The Houses

The Second House

Element Earth
Type Succedent
Related Sign Taurus
Natural Ruler Venus

The Second House is the house of resources and manifestation. Everything we look at as a resource that enables us to manifest what we want, belongs to the second house. Our land for example, our territory, is full of natural resources such as food, water, fuel, wood, and so on. We can use them to manifest our desires through our work. Please note that your work doesn’t belong to this house; but the outcome (what you get from it) does. The Second House also describes the way we interact with the environment and how we manage it.

A barrel full of gold coins, symbol of the abundance of the Second House

Nowadays money has become the number one resource we can count on. For the most part, we don’t relate directly to the environment anymore. For this reason the way we generally speaking deal with money falls into the domain of the Second House. Are you a spender or a saver? Interpreting your second house can answer to this question in detail.

There’s nothing money can’t buy, they say. After all, if you can’t do something you can always pay someone to do it for you. So money not only has taken the place of natural resources, but potentially also of human skills. Our natural predispositions and abilities are in fact precious gifts sown by nature in our bodies. They are, strictly speaking, resources. As such, they also belong to the Second House.


Key Words

  • Money, incomes, abundance, material possessions
  • Territory, private property, natural resources, agriculture
  • Talents, natural skills, innate abilities, gifts
  • nature, nutrition, cooking, farming, gardening

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