The Signs


Element Earth
Mode Cardinal
Rulers Saturn and Uranus
Exaltation Mars 28
Triplicity Venus [daytime] and Moon [night]
Ptolemaic terms Venus 6 Mercury 12 Jupiter 19 Mars 25 Saturn 30
Decans (Faces) Jupiter 10 Mars 20 Sun 30
Detriment Moon
Fall Jupiter

Capricorn starts with the rebirth of the light. We’re leaving behind the winter solstice—culmination of darkness—as the forces of individuality (daylight) shine anew in the night of the year. On Christmas, in the heart of the empire, a holy child is born. This metaphor is particularly suitable to describe the energy of this sign.

The community founded by the Sagittarius has grown in a structured and efficient state apparatus. The rules of society have become tradition and power relationships have now consolidated. The reign of Saturn, which will last for almost the entire winter (it rules two signs in three), has begun.

His influence gives the natives the feeling that the world is a cold and inhospitable place. After all, Nature is ruthless in January. For this reason they are very independent people. They know they have to be strong, tenacious and keep going, facing alone risks and dangers. Being pessimistic-realists ruled by Uranus, they like having everything planned because you never know what might happen. In addition, the fall of Jupiter prevents them from lightheartedly underestimate situations. For the same reason they hardly trust others, and prefer formal relationships to take place.

Machu Picchu, a Society on the top of the mountains as a symbol for the Capricorn

Their individualism is also strengthened by the exaltation of Mars that contributes to the merciless reputation of the sign. Indeed, the combined effect of the two (traditionally appointed) malefic planets is intense. The hothead nature of Mars is tempered by the coldness of Saturn, making the Capricorn a feared strategist. On top of that, the detriment of the Moon weakens any kind of compassion for the enemy.

Like a little candle, the newborn force of individuality faces all alone the darkness of an adult’s society. It is time to show the community who we really are and make our debut. Capricorns are in fact very concerned with their reputation because they know their survival may depend on it. They are also well aware that good references open many doors. You’ll notice that this mentality is designed for power. After all, the animal symbol of Capricorn—the goat—is used to the highest peaks; the natives love to climb them in both physical and metaphorical sense. Basically, Capricorn’s natural habitat is a world of business and politics, full of sharks.

The less known aspect of the sign concerns their spiritual nature, represented by the fish tail of the Capricorn itself. The archetype is that of the old ascetic hermit who retired from the world to live in solitude. We have to say that being an earth sign the Capricorn usually deals with practical and material matters. However, the same discipline can be focused to the highest spiritual achievements. If this is the case, the hermit has the unique ability to contain in himself the complexity—the Spirit—of an entire society. Through abstinence (Saturn) he turns against himself the same battles (Mars) that he would have led outside, overcoming his instincts and reaching a purely spiritual condition.


Key Words

  • Earth, Cardinal, winter, cold, structure, state, empire
  • Strength, tenacity, endurance, discipline, coolness, coldness, stiffness
  • Ambition, career, climbing, business, politics, power, hierarchy
  • Competition, strategy, ruthlessness, battles, war,
  • Mistrust, fear, formalities, references, reputation, fame, the top
  • Asceticism, abstinence, purification, solitude, spirituality

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