The Signs


Element Fire
Mode Mutable
Rulers Jupiter and Neptune
Triplicity Sun [daytime] and Jupiter [night]
Ptolemaic terms Jupiter 8 Venus 14 Mercury 19 Saturn 25 Mars 30
Decans (Faces) Mercury 10 Moon 20 Saturn 10
Detriment Mercury

The night has come. The force of individuality—represented by daylight—steps aside in favor of the community life—represented by night time. Surrounded by darkness, men feel the urge to join together, waiting around the fire for the birth of the new Sun. Full of nostalgia, they decorate houses and streets with lights as they sing for him along the roads. This waiting is what makes the atmosphere of Christmas so magical.

Sagittarius is the sign of the Spiritual Fire. It is a kind of fire that gently incubates the human souls—developing their true nature. For this reason their inner life force leads them to look afar, expanding their horizon and mature. The main goal here is to develop in their soul true Wisdom. Through their knowledge, experience and sense of confidence they grow into mature individuals capable of building and guiding a community. For this reason Sagittarius are so talkative, sociable and charismatic. They are designed for community life.

They can make experience and grow in many different ways. For example, they are great travelers; on their journeys they have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and take the best from each one of them. Another way of doing that is through studying: higher education enables us to question what we take for granted and mature. Sagittarius are attracted to all that is far and deep, literally and metaphorically.

A candle as a symbol for the inner light of the Sagittarius

Jupiter‘s domicile in the sign is easily recognizable. They are friendly and trusting people, as well as great optimists. It’s their self-confidence to allow them to travel so thoughtlessly, because if they examined situations realistically they probably wouldn’t go anywhere. The detriment of Mercury prevents them to overanalyze (or we should say analyze). They simply leave, minimizing both worries and risks. In addition, Neptune‘s rulership gives the sign an adventurous restlessness; it also allows them to easily confront diversity and foreign ways of thinking.

Once they’ve learned enough from life, they teach—they can’t resist it. First of all they can’t shut up for a second: they love to talk as well as the sound of their voice. Moreover, they are so confident of their experience they want to enthusiastically share it. The problem is they believe they have it all figured out. And for this reason they can be very annoying—especially if they are not asked for advice. But at the end of the day their naivety, trust and good heart will win over you.

From a social perspective the Sagittarius easily becomes a reference point for the community. As we said, they are designed for that: people feel they can put their trust on them. In addition, Sagittarius are capable leaders who can inflame people’s spirit with high ideals. That’s why they are also excellent priests. As suggested by their symbol—the centaur—their nature is complete: they have interest in material matters (the horse); a good heart (the human part); and a predisposition for a spiritual development (the arrow shot to the sky).


Key Words

  • Fire, mutable, spirit, ideals, wisdom, maturity,
  • Trust, faith, confidence, optimism, charisma, generosity
  • Traveling, experience, exploration, adventure, rashness
  • Higher education, spiritual development, philosophy, religion
  • Community, leadership, priesthood, judiciary, teaching
  • Naivety, talkativeness, enthusiasm, exaggeration

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