The Houses

The Tenth House

Element Earth
Type Angular
Related Sign Capricorn
Natural Ruler Saturn

The Tenth House is the house of higher aspirations. All our goals—everything we want to achieve in life—belong in here. For this reason it is the highest among the houses. It stands above us as the summit of the mountain that we are climbing, so to speak. It may be a challenging house, because after all it represents the path towards our true fulfillment. That’s why most of the times the Tenth House tells us about our ideal job.

Skyscrapers as symbol of the Tenth House

It is important to distinguish a Sixth house job from a Tenth House job. The sixth is the house of duties, hence it relates to those kind of jobs we do for living—whether we like them or not; on the other hand, the tenth is about the job we want to do, which is a manifestation of who we really are. Another good example is given by the difference between a job as employee (sixth) or as freelancer (tenth). Anyway, our career—which is in both cases a climb—always belongs to the Tenth House.

On top of the mountain we find fame, honor, and glory. Our efforts are publicly recognized and rewarded. Consequently, not only the tenth rules any kind of award, but also important people in general. As the Sixth House refers to our inferiors, the Tenth House is about our superiors and leaders. And since that’s the place we want to have in society this house also tells us about our reputation.

Finally, as opposed to the fourth—house of the father—the tenth is the house of the mother. We can say that while the father represents our strong roots, the mother puts on us wings that make us fly high. As we have said, the fourth-tenth axis describes the family-career polarity.


Key Words

  • Aspirations, goals, achievements, dreams, success
  • Honor, prizes, rewards, acknowledgements, fame
  • Ideal job, career, our role in society, authority, the mother,
  • Path of individuation, responsibility, power, control

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