Corona Virus and the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction: the situation in India

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Previously, we’ve talked about the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction for China and Italy. In this article we are going to discuss about the same issue in regards to India. We are going to focus not only on Saturn, that rules three important points related to health issues, but also on Mercury. Being in the Tenth House, Mercury activates issues related to the rule of democratic law. Let’s check it out.

Saturn-Pluto, India, Wheel
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Focus Points

As we have said in previous articles, health matters in a natal chart are triggered as follows. In order to heavily affect a nation, transiting Saturn and Pluto need to hit one or more of the following spots related to health issues:

  • Saturn, ruler of plagues;
  • Planets in the Twelfth House and Sixth House;
  • The rulers of the Twelfth and Sixth House (I use ancient rulerships).

In the natal chart of the Indian Republic, this translates to:

  • Saturn;
  • Planets in the Twelfth House and Sixth House: again, Saturn (!);
  • The rulers of the Twelfth and Sixth House: the Sun and—again—Saturn (!).

Ok, as you can see Saturn is unquestionably the main focus point here. In fact it represents three different trigger points regarding health issues. So we really need to see whether the “Great Malefic” (as it is called) has been activated or not by the transit.

Saturn-Pluto, India, Chart
Saturn-Pluto Conjunction — INDIAN REPUBLIC CHART

Saturn and Mercury

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction perfected at 22° 46′ Capricorn. In the chart of the Indian Republic, Saturn is at 18° 47′ Virgo receiving the conjunction by trine (green line in the chart). It is a wide trine, because usually for transits I use as a basis a narrow 2° orbit, extended to a maximum of 4°.

Given the situation, I don’t think it’s worth getting lost in technical subtleties. However we can gain another degree of tolerance considering that the conjunction has occurred exactly when the Sun and Mercury were joining them in a stellium. So we can extend the influence of the conjunction by another degree, being the Sun at 21° 56′ Capricorn.

That being said, here’s the planets hit by the transit:

  • Saturn at 18° 47′ Virgo by Trine (wide)
  • Mercury at 18° 40′ by Conjunction (wide)

On top of that we also need to consider that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction has occurred in the Tenth House of the Republic of India. This is important because traditionally a planet transiting in an angular house has more strength.

Repercussions on the Tenth House

Before tackling the Public Health issue, which is represented by Saturn in the Sixth, let’s talk about the Tenth House first. Not only the Saturn-Pluto conjunction has occurred in the Tenth, but Mercury—a planet in the Tenth House—has been triggered as well. The Tenth House is clearly involved, so we need to better understand what this means.

Now, in mundane astrology the Tenth is the house of the government and the international reputation of a country. This means that the conjunction is affecting the government and the political power of the parliament. This is expected, since this pandemic has been a challenge for any government so far. But specifically, what impact is it having on the government?

Democracy at Risk

We can’t deny that Saturn and Pluto together, are capable of bringing an extreme energy of control. This control can easily become a form of repression that can lead—in the worst case scenario—to a totalitarian regime. In the best case, to a temporary limitation (or suspension) of the democratic rule of law.

Let’s take for example the case of Hungary. In order to face the pandemic, on April 1st the parliament gave extraordinary powers to Viktor Orbán’s government, that have now become de facto unchecked both in terms of duration and content. In simple terms, Hungary is now a regime.

Personally, I don’t follow Indian politics very much but this topic doesn’t seem to be new. What I can do is just giving an astrological interpretation of the Saturn-Pluto conjunctions in regards to the government. And these energies combined talk about an increasing form of control and repression. For this reason it is reasonable to say that democracy is severely tested.

Communication and People Exodus

Mercury is the planet of communication, short trips and deliveries. In the Indian Republic chart is also the ruler of the Third House, that represents streets, the railway and the highway systems of a nation, as well as media and newspapers.

So not only the media could be affected by restrictions that go hand in hand with what we said in the previous paragraph. But the communication of the government (Mercury in the tenth) could also be—to put it mildly—not so effective.

Let’s take for example the exodus of poor people following the government measures. India is facing one of the biggest lockdowns of the world, with more than 100 million people involved. But the measures taken are already failing because of the struggle to find food. Millions have lost their job and the lockdown seems to be out of control, with people flooding in the streets (Mercury).

Public Health Issues

In the chart of the Indian Republic, Saturn is in the Sixth House. As we have seen it also rules the Twelfth, hence is represents hospitals and the health care system more than any other planet of the chart.

Alas, Saturn is a challenging planet. It is the planet of restrictions, poverty, lack. It is also in Virgo, the sign of medicine and doctors. Simply put, as we all know, India doesn’t have a public health care system strong enough to face the pandemic—especially in the countryside.

We don’t need astrology to understand that the situation is dramatic. What we can say, is that being transiting Saturn in trine with the radix Saturn India has reached the first trine of the current Saturn cycle (that lasts roughly 30 years).

This means that the pandemic might be the opportunity to restructure the national health system as many other countries are doing. Let’s hope for the best.

In Conclusion

This analysis is only taking the Saturn-Pluto conjunction into account. Of course, many other important transits are taking place this year for India. We are going to leave them as open questions for the sake of this article, but we can briefly see a couple of them.

An interesting transit is Uranus in conjunction to the radix Moon (which started in 2019), squaring radix Sun. In such a situation, this transit could scale easily in a revolution (Uranus) because the masses, ruled by the Moon, are triggered in this sense. Especially if—as we have said—the government is handling the situation with repressive methods.

On top of that, transiting Neptune is in opposition to radix Saturn. As we all know hospitals are facing real chaos due to corona virus and we can expect the same for India. This because hospitals are represented by Saturn, whereas Neptune (in the Twelfth) always brings chaos, mutations and metamorphosis. We all hope for the good.

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