The Signs


Element Water
Mode Mutable
Rulers Jupiter and Neptune
Exaltation Venus
Triplicity Mars
Ptolemaic terms VenusJupiter 14 Mercury 20 Mars 26  Saturn 30
Decans (Faces) Saturn 10 Jupiter 20 Mars 30
Detriment Mercury
Fall Mercury

We have reached Pisces: the last sign of the Zodiac. In other words it is the end. The world as we know it is gone now, challenged and overwhelmed (not to say destroyed) by the power of Aquarius. We are going through the last phase of the cycle, which is always a very sensitive and nostalgic moment. It is time to look back and make a synthesis of what has been happening. By doing so we are able to save its true essence in our memories and carry it forward, like a seed. We are getting ready for a leap of faith into the unknown.

Jupiter‘s domicile grants us the faith required to jump, and the wisdom to recognize what we must take with us. However, the most powerful planet here is Neptune, which shows us the infinite stellar depths of the cosmos as a reflection of the spiritual world. Enthralled by its vastness, we understand that everything is possible.

Since this ending world has nothing to offer but pain we retire from it. We isolate ourselves to get in touch with our soul and spirit. As a water sign, Pisces is deeply involved in the sublimation of reality through Art, fantasy and mysticism. They feel as they don’t have a skin, as if their vulnerability was exposed to the world. Still, they find their way through it and express it therapeutically. The exaltation of Venus here acts not only through Art, but also through the universal love for all creatures that share our suffering. The more we hurt the more we feel in touch with others.

A romantic sea landscape as a symbol for Pisces

The truth is that Pisceans have a natural tendency to assist the suffering, the afflicted, and the persecuted. Being a water sign they are very compassionate, as well as emotional. They are both romantic and dramatic, and sometimes they just need to disappear. This is maybe Pisces’ strangest trait because usually they are very attached to people, but at the same time they always manage to vanish into thin air, somehow. Neptune gives them also a chameleon-like ability to blend in with others. To them, it’s easy to leave and start a new life at any time.

When the Neptunian characteristics of the sign are pronounced it can be difficult to relate to them. In this case they are dreamy, restless and weird—even  geniuses sometimes—bearers of the purest form of creative chaos. They may also have prescient skills or psychic gifts, able to reveal spiritual realities. At this point, the exile and the fall of Mercury will both be easily understood.

His rational and analytical faculties are virtually non-existent here, not to mention the typically virginal attention to detail. Everything is blurred and confused, entrusted to the spiritual powers of chance and providence. Pisces replace intellectual abilities with a great adaptability, using their creativity to improvise. They are also very messy, and it’s not uncommon to find socks in the fridge or a vase of flowers used as a trash can.


Key Words

  • Water, mutable, emotions, dreams,
  • drama, romanticism, compassion, universal love,
  • fantasy, escapism, art, alcohol, drugs, addiction
  • creativity, adaptability, improvisation, genius
  • diversity, error, chaos, the unexpected,
  • clairvoyance, foresight, mediumship, spirituality

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