Jupiter in Aries 2022 and its Aspects with Pluto and Mars

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Jupiter is the planet of spiritual wisdom. In the first months of 2022 we discussed about his journey through Pisces, his nocturnal domicile. We’ve been talking about the harmonizing effect that the Great Benefic has tried to bring tirelessly to the world. Was his impulse for compassion enough to awaken our consciousness?

Monogrammist IB – Jupiter, 1528, Rijksmuseum

Now it looks like the tide is about to turn. Too many astrological events are converging. The eclipses are going to start soon, right during the second Mercury retrograde period. And on May 11, Jupiter is going to leave Pisces, staying in Aries until late November.

But what happens when the planet of Wisdom enters the zodiac sign of the Warrior during such a turbulent time? Let’s take a look at the general meaning of Jupiter in Aries.

Jupiter in Aries Meaning

So what does Jupiter in Aries mean? Ideals of strength and sense of belonging to the warrior caste. Moral integrity, sense of honor, oriental philosophies linked to martial arts. Confidence in one’s own strength, excess of strength, explosive enthusiasm. Awakening of conscience through conflict. Wars of religion and fanaticism. In philosophy, Fichte’s Absolute Idealism.

Jupiter expands everything it touches. And in Aries it can rely on a massive amount of raw fire energy. In times of war a boost of warrior energy isn’t quite ideal, is it?

In his journey through Pisces we’ve been talking about Jupiter as the Great Cosmic Harmonizer. We’ve already tackled the Jupiter-Uranus sextile and the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in previous posts (see chart below). We’re now going to talk about the Jupiter-Pluto sextile to complete the picture.

Jupiter sextile Pluto

If Uranus is the planet of Cosmic Thinking and Neptune of Cosmic Feeling, Pluto introduces the topic of Cosmic Willing. This means that if Jupiter’s influence has been mainly internal during the first months it is now going to turn direction, outwardly.

Jupiter 2022 aspects with the generational planets and mars

As you can see in the chart above (red arrows) Jupiter is making a sextile with Pluto between April and May. In addition, in late May Mars is going to enter Aries, conjoining Jupiter in his zodiac sign.

Pluto and Mars are both masculine planets that represent the Will. Mars represents the personal, individual will, whereas Pluto is his higher octave, being the Cosmic or Collective Will.

So the main question here is: are we going to bring outwardly, through our will, Jupiter’s inner inspirations of thinking and feeling? Or will this warrior energy rather fuel illusions and outward conflicts?

Half of the Jupiter-Pluto sextile (the applying part) mainly occurs with Jupiter still in Pisces, being Pluto at 28° Capricorn. The other half of it (the separating part) takes place mainly when Jupiter is in Aries. This means that we really have the opportunity to bring Jupiter’s inspirations out of the inner dimension, out in the material world.

The Jupiter-Pluto Cycle
and our departed loved ones during the Pandemic

Another very important aspect of the Jupiter-Pluto sextile is its relationship with the pandemic. In 2020 Jupiter and Pluto went through a very long conjunction that lasted for almost the entire year.

This conjunction brought a sudden expansion (Jupiter in Capricorn) of the number of human souls who crossed the threshold of death (Pluto). All the wisdom and experience that they went through, crossing together the threshold is now going to be available to us.

We are still a long way from achieving a society inspired by the voice of the souls living beyond the threshold. Still, there are moments in time when we can tune in with the stream of guidance and help that comes from them, and I do believe that now is one of those moments.

The Jupiter-Mars Conjunction

The Jupiter-Mars conjunction is in my opinion the most delicate transit of the whole month. Eclipse season one is going to trigger a lot of astral forces. And we’ve already discussed about the role of mars as activator of the first eclipse. In this regard we’ve pointed out a time window that goes from mid July to early August.

However, since the conjunction is going to perfect on May 29th, just a day before the new moon in Gemini, I’d like to add the time window that goes from late May to early June as a possible period for the release of the eclipses energy.

Mars as activator of eclipse season one forces:

  • From late May to early June;
  • From mid July to early August;

Jupiter in Aries Dates

Here’s a list of useful dates to follow Jupiter’s journey throughout the year:

  • Friday February 4 : Mars ( 8Cap02) Sextile ( 8Pis02) Jupiter
  • Friday February 18 : Jupiter (11Pis13) Sextile (11Tau13) Uranus [read more]
  • Tuesday April 12 : Jupiter (23Pis58) Conjoins (23Pis58) Neptune [read more]
  • Wednesday  May 4 : Jupiter (28Pis35) Sextile [28Cap35] Pluto
  • Wednesday May 11 : Jupiter enters Aries
  • Sunday May 29 : Mars ( 3Ari19) Conjoins ( 3Ari19) Jupiter
  • Friday July 29 : Jupiter turns retrograde at 8Ari43
  • Thursday September 1 : Mars ( 6Gem49) Sextile [ 6Ari49] Jupiter
  • Friday October 28 : Jupiter enters Pisces
  • Thursday November 24 : Jupiter turns direct at 28Pis47
  • Tuesday December 20 : Jupiter enters Aries

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