The Signs


Element Fire
Mode Cardinal
Rulers Mars and Pluto
Exaltation Sun 19
Triplicity Sun [daytime] and Jupiter [night]
Ptolemaic terms JupiterVenus 14 Mercury 21 Mars 26 Saturn 30
Decans (Faces) Mars 10 Sun 20 Venus 30
Detriment Venus
Fall Saturn

Aries is a fire cardinal sign. It is the energy of new beginnings, ruling the opening of spring, when a massive amount of vital force is needed for the plant kingdom to sprout. We are definitely leaving behind the old life—symbolically represented by the rotting seed peels. We are know pushing forward, to affirm our right to exist and live.

It is no surprise that Aries is mainly ruled by Mars, the fiery God of War. He is the more suitable planet to give the original impetus needed to start. On the other hand, Pluto‘s energy influences the sign by subtly instilling the fear of death, giving it a strong spirit of survival. In fact Aries is often in fight-or-fly mode. Pluto also represents here the prenatal, spiritual world we are leaving behind. Whereas his corrosive forces act primarily on the remains of the old cycle, making them rot.

three mouflons as symbol of the Aries

The Hades is definitely a place we don’t want to return to. In fact Aries’ main task is to ensure that the newborn life force is preserved—and carried forward—at any cost. He looks around suspiciously because anyone could be the enemy. His muscles are ready to snap at the slightest perception of danger, whether fake or real. He is always ready for action, like a real warrior.

This sort of cult of the life force is well expressed by the Sun‘s exaltation. As we know in Astrology the sun is the “winning star”. He is the king who decrees life and death on Earth. For this reason Mars’ loyalty belongs entirely to the Sun, the  eternal source of life. Honor, integrity, fidelity and obedience are all virtues that Mars in Aries wants to prove, not only to others but also to himself. In fact he has the ambition to become like the Sun, so he wants to be recognized as worthy of the crown.

However, his temper here is still immature. First of all, the detriment of Venus refers to a fundamental lack of balance and measure. The Aries is not capable of dosing the intensity of the blow, whether it be a fist, a sentence or an action.  For this reason he can be aggressive, rude and impatient. And his cocky attitude definitely doesn’t help.

He’s also incapable of biting his tongue. The fall of Saturn deprives him of the ability to restrain himself. This because the lord of winter loves the cold reason, whereas the Aries is basically a hothead. He is a man of action who doesn’t like to discuss too much. The result is a behavior difficult to handle for others. Teamwork and compromise (again, venusian meanings) are both difficult for him, also because the Aries personality is very competitive.


Key Words

  • fire energy, life force,
  • spring, new beginnings, youth,
  • choleric temperament, aggression, anger, hothead,
  • suspiciousness, paranoia, risks, threats, enemies,
  • ambition, challenge, fight, competition, sports,
  • excel, win, glory, self-centeredness, acknowledgment
  • honor, loyalty, integrity, obedience,
  • man, leader, warrior, fighter, soldier, athlete

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