The Signs


Element Fire
Mode Fixed
Ruler Sun
Triplicity Sun [daytime] and Jupiter [night]
Ptolemaic terms Saturn 6 Mercury 13 Venus 19 Jupiter 25  Mars 30
Decans (Faces) Saturn 10 Jupiter 20 Mars 10
Detriment Saturn and Uranus

Leo is the most hot and luminous sign of the Zodiac. For this reason it is ruled by the most hot and luminous of the starsthe Sunwhich in August comes to its full expression. Showing all its power and radiance, the Sun is clearly the winner of this system. This indisputable fact gives to his  sign the unconscious feeling of being the bestThis energy—that we can call, from a psychological perspective, self-esteem—is not something the natives are necessarily fully aware of. Indeed, most of the times they’re not.

This trait is very interesting because even if Leo may have self-esteem issues like everyone else, their standards are nevertheless high. They don’t need to compare to others, but they definitely expect them to recognize their value. Flattery always works with a Leo—it’s their weak spot. After all, there’s nothing better for a King to be surrounded by a court of admirers and servants. Think about the lion, for example: the king doesn’t hunt, it is his harem of lionesses to do it for him.

A pride of lions, as symbol for the Leo

The life force secretly leading this psychological dynamic is the instinct of conservation of the species. In fact only the winning male has the privilege to mate with females; the best traits are in this way preserved by generations to come. Obviously this mainly concerns the animal kingdom, but it also affects our life as human beings.

Leo are indeed naturally inclined to have children or, to be more accurate, to express themselves. We have already discussed how children, from an astrological perspective, are a form of self-expression. We can say that, in general, only a person with a strong confidence is able to express himself freely, without fear or constraint. In fact the detriment of Saturn prevents the personality to control its temper, whereas the Sun fuels it with passion.

On the other hand the detriment of Uranus affects mainly Leo’s social life. In fact while the uranian motto is “we are all equal” the Sun says “I am the best, the champion”. This may lead the natives to be a little bit too self-absorbed, even braggarts sometimes.  In addition, their overconfidence is not always so believable and they’re often seem immature or naive. However, their generosity do compensate their haughty attitude—they have the heart of a child, as they say.

In conclusion, we can add that Leo have a strong bond with the father figure, since he’s the only person they tend to compare with. To live up to their father is of fundamental importance to them. This is natural, because after all Leo inherit their royal blood and the kingdom from him.


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