Grand Trine of Air 2022 — Balancing the Saturn-Uranus Square

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The Sun is about to enter Libra—the zodiac sign of equilibrium. As the amount of darkness is slowly catching up with that of sunlight, and the days are getting shorter and shorter, a fascinating configuration is slowly aligning in the sky. And under the auspices of Libra, it is going to bring the celestial tensions to balance out during the month of October.

In this article we are going to talk about the Grand Trine of Air that is going to take place in mid October. In particular, we are going to deepen the role of Mars, as well as the way it is going to affect the Saturn-Uranus square. A configuration which is going to reach soon the peak of its latest wave.

Grand Trine of Air 2022
The Role of Mars Retrograde

In a previous article we’ve discussed about Mars retrograde in Gemini. The God of War is going to stay in the sign for roughly 7 months. And if we take a look at that transit, we can see that’s going to perform two trines with Saturn in Aquarius. We want to focus now on the first trine (green arrow below) that’s going to take place between September and October


Since this transit is happening in October the Sun is going to be in Libra, closing the trine in a Great Trine of Air, made by:

  • Mars in Gemini
  • Saturn in Aquarius
  • Sun in Libra (+Venus)

On top of that, Venus is going to join the Sun in her sign on September 30. The two are going to form a long conjunction lasting for most of October. In the picture below you can see the Great Trine taking place on October 15.

Grand Trine of Air
October 15, 2022
Grand Trine of Air
balancing the Saturn-Uranus Square

As you can see from the chart, all the trines (in green) taking place in mid October are going to balance out the Saturn-Uranus Square (in red). The square is not going to perfect this time, but it’s going to be so close to form a partile aspect anyway (occurring on the same degree). At its peak, Uranus at 18°16 Taurus is going to square Saturn at 18°53′ Aquarius on October 4.

Grand Trine of Air 2022 Meaning

The Saturn-Uranus square represents tensions between governments (Saturn) and the people (Uranus) concerned with the environment, natural resources, and money (Taurus). Obviously this square is referring to the issues introduced by the war concerning the procurement of natural resources. Above all, gas. But we don’t want to forget the global food crisis and the food inflation.

Mars is going to support (by trine) the governments (Saturn). In Gemini, he’s going to do it through media and communication, if not with propaganda. The Sun and Venus are going to bring forces of compromise (Libra), taking advantage also by the process introduced by Mercury retrograde in the same sign. In fact in that article we discussed how Mercury was basically questioning by opposition the warrior mindset represented by Jupiter in Aries.

On top of that a friend of mine pointed out to me that most of the planets (6/10) are retrograde at the moment. Meaning that the sky tendency is to slow down, especially having Mars retrograde as well.

We don’t want to forget though that people’s concerns, represented by Uranus in Taurus, were triggered by the first eclipse season. Both the eclipses involved Uranus and Saturn, even though in different ways. This means that although the Great Trine of Air is definitely going to stabilize the overall social situation in early fall, we can expect it to get worse with eclipse season two.

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  1. Dear Roberto,
    I am wondering about still calling Mars the God of War since 1604 when, according to Rudolf Steiner Buddha became Regent there at the request of Christian Rosencreutz. I think this is related to the development of the 16 petal lotus too? Best wishes and thank you for your work. Frances

    • Hey Frances,
      absolutely: Mars is related to the 16 petal chakra. I wrote an article about Chakras and Planets at this link, where I focus on petals number and planetary movement:

      My take on the matter is that the operation you mentioned moved outer conflict to the inner dimension of the human being. So now Mars can potentially be a God of Peace, but not because conflict is removed: that’s impossible on Earth (at least for now). Conflict can be withhold, and the spiritual experience of this gesture is the encounter with the little guardian of the threshold.

      If inner conflict is not dealt with, it becomes external conflict. Now we can ask: how many people are dealing with their inner issues, fighting with their double, and making Mars a god of (exterior) peace? How many instead are pointing the finger?

      • Thank you for your reply Roberto. I appreciate it, and will reflect on it. I think I see what you mean when you say, the spiritual experience of the gesture of Conflict being withheld is (?) the encounter with the little guardian of the threshold, ( I hope I am understanding you rightly), although I wonder whether the outer action which appears in the World as ‘Conflict’ needs to be withheld, or whether it is the inner ‘charge’ that may be attached to it which is the important thing.
        I wonder if you are familiar with Steiner’s lecture on the Trojan War and whether you see the Goddess Eris who he mentions as in any way referable to the discovery of the so called ‘Dwarf Planet’ Eris in 2005 (?) and do you ever consider Eris in a chart?

        • When you hold the conflict inside of you, instead of expressing it outside, you begin the battle with one of your doubles (or Doppelgängers).

          You start recognizing it, and you need to deal with it, learning how to love it and transform it. In this regard, the battle is now inside, not outside. If we don’t do it we project inner conflict outside.

          If we take this little experience (we all have it) to the extreme, then we can picture the encounter with the Little Guardian of the Threshold.

          I’m sorry, but I am not familiar with that lecture, and I don’t use Eris in a Natal Chart :)

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