going to enter Pisces on May 13th 2021 (or on the 14th, it depends on your location). This transit is going to last for only a couple of months due to the retrograde motion of the planet.
  • When will Jupiter in Pisces get retrograde? Jupiter is going to get retrograde at 2° 11′ Pisces on June 20th, 2021. This means that after roughly a month its ingress in Pisces, Jupiter is going to stop and reverse its course.
  • When will Jupiter enter Aquarius again? Jupiter retrograde is going to enter back Aquarius on July 28th, 2021. As you can see Jupiter needs roughly the same amount of time to get back to Aquarius.
  • When will Jupiter get direct again? Jupiter retrograde is going to get direct at 22° 19′ Aquarius on October 18th, 2021. Jupiter’s journey through Aquarius is about to end in a couple of months.
  • When will Jupiter definitely enter Pisces? Jupiter is going to definitely enter Pisces on December 29th, 2021. It is going to stay mainly in this sign during 2022, where we are going to see him entering Aries as well for some months.
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Jupiter in Pisces 2021 Astrocartography

Astrology is the Art of Beginnings. This means that the sky at the beginning of an event describes the potential of the event itself down on the Earth. Through Astrocartography we can see where in the world, at the very moment of the entrance of Jupiter in Pisces, the planet is going to be on one of the angles: Ascendant (AC), Midheaven (MC), Descendant and Imum Coeli.

Here’s the Astrocartography chart:

Astrocartography for MAY 13TH, 2021 AT 22:36 UTC — JUPITER ENTERS PISCES
Astrocartography — Jupiter enters PisceS 2021
MAY 13TH, 2021 AT 22:36 UTC

The Great Benefic is going to bless the sky with its influence mainly on the four lines you can see in the picture above. Of course to see how specifically it is going to affect every single country we should check the Nation’s Natal Chart in order to understand in which astrological house the transit is manifesting. We should also take into account the major transits a country is subject to during these months.

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  1. Dear Rob
    About Jupiter and Pisces I experienced a day of being totally in love (with nothing or nobody in particular) just before May 13th
    Thanks as always for your clear and inspiring articles

  2. Wow! That’s amazing.. it really reminded me about a spiritual practice called “heartfulness”, where you try to evoke in you the feeling of being in love without focusing on any particular object of your love

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