The Planets

The Sun

The Sun is the center of our System. The planets—all other astral forces—revolve around it. It is the infinite source of light, warmth and energy which—in a cold universe like ours—is the greater good. For this reason the Sun (or at least one of its aspects) has been worshiped since ancient times by almost every civilization of the world. Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god”. Sun gods and goddesses are countless.

The Sun is the winning star and it represents the king of our system, which in fact was named after him. Life and death on Earth are marked by his rhythm, reflected by the mantle of vegetation throughout the seasons.  Following him on its apparent journey across the Zodiac, we are able to discover twelve kinds of light-moods. You can think of them as twelve “colors of the spirit”: they are the twelve Astrological Signs.


The Solar Force

The Sun is the power of love wich comes from overflowing energy. Every time a system has enough energy not only to meet its domestic demand, but also to meet the needs of others, it has the potential to become “a Sun”. By giving its energy to others it shines like a star, expressing its might, power and magnanimity.

The Sun is the Good Father, the Savior (Jesus Christ is a solar god), the source of abundance, the wise king. It is the self-sufficient Spirit that becomes the safe haven for everyone. He is related to nobility, royalty, wealth, fame and eternal glory. Gold is his metal.

When you have a sufficient level of self-esteem you’re not afraid to express yourself freely in public. You allow yourself to shine, showing the world who you really are. Self-love isn’t egoism: it is the prerequisite to love and protect others. If you can’t take care of yourself, how could you possibly take care of those whom you love?


Creation as Expression

There are several ways to create. When creation is a form of self-expression we can say we’re generating. We are literally giving birth to something, and it’s something similar to having a child. We can say that the power of the Sun is “expression”, seen as a form of creation by generation.

This child—it may be a piece of artwork, a song, anything—has its own life. It carries our life-force as a signature, a frequency which perfectly matches the one we had at the time of its birth. Generation is a process that involves us personally on a deep level.

The greatest form of expression in a patriarchal society is of course the offspring. Having children is—on the physical plane of manifestation—the higher achievement for the solar force. But we need to understand that there are many ways to generate, and procreation is only one of them. We can change reality only by manifesting who we really are.


Key Words

  • Male, personality, dignity, generosity, magnanimity,
  • life, vitality, vitality, action, warmth, courage, heart
  • childre, expression, creation, creativity, artworks, passion
  • center, radiance, light, heat, glow, gold, wealth
  • nobility, royalty, self-esteem, superiority, leadership

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