The Signs


Element Earth
Mode Fixed
Ruler Venus
Exaltation Moon 3
Triplicity Venus [daytime] and Moon [night]
Ptolemaic terms Venus 8 Mercury 15 Jupiter 22 Saturn 26 Mars 30
Decans (Faces) Mercury 10 Moon 20 Saturn 30
Detriment Mars and Pluto

In the Aries we have burned our energies, struggling to survive or prove ourselves worthy. In the Taurus we can finally rest, calm down and restore them. The lush greenery of cultivated fields—the abundance of the Earth—is all around us, at hand. We feel safe in our territory and we can finally enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Venus‘ domicile gives the sign an exquisitely hedonistic temper. Taurus loves to dwell on good perfumes, items pleasant to the touch, and beautiful artworks. But above all, he loves good food and good company. In fact his task in the economy of the universe is to ensure to always have stocks of water, food, etc.—anything that can recharge running low batteries.

A bull and a Cow as symbols of the Taurus

The main goal here is to create a sense of stability and security by achieving a state of abundance, which literally means having more than enough. We meet our primary needs—represented by the Moon‘s exaltation—completely. The goddess Artemis—diaphanous her skin—runs in the woods freely, hunting at night in the moonlight.

The “fixed earth” of this sign may be steady, but it also has to be material—touchable, in a way. Even though money can provide us all we need, it’s not enough. Taurus wants to feel and touch his stuff with his own hands (even sniff it, sometimes). And for this reason he tends to be a hoarder. The detriment of Pluto prevents him from throwing away unnecessary things (especially if beautiful), because he thinks that sooner or later they may come in handy.

In addition, Taurus doesn’t like changes because they may jeopardize its security. He tends to entrench himself in familiar things and opinions. He is a creature of habit, after all. This is why this sign seems lazy and stubborn so often. But the truth is that—like all earth signs—Taurus are hard workers. They are easily judged because they prefer to enjoy what they’re doing (Venus) rather than showing others they’re doing their job. We must admit that Mars‘ exile may also turn into a form of listlessness, so the accusation of laziness is not entirely unfounded. However, its main effect is to make Taurus uncompetitive, and with a fundamental lack of both leadership and protagonism.


Key Words

  • Earth, security, stability, inertia, laziness, stubbornness,
  • Nature, fields, woods, forests, wilderness, fertility, gardening,
  • stocks, wealth, abundance, money, welfare, material things, artworks,
  • food, taste, neck, throat, cooking, parties, feasts, banquets,
  • pleasure, sensuality, enjoyment, satisfaction, contentment,
  • care, companionship, love, sex, Beltane

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