Download Astrolog for macOS with X11 Graphics

In a previous article I’ve explained how to compile astrolog for macOS with X11 graphics. In fact, the application available to download from the official website doesn’t come with this option activated.

After writing the article Walter D. Pullen, the creator of Astrolog, reached out in the comments asking me to publish the precompiled binary. I am very glad to contribute spreading out this wonderful app. So here it is :)

Please before starting the application remember that it is CRITICAL to also download and install X11 from This is the first time I distribute this application so feedbacks are highly appreciated.

Please remember to download all extra files from Astrolog website as well. In the zip file you’re just going to find the application itself.

PHOTO BY Suleyman Seykan FROM Pexels

Workaround for -k special characters issue

In addition I’d like to suggest a workaround for the following issue. With -k mode on, the aspect grid in text mode is rendered with a bunch of ‘?’ characters.

This happens because -k switch mode actually turns on both colored text and special high Ascii line drawing characters that probably are not supported in macOS.

What you want to do is using the “=k _k0” switch to have colored text on, but special characters off. Just add it to your file to have it constantly working :)