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For in the matter of the age-divisions of mankind​ in general there is
one and the same approach, which for likeness and comparison
depends upon the order of the seven planets
— Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos

The Natal Chart is a representation of the sky at the moment of our birth. A moment that holds in itself the potential of our entire life on Earth. That potential unfolds itself across our earthly existence slowly, showing the different facets of our being. But why do we come into existence specifically with that potential?

Anthroposophy teaches us that the moment of our birth is a reflection, a synthesis, of the soul journey in the prenatal world—the spiritual world we descend from prior to our birth. Our spiritual being, our “I”, descends from the heights of the Cosmos down to Earth, collecting from each heaven both the gifts and the challenges that we are called to develop and confront in this life.

From the remote regions of the star world, we cross the sky of Saturn, then that of Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. There we meet the spiritual hierarchies that weave our karma, and that imprint it and summarize it in a single instant—the moment of our birth.

We can think of Biography Work as the development of our Natal Chart through time. In Anthroposophy, this development is divided in septennia—seven-year time periods. Each septennium grows and develops one of the members of the human being, whose forces are represented by the planets.

  • Development of the Body [0-21 years]
    • Moon — Physical Body [0-7 years]
    • Mercury — Etheric Body [7-14 years]
    • Venus — Astral Body [14-21 years]
  • Development of the Soul [21-42 years]
    • Sun — Sentient Soul [21-28 years]
    • Sun — Rational Soul [28-35 years]
    • Sun — Conscious Soul [35-42 years]
  • Development of the Spirit  [42-63 years]
    • Mars — Spiritual Self [42-49 years]
    • Jupiter — Life Spirit [49-56 years]
    • Saturn — Spirit Man [56-63 years]

Being an Astrologer and Astrosopher, my approach is to focus mainly on two aspects of the biography:

  1. Main Transits of the Septennium, in particular those of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto;
  2. Planetary Cycles (Planet Returns) completing on the Septennium:

As we’ve described in the Forecast Consultation page, transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto divide our life in chapters during which specific areas of our life are triggered. In the picture below you can see an example of the transits covering a whole septennium:

Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
Over a Septennium

This method of inquiry allows us to focus on the reconstruction of the main events of a septennium, thanks to the indications provided by the transits. On top of that, we’re going to take into account the so called Planet Returns, using planetary cycles as key moments of the biography.

Stages of the First Cycle of Saturn
The Main steps are the two squares and the Opposition

In the picture above you can see a picture of one of the planetary cycles we are going to use (first cycle of Saturn in the example). Each session is going to take into account the cycles that are part of the septennium considered. Here’s some examples:

  • First Septennium: the Cycle of Saturn, whose stages last approximately 7 years, and can be used to introduce/divide each septennium.
  • Second Septennium: the Cycle of Jupiter, a 12-year rhythm that describes the expansion of the soul in terms of knowledge and new experiences. We’re also going to look at the Cycle of the Lunar Nodes, which focuses on 9-year half cycles.
  • Third Septennium: the Cycle of Uranus, whose stages last approximately 21 years, closing a sequence of three septennia which represent the development of Body, Soul and Spirit.

How does the session take place?

The duration of the session is 60 minutes, during which we are going to cover the analysys of one septennium. Biography Work extends to multiple meetings (one septennium at a time), and can be tackled with the pace that you feel is the most suitable for you.

Unlike Natal or Forecast Consultations, the session can take place only in an online meeting on Zoom (no recordings). This is because the reconstruction of the main events of the septennium requires your full participation and memory.

In this regard, it is highly recommended to prepare for the meeting by reconstructing the main events of the past. This especially in the case of the first two septennia which are the most difficult to remember.

After booking a consultation (see below) it will shortly be approved for the selected date, and you’ll receive an email with the Zoom Link for the session. If you want, with your consent the session on Zoom can be recorded so that you can watch it again later. No backup service is provided, so please keep it safe once downloaded.

For the Zoom meeting, I recommend using a computer or tablet as they have a larger screen, and it is easier to see the Natal Chart that I will share on video. Please be sure to have Zoom installed and set up on your computer or smart phone before the meeting.

Is this consultation right for me?

This consultation is addressed to all people who are on a path of self-knowledge and personal development, that are already familiar with some notions of Anthroposophy. An in-depth knowledge of Anthroposophy is not required, but it is helpful to already have some basics.

In each session we are going to focus on a septennium, in order to see how your life potential has unfolded through it. We’re also going to talk about the development of the different members of the human being and the way they interact with each other.

Biography Work allows us to understand how the forces of the Body (physical, etheric and astral body) are transformed into the forces of the Soul (sentient, rational and conscious soul), and finally made to blossom in the Spirit (spiritual self, life spirit, spirit man).

Please note that this is not a Forecast Consultation (click the link to learn more) because we are going to deal with the past. This is not a psychotherapy session.

Technical Astrological Details

No knowledge of Astrology is required, so please feel free to skip this section. However, some clients might be interested in the relationship between Astrology and Biography Work.

As we said, Biography Work can be thought as the development of our Natal Chart through time. Each septennium is strongly related to a planet, since the forces of the human member developed in it are expressed through the corresponding planetary force.

The main relationship we can find between Biography Work (as a framework) and Astrology are the so called Time-Lord techniques. These techniques associate a specific period of time (a year, or several years) with a planet, which become its lord.

In practical terms, transits involving a planet become more important during the septennium it rules. For this reason the Moon, which represents our inner child, is particularly important during the first septennium. Or the forces of Mercury, the planet of movement and the intellect, are inherently embedded during the development of the etheric body, taking place during the second septennium.

In the last chapter of the Tetrabiblos called “Of the Division of Times”, Ptolemy gives a similar scheme which slightly differs from that used in Biography Work for planets from the Moon to the Sun, but it changes considerably for the outer planets.

  • Moon, 0-4 years (+4)
  • Mercury, 4-14 years (+10)
  • Venus, 14-22 years (+8)
  • Sun, 22-41 years (+19)
  • Mars, 41-56 (+15)
  • Jupiter, 56-68 (+12)
  • Saturn, 68-death

The idea however is basically the same, and refers to the association between the planets and the forces we can attribute to a specific age.

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