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Element Water
Mode Fixed
Rulers Mars and Pluto
Triplicity Mars
Ptolemaic terms MarsJupiter 14 Venus 21 Mercury 27  Saturn 30
Decans (Faces) Mars 10 Sun 20 Venus 30
Detriment Venus
Fall Moon

The Scorpio is the twilight of the year. The sun creepily glows in red sunsets and we can feel all around us a subtle atmosphere of death and power. It is no coincidence that the festivals of the dead fall under this sign. Most of the vigorous life force of summer is now dying, reminding us that everything changes and turns.

The Scorpio intuitively knows that from death comes life, and his vital instincts follow fearless that conviction. Obviously, this is not to say that the natives have suicidal tendencies;  we can rather say that Scorpios are often attracted by risks and dangers. The truth is that they are not as scared of death as the other signs. This because they can see the glimmer of life beyond it.

While Mars gives the natives a daring nature, they owe their conception of death to Pluto. The latter is in fact more dominant here than the former (whereas the opposite is true in the Aries). Those traits combined create a personality very intrigued by mysteries and secrets. Death is after all just a veil, and so are normal appearances. Scorpio are aware that people are most of the times driven by hidden desires they don’t want to admit to themselves.

A twilight as a symbol for the Scorpio

Since ancient times those primordial emotions are, and always be the same: fear, anxiety, adrenaline, sexual desire, rage, disdain, envy, vanity, pride, etc. As emotions that never change, they are “fixed water”. They are part of human nature, most often pushed back into the shadow aspect of the psyche. As a water sign, the Scorpio wants to feel all their intensity and energy because he knows that’s the only way to reconnect to their power. In doing so, the danger of getting entangled in the darkness is real. Nevertheless, he descends into the depths of the underworld—the body—to release their nature and transform himself.

We have to understand that this psychological filth makes us do things that are not necessarily bad. Envy for example forces us to confront others, so we can find ourselves; rage wants us to make justice; anxiety, to take care of things; sexual desire, to be interested in others; disdain, to build boundaries, and so on. The Scorpio understands that the shadow can be your ally—you just have to listen. Saying something like “you must not be envious” or “feeling anger is wrong” simply doesn’t make any sense to a Scorpio.

The exile of Venus, goddess of pleasure and balance, is mainly due to the tendency of the sign to deal with unpleasant things in extreme ways. In addition, their reckless way of taking risks goes against their emotional needs, symbolically represented by the fall of the Moon. However, being Scorpio a water sign familiar with the energies of the unconscious, this debility is not always so serious. It mainly depends on the maturity of the individual.

In regards to the social implications of Scorpio’s energies, we can say they’re basically similar to the meanings of the eighth house. Money is the underground energy of transformation of our society, especially the financial aspect (opposite to the personal money of the second house). This liquidity flows in the market, creating all the games of power we are all familiar with.


Key Words

  • Water, fixed, emotions, putrefaction, depths, darkness, death
  • unconscious, secrets, taboos, deceits, lies, manipulation
  • money, finance, power, transformation, integration,
  • intensity, extremes, risks, danger, rashness, adrenaline
  • courage, awareness, acceptance, purification, rebirth

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