The Houses

The Seventh House

Element Air
Type Angular
Related Sign Libra
Natural Ruler Venus

The Seventh House is the house of the others. This comes naturally since it is the house opposite of the first, which as we have seen represents who we are (our identity). At first, the people we meet here are total strangers. They are somehow different from those we found exploring the previous houses. In fact in the third (siblings), fourth (family/father) and fifth (children) they were all part of the family; whereas in the sixth house they were like us part of a pre-established, ordered system. But in the seventh we don’t know them yet, so we need to overcome the fear of the stranger.

This is why we act formally, as our education has taught us. We stick to manners, knowing that they are universally accepted. We feel the need to give meaning to the other person, so we make polite questions. And if we want the relationship to continue (because we have an interest) we want to formally seal it. Contracts are exactly that: written and signed documents in which the parties formally give shape to a relationship from scratch. This kind of relationships are based on mutual interest, balance and justice.

shaking hands as a symbol for the Seventh House

Along with contracts, justice is indeed one of the main meanings of the Seventh House, as well as marriage. Although it may seem a cold statement, marriage is first and foremost a contract (the pillar contract of society). Generally speaking, we can say that the Seventh rules all forms of long-term agreements based on a mutual understanding, both written and oral. It is not always necessary to sign—but it’s better.

You’re probably wondering why my description of the Seventh house is so cold and formal. After all it is supposed to be the house of love, isn’t it? The truth is that love is a vast topic. It’s impossible to address it just to a single house. Family (fourth), friendship (eleventh), romance (fifth), sex (eighth) are all manifestations of love. The seventh concerns the most mature and (hopefully) long lasting part of it. You can expect your relationship to grow and mature only if it is just. If it’s not, the love you are looking for doesn’t belong here, and it won’t last long.


Key Words

  • The others, strangers, formal roles, manners
  • Long lasting relationships, partners, marriage
  • Contracts, agreements, declarations, accords
  • Justice, attorneys, intermediaries, lawyers, third parties

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