The Signs


Element Air
Mode Mutable
Ruler Mercury
Triplicity Saturn [daytime] and Mercury [night]
Ptolemaic terms Mercury 7 Jupiter 14 Venus 21 Saturn 25 Mars 30
Decans (Faces) Jupiter 10 Mars 20 Sun 30
Detriment Jupiter and Neptune

We’re leaving the peaceful yet boring contentment of the Taurus to get into a more dynamic and changeable sign. Ruled by the electric Mercury, the Gemini is deeply aware that information is life. This guiding instinct finds its way through fun and laughter, rapidly creating an information network to use to its advantage. How many times have you heard precious information among the juiciest gossip? Gemini’s task consists indeed in the news exchange.

We must say that the detriment of Jupiter causes the communication to be very superficial and practical. This is no time for philosophical discussions or profound questions. For the same reason, the information here mainly concern local realities rather than far away places.

A web as symbol of the information network of Gemini

Gemini’s personality also reflects these considerations. As everybody knows they are funny, friendly, and talkative. They don’t like very much serious people—especially if they have no sense of self-irony. Gemini change opinions and company easily—like the wind—and this surely makes them fickle and difficult to pin down. This contributed over time in building their bad reputation of “double sign” (meant as two-faced hypocrites) to the point they have become the less trusted sign of the zodiac. Interestingly enough, an astrological Italian movement founded by Lisa Morpurgo assigned to Gemini the exaltation of Pluto.

We can definitely say that Gemini’s psyche is typically teenage. In fact it tends to constantly rely on social stereotypes and cliches, played as theater characters. In other words it is as if Gemini were always playing a part, rather than being themselves. The truth is that they are themselves—but their self is not so fixed and stable as we would expect. This tendency to psychological conformism (stereotyping) is caused by Neptune‘s exile, that on the contrary develops the perception of our own diversity and uniqueness. Nevertheless, we must give justice to the Gemini and recognize that their true self is multiform.

Today Gemini’s energies are everywhere. Thanks to Uranus‘ help (technology) smartphones and social media allow us to be constantly updated on the latest news. We can virtually be everywhere, but at the same time we’re not able to express ourselves truly and completely. In fact Gemini’s temptation is to lie both to ourselves and to others, showing an image of us that doesn’t fit in with who we really are. We also have to be careful not to lose ourselves in this flood of information.


Key Words

  • Air, Mercury, movement, speed, exchange, curiosity, intelligence
  • talkativeness, news, rumors, gossip, information, media, network
  • laughter, joke, sympathy, youthful, sanguine temperament
  • play, theater, fiction, lies, masks, deception, clichés, stereotypes,
  • journalists, taxi drivers, merchants, thieves, actors, magicians

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