Forecast Consultation – Transits

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will
direct your life and you will call it fate”
— C.G. Jung

As we discussed in the Natal Consultation page, our Natal Chart is a representation of the sky at the moment of our birth. This moment holds in itself the potential of our whole life on Earth, so we’ve compared it to a seed fallen from the sky.

But when will the seed sprout from the ground? When is our potential going to fully manifest? There is no simple answer to that question. In fact our potential is divided into different parts (family, career, relationships, etc.) that express themselves at different moments of our life.

If you think about it, life is made of chapters. We close one, we start the next. For example, we may have been focusing on our career for a bunch of years, but now we feel the need of putting our family first. Or, now that our children are grown up, we may feel like traveling again around the world.

In Astrology, all forecasting techniques aim to answer to when and which part of our potential awakens. You can think of the planets transiting in the sky as triggers, activating a part, a potential in our chart represented by our natal planets. Natal planets are fixed; transiting planets come and go.

For this reason is fundamental to get to know our Natal Chart first (you can read more about Natal Consultation here). In fact if we don’t know ourselves, if we are not aware of our potential, how could we possibly understand and recognize it when it’s triggered?

When the cosmos knocks at the door, and we don’t understand its call, things get confusing. It’s like sailing: if we know our ship and understand winds and currents, we know what we need to do to go where we want. Most of things happen not to you, but through you.

Is this consultation right for me?

This consultation is addressed to all people who are on a path of self-knowledge and personal development. If you think the challenges you confront in life are requests from the Cosmos to work on yourself, to learn a lesson and to evolve, then this consultation is for you.

In our session, we are going to look first and foremost at the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on your natal chart. This will allow us to understand in which chapter of your life you currently are, and what are the main issues of your chart activated by the cosmos.

Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ON NAtal Planets
Around the year examined (2022 in the example)

As you can see in the picture above, this is going to provide us time windows from one to four years wide. Each row is a transiting (T) planet on a natal (N) planet. We are going to use them as a context for the quicker transits that are going to add up to them.

In fact the more transits a natal planet receives at the same time, the more its potential is likely to manifest. In particular we are going to focus on planets Saturn and Jupiter, which are going to provide shorter time windows (usually months) for the following year.

Transits of Jupiter and Saturn ON NAtal Planets
For the year examined (2022 in the example)

On top of that we are also going to look at the lunar nodes, to understand in which houses they are currently transiting, and to see whether an eclipse is going to affect one of your natal planets. Eclipses can determine sudden events in the area of life involved.

Apart from when Mars is retrograde, I don’t look at faster moving planets. In fact they are so fast that they affect shorter periods (a couple of weeks for Mars and the Sun, days for the quicker planets). We can take a look at them if you’re interested in specific dates.

Please note that this is not a fortune-telling session. We are going to understand which part of your life is going to be triggered or stimulated by the cosmos and how.

In this regard we can talk about forecasting. But we’re not going to give a rigid and determined prevision, by saying that specific events are going to happen in the future. Again, things happen not to you, but through you.

For ethical reasons please also note we do not deal with sensitive issues such as health and death.

How does the session take place?

The duration of the session is 60 minutes, and as a Natal Consultation it can occur in two modes:

  1. Online meeting by Zoom or
  2. Mp3 recording (no meeting)

After booking a consultation (see below) it will shortly be approved for the selected date, and you’ll receive an email with the Zoom Link for the session. If you want, with your consent the session on Zoom can be recorded so that you can watch it again later. No backup service is provided, so please keep it safe once downloaded.

For the Zoom meeting, I recommend using a computer or tablet as they have a larger screen, and it is easier to see the Natal Chart that I will share on video. Please be sure to have Zoom installed and set up on your computer or smart phone before the meeting.

If you are too busy, or the time difference makes it too difficult to make an appointment, you can choose the mp3 recording option (audio only) when filling out the form (see below). With the mp3 recording option there will be no meeting and the recording will be delivered within the day of the appointment (included).

Technical Astrological Details

No knowledge of Astrology is required, so please feel free to skip this section. However, some clients might be interested in my choice of using transits as a main predictive technique.

In fact Astrology comes with a whole bunch of techniques. In ancient times there was a hierarchy in the techniques used for forecasting, starting from Primary Directions, then using Profections and Solar Returns, and eventually transits.

Progressions (Secondary Directions) are also one of the main techniques used nowadays by astrologers, along with time-lord techniques such as Firdaria (medieval astrology) or Aphesis (Zodiacal Releasing, hellenistic astrology).

Each astrologer will choose the set of techniques that they consider the most appropriate according to their experience. But practically all astrologers will eventually look at transits as well.

If in the past transits were considered a secondary technique, used for supporting primary techniques, things have changed since the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In fact, these planets are so slow that their transits are able to provide a structure, a context for the faster transits.

This allowed transits to become a complete technique in itself. And the main application, and undeniable proof of the validity of this approach, can be found in Mundane Astrology in the works of André Barbault and Richard Tarnas.

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